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  1. Where do I get the version where all I see is robots fighting and that hot brunette chick and all the other useless stuff cut out
  2. You should have left Macross out I think this board may be a bit bias And where is BattleStar Galactica at?
  3. sqidd

    Damn Columbus Day!

    With a healthy fear of offending those of you that are currently celebrating Columbus Day by getting in you car….heading off for work…..and getting lost and ending up at a different job…..and staying and working there ….I'm PO’d its Columbus Day. I took today off (I take most Mondays off because I work most weekends) and I had it devoted to working on a Macross timeline/ available DVD chart and then I was expecting to have my Postal Truck show up about 11am and there is supposed to be at least 5 mechs in there for me. I was going to unbox them, set them up, make swooshing noises, re-arrange all of my shelves, etc. Now I won’t be getting those Mechs until Tuesday and I will be working. I know collectively you all feel very sorry for me. Rant over
  4. Ding, Ding, Dig, Ding eBay auction #320147784826 1:18 Yenko Camaro Blue
  5. I get most of my stuff through HoHoToys on eBay
  6. I finished my Lego F1 car last night. This sucker is 2 feet long! I finished the Enzo at the bottom a long time ago.
  7. I thik Graham should send me his and I will take it out of the box and do a review on it. Then when mine comes in he can have mine unopened and mint.
  8. I'm surprised that these have not showed up on feeBay yet. When the SV-51 came out all the feeBay sellers had them the same day and ready to ship......... I have one on pre-order with a feeBay seller, I hope they come in soon. I am very, very excited about this one.
  9. If you mean the blue Yenko Camaro it's eBay auction # 180162700724 Or do a search on Yenko Camaro and narrow it down by Diecast
  10. Race stuff starts getting crazy expensive. Brembo Monoblock Radial Mount GP brake Calipers $2400 per side Ohlins Gas charged Superbike Forks $12,000 STM 48T slipper clutch $2000 It goes on, and on, and on....... That bike in the pictures would cost about $75,000-$100,000 to reproduce. Of course I don't have nearly that kind of money in it. I get race team parts for free sometimes, I do all of my own work, etc. But even with the best of the best as far as good guy deals go I still have $30K in that bike. And it's only about a seconfd a lap faster than my GSXR1000 that I have $15K in. But a second is a long time over 25 laps
  11. Now all I gotta do is find out how to buy a Millia with no FP's and a set of Stealth FP's with no Valk thanks for posting the pics Chowser!
  12. You will probably dig these pics then. Note the $12,000 Termignoni WSBK 62mm exhaust system. That system came off of Hodgesons bike. And don't forget the $6000 radiator and oil cooler. Those are of of Eric Bostroms AMA bike. I didn't pay nearly that kind of money for the parts, but that is what they cost It makes an honest to goodness 163hp to the wheel. The WSBK bikes make about 181hp It weighs 364lb (165.5kg) with battery and starter. What kills me is that my new 1098 makes 161hp with just exhaust and race fuel
  13. Ok, so I am looking to get into a new box set. What is the concencus on Heros so far? I have not read this thread because of possible spoilers so please don't slam me for mot reading I like shows like: X files Millennium The Shield Rescue Me Battlestar Galactica Invasion 4400 Do you think I will like Heros?
  14. Holy sweeeeeet. Can you pop a few more pics? I may just have to track this combination down and park it next to my Ducati's
  15. It would have that Ferrari/Ducati Corse (race) look. That would be cool.
  16. I got the YF-19A finaly. Now where is a bronze one! Help a brotha out
  17. I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want! ! ! ! !
  18. Thats what I thought. I seem to remember in SDFM that the first time the Fastpacks were shown Hikaru was flying Skull 1 as fast as he could to help Max out when the transport ship with Misa was attacked on the way to UN headquarters. I have a few episodes left in SDFM and I was wondering if Hikaru ever flre a VF-1J with Fastpacks. I guess not. So you seem to have the most accurate representation. You have a replica of what Hikaru flew the first time fastpacks were shown. I can do this, I have three Fokkers one in each mode. Maybe I need another so I can set it up with the TV fastpacks. I can't remember, did Hikaru every fly a VF-1J with red accents? I'm guessing when he got Max and Kazakaki (sp) as wingmen he upgraded from the A to the J. Is that correct? So if I were to have a correct Hikaru Mech "timeline" I would need - What was the first mech he piloted, the one he crashed into Macross city? It was a two seater trainer of some sort. Is there an example of that for sale somewhere? -Then he would have gotten a VF-1A with red strips -Next would be a VF-1J with red stripes when he became wing commander -And after Fokker dies he got "Skull One" -And last he got "Skull One" with TV fastpacks. Is the above correct?
  19. I had the stealth and I traded it away. I do agree it looked outstanding, but it didn't display well. From ten feet away it was just a black Valk shaped thing. Only when very close did the detail pop out at you. What did I expect right; it is stealth after all. I should have considered myself lucky to see it at all Compared to the dramatic Anime colors that can be found on most models the stealth was a bit underwhelming. A low vis would be cool, but I am having a hard time justifying the $300+ price for one. It's just speculation but I'll bet that the value of these is at its peak right now, not exactly a great time to buy. At least that’s what they taught me in economics I doubt I will get another Hikaru. I have two now with this TV version, one more that is slightly different, is not setting of the buying alarm bells in my head. I wouldn't mind a woodland camo jobbie if I could find a lot of 1/48 support equipment and then make a diorama of it hanging out in the trees getting a service done or something. That would be a pretty cool setup. The big problem being the diorama, everything I have found are models and I just don’t have the time/talent to paint them up to something I would consider acceptable. film at
  20. This will be my desktop background until I get my Nora, then she will be posed like this! I may just need two of these
  21. I have never pre-ordered through HLJ. Whats the process? Whats the timimg like? This seems like the popular option over lets say waiting for them to pop up on feeBay, why is that? When the Ivanof came out I simply jumped on feeBay, ordered one for $195 shipped and it was at my door 5 days later. I seemed to have mine a bit before the people that were waiting for theirs from HLJ. Is there an advantage I am not privvy too? Help a brotha out
  22. Yeah, I got one from the Valk Exchange. I just wanted to make sure I was getting something "Special". Not just any ol VF-1J and a random set of "different" packs. I am not interested in stacking VF-1's up to the roof just because they are different colors. But, I do want an excuse to get more VF-1's I have three VF-1S's with FP's. Thats because it's my favorite paint job of them all. So there is my excuse for that. I have one VF-1J with GBP armor, that is kind of "special", so there is my excuse for that. I now have a VF1-J Hikaru with TV fastpacks on the way and that one is sold as a limited kit, so there is my excuse for that one. I need a few more excuses I think Any ideas?
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