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  1. I would like to get my hands on (pardon my pun please) two sets of molded fistes (gun, fist and open hand) in white for a couple of 1/48's I just got. Anyone got any or an idea where to get a recast? thanks Jason
  2. Just had a great trade with sdveritech thanks a lot sdveritech and Macrossworld!
  3. Cool, thanks for the heads up. I will put a WTB in the WTB section
  4. Ha, Ha…..made ya look. Short story is where do I get the molded fists for the 1/48’s? My first 48 was the VF-1J Stealth with strike parts. I just traded it away so I am not sure, but either the VF-1J or the S&S parts came with molded fists as well as the articulated ones. I think the VF-1J came with the fists. I also purchased a loose VF-1J Hikaru with the GBP armor ad I got a sweet set of molded fists with it. Log story shorter, I have a VF-1S and all I have is the articulated fists. There is o spot I the packaging for molded fists so I am guessing they are not missing. I am guessing certain releases came with the fists, ca someone confirm this for me? And o that note where would I get a set of white fists for my VF-1S? I need a “fist” fist and a “Gun” fist. Thanks for your help sqidd
  5. Disc changer i the truck: Tool Sinatra Offspring Deftones Tom Jones Satelite in office and shop: Jazz Disc changer in Mustang: Clutch Marylin Manson Slipknot Soudgarden Clutch again
  6. Serenity was marked for death in a LA jail? This one is obscure
  7. Those have been available for a long time also???? I just got one from these guys: eBay link
  8. I'm sure this is somewhere, but does anyone have som buletproof instructios on how to panel line? I need to do a few of my Valks. That looks great!
  9. I'm new here too. I have been collecting for 2 months now. IMHO Yamato stuff is the only way to go. Get a 1/48 VF-1S. AS far as I am cocered that is the one that "is" macross. I have three One for each mode. You gotta get oe with the GBP armor, they are sweeeeet. The VF-0S from Macross Zero rock too. And last but not least, the YF-19 (my favorite) it super sexy. I like mine so much I commisioed a guy to paint a YF-19 in s "Skull Leader" colors for the ultimate combo as far as I am cocerned. Buying tips: If you don't care about boxes get your stuff used. There are some good values o this board. Go to this site for reviews on most of the toys: Scortched Earth Toys
  10. I'm confused. I see these all over the place and I have one on the way. Is there a re-issue?
  11. I have one of these on the way....ad ow I already want to mod it! Nice work!
  12. Too much of a PITA. I glued it back, but ow it's not perfect, oh well. His attitude PO'd me more tha anything. Absolutely zero responsibility. This is the main problem with this country. Everything is always someone elses faul. I swear half the people I deal with act as if they have never made a mistake in their life.....like it's imposible or something. If it was $300 I would pay him a visit. But for $40 it's ot worth the time.
  13. I think you are right. I saw a pic of the Mazinger and thought it was the other one. I need to search o that. Thanks!
  14. #1 has got to be this. I can justify a lot of things, but this sucker I just can't talk myself into.....and I buy some dumb poo! I have spent at least $3000 on toys in the last 8 weeks and $2000 on my Mustang. But $6K for someting that is just cool, not likely. But here it is: #2 would be the 2 foot tall Mazinkaiser I had as a kid. It was all plastic, his fists shot off and he had wheels on his feet. I have not been able to find one anywhere, let alone mint. #3 is another big ass silly "toy". A 6 foot tall Alien. I almost got this very one last week in a moment of weakness, but got some Recaro seats for the car instead. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A:IT&ih=020 #4 would be the GI Joe F-14 Tomcat I had as a kid (22 years ago) #5 and last but not least, something that is not a toy but serves the exact same purpose that our toys do. I don't want to ride it, I don't care. It's just the first Ducati I ever saw and rare too boot. I want one under a glass bar in the lower level of my house where the theater is. Here is a link of the very rare, very trick, very limited and totaly useless (my Ducati 999R ad 1098 will run circles around it) but sexy as a rare Italian "Bird" should be the Ducati 888SP5 I'm going to buy some Revlotech figures now so I feel better
  15. Stay away from the idiot that goes by the name of unclechopchop187 on eBay. He sold me a Doyusha 1/144 VF-1 and when he packed it up he did't get it all the way in the jewl case correctly (he has got to be the dumbest SOB in the world) the wings were not even in their depressions. So it broke the landing gear when he shut the lid. I told him to refund me $25 or take the thing back. He said I should have purchased insurace (which has nothing to do with a stupid pack job) and he was not doing a thing. I left him bad feedback, so guess what? He left me bad feedback for I can only guess leaving him bad feedback. This guy is can't grasp the concept of resposibility, stay away!
  16. Not much open for captions, but funny none the less:
  17. I just got the Hot Toys Alien that I purchased from Al Bundy. Great price, fast shipping and a mint toy and box. Doesn't get any better than that!
  18. Just finished a great trade with Gunbuster. Two thumbs up!
  19. Another great deal and fast shipping from chowser on this bad boy!
  20. All I know is that guy must pull all the chicks at the club!
  21. I got them for $149 for the VF-1's and $179 for the VF-19's
  22. TTT Anyone know how to work this eBay Japan thing? Can you check and see if what I am looking for is posted please? I'm dyin' over here. I can't fathom how hard it is to come up with these two little toys. thanks
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