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  1. I would like to take a crack at the weathering for sure. Are you saying that if I want a "stark white" (is this a way of saying gloss?) base color that I could spray on a clear after I am done sanding? And if I wanted that "flat" look I would effectively be using the primer as paint? Do I need to have some sort of clear/sealer on there to be able to do any weathering or panel lining? I'm guessing that if I were to try and do the "apply and wipe" method of panel lining with a primer or flat for a base it will not turn out so hot. Your thoughts? thanks!
  2. Ok, I can see where you could debate "having" to watched them subbed........but learn Japanese! Now that is dedication.
  3. So I just got me very first model, a Hasegawa YF-19 1:72. I opened it up last night and took a look-see at what I had to work with. I was planning on getting started today as far as getting set up, buying supplies, formulating an attack plan, etc. My first question comes down to the base coat. I will be doing a Foker paint scheme on this puppy which means my base coat will be white. My problem is that I don't know what would be my best bet as far as what paint to use as my base coat. I think I want something that has a satin like finish and will be "preschool" easy to panel line. Keeping in mind I have never panel lined before. In the "top ten" thread Big F posted this: ....which is very helpful as long as I know what paint I will be using, LOL. Can someone recommend what they think the best paint (type more than brand) for me to use would be, and keep in mind I am rattle can all the way on this puppy. In addition to the request for a good paint to use can someone give me a seal of approval on my order of operation? This is what order I was thinking of priming, sanding, painting the main sections of the model: Prime fuselage on spurs Cut fuselage from spurs Test fit Cut, sand, etc to make fit. Glue Prime Paint Would this be considered a good order of operation in regards to getting this puppy dialed in? Thanks sqidd
  4. Except for not being able to see them mine was great
  5. Yeah, You can have one of mine. Send me a PM so I have something to remind me when they all come in.
  6. I put more shelves yesterday But I had to move all of my trophies and plaques from roadracing to the spare room. I don't think they are happy. One of my endurance trophies got into a little tussle with a couple Fokers last night......the trophie lost
  7. Crap, I'm going to need more shelves
  8. Before everyone goes an gets a mortgage on their kids so they can get a bunch of VF-0S's with boosters lets wait till my second one gets here and I can play with that one too. I would hate to be known as "That guy who told us that piece of crap was good"
  9. That's cool man. These beg to be painted. I ordered 6 VF-1S's and a few more J's yesterday. I think I will need to bust out the paint and get workin' here soon
  10. That’s probably a safe bet. I have a pile of Revvies here and they are all the same size. It's kinda cool. It's like they exists in the "Galaxy Of Equality"
  11. I just got it. Man, those suckers where in there tight. I would never have pulled that hard if I hadn't seen the pictures of the other one and you giving me the "nudge". I don't think there are any "floppy" problems with this VF-0S, LOL
  12. What do you guys think about starting a thread about what the best thread ever was?
  13. No problem (this is a response to everyone). I will have another one here on Friday. After I get that sucker out of the box I will transform it all the way to batroid and back to fighter (thats how it will be displayed) and let you guys know if that one has the same level of quality. Next up I will be transforming my "old school" VF-0S into Batroid for display later today. Lets hope I don't have floppy shoulders and crap feet.
  14. Cool, thanks for the insight. I will go at it with some tools next. I applied quite a bit of pressure to it and it did not budge and pulling the leg off would have probably ruined my evening, LOL. I am putting shelves uo right now, but I will go after his knee's Mafia style this ebening. Thanks for the heads up sqidd
  15. Does he need to be in CA? I have a guy who has done one piece for me and is currently working on another. He is OUTSTANDING! If you want his contact info PM me.
  16. I know this would involve splitting up a kit, but I am wondering if anyone may have some of these sitting around that need a home for some strange reason. I intend to put them on an Anglebird if I can get them. thanks sqidd
  17. Yamoto 1/48 VF-1S Foker. Macross can't be better represented tha that. My $.02
  18. I think I figured it out....kinda. Mine is not panel lined so it's not as easy to tell, but if you look at the "ribbed" part on the back of the knee that is part of the upper leg, the area where the hamstings would connect to the back of the knee I don't have as many lines showing as you, therfore my nose will not angle down as far as yours will. I pulled....HARD! and it is not going to move any further than it is. Where you are able to make a lets say 90 deg bend with the knee I can only make a 75 deg one and that is preventing me from going nose down when spreading the leggs apart. Verry odd indeed, this would mean that they made quite a design change in this area....or I am an idiot.
  19. I agree 100%, I was curious more than anything, like maybe I missed something. But as stated above it did make good maketing sense, in theory and in practice. The idea was good and the market has spoken, they are a hot item.
  20. I got the Unit 00 (yellow variant) and he rocks. He's hangin' out right now sighting in something across my office with his "I don't know what but it's big" caliber sniper rifle. I also got the 04 Unit (silver) and he is creepy cool. I have him armed with his MP5 right now and he's lookin for trouble! Fun toys.
  21. Not that I can tell, I have the "old" VF-0S sitting right here next to it and they are the same as far as I can tell.
  22. Hmmmmm, I'm getting close, but I'm missing something. Do you have a full on side view of that you can post up? I have a problem with the dangle of my angle I believe
  23. Yeah, I got that guy. But it's still just a major balancing act to get it to not spread it's segs (do the splits) when it's in the nose down posistion. I did just put it on a peice of paper and tried that posistion and it was not nearly the same level of dificulty. I'm pretty sure they key is to provide some resistance for the feet in regards to them sliding sideways and therefore making the splits.
  24. I checked back there, no stress marks at all. The "shoulder pads" are just simply "loose" when they are anywhere short of the full upright posistion. When going into the fully upgright posistion you can feel them "click in" like they were designed to do that. I suspect that the shoulder pads are not meant to be tight as they swivel, or at least it feels that way.
  25. I got a VF-0A and it did nothing for me. I sold it.
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