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  1. Do you guys kow if one of these Macross Zero DVD's are worth getting? Door #1 Door #2 Door #3 Door #4 I got.... Macross Plus episodes 1-4 english Macross II the movie english SDFM (36 episodes) english ......today. I need to fill some blanks i so I can start watching. I am comfortable with subs if I can't find english dubs, but I will still look for them
  2. I put the wrog lik in. I meat these: Better Link
  3. Title says it all. Are these any good? For $6 they would be cool to have all over the place. thanks jason Link To Auction
  4. I just sent the seller the email below: I was under the impression that these have not been released yet. Do you have one that you can ship right now? Today? No delay? If so are you willing to prove it by taking a picture of the box and emailing it to me? thanks I am curious if they have one to sell also
  5. Check it out, this seller is claiming to have these ready for shipping. SV-51 Auction IN STOCK!!!!
  6. Blue one on the way. If I know myself I will get the other two when I get the first one set up......im dumb like that
  7. sqidd

    VX-9 "Vampires"

    That sucker is sweeeeeeeeet! Are you interested in getting paid to do another?
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I was leaning toward the blue one myself because I have never seen the other two in action and thought that maybe they aren’t real “characters”. Secondly the blue one looks the a Macross Mech. It’s well…..cartoony. Macross is a cartoon after all. And lastly the blue one has a “presence” the other two don’t. I purchased one of the VF-1’s in the “stealth” paintjob, and yes it looks very, very cool. But is disappears on my shelf, go figure. I need to take a peek at the 1/60 (or was it 1/55’s, I will check the post). The Yamoto ones certainly do look over chunky a little. There certainly isn’t anything about them that looks agile. One again, thanks for your help.
  9. sqidd

    Buying a YF-19

    I never noticed that. I just went through the sellers list of items and it looks like they have two locations. The stuff out of NY is more expensive than the stuff out of HK but the shipping evens them out. That makes sense, they are paying duty to get them into the US. I have not been paying a ton of attention to where the stuff I am buying is coming from, but it gets here fast and I know I have seen NY on some of the return labels. I certainly know I didn't ever pay $45-65 in shipping. I have no answer. I have purchsed way too much stuff for it to be any kind of scam. It's not like they are waiting till I buy 15 things and then screw me. Maybe I just lucked out the few times I purchased something through eBay and got the cheap ones out of NY. 75% of the stuff I have purchased through them has been off eBay. I just tell them what I want, they send me an invoice, I pay, toys show up. I just went back and forth with them a few times today about getting 4 1/48's in a package and they have been more than fair with the "bulk" pricing. I am just figuring out exactly what I am going to get still. I'm sure the board has done it before, but if there was a super popular toy released (like a YF-21) we could do a group buy and save tons of $$ with the right seller. There is always someone willing to drop their pants all the way for a big order.
  10. I swear I am spending more money on Macross toys this month than a full blown crackhead spends on crack! This has got to stop............but not quite yet. I gotta get one of these chunky fellas here. But, I am undecided on which flavor I like. I know, I know, a real addict would get all three right? Well, I don't like this version/design/combination/whater you want to call it as much as lets say a YF-19. Oh no, did someone say YF-19?! Don't do that, I will buy another Ok, back to the task at hand. I have three versions here. I can't decide which to get. I have not had a chance to watch the entire Macross saga yeat (yes, the DVD's are on the way) so I don't have any "history" to work off of. The only one of these I have ever seen in a "show" was the Blue one and that was in one of the first five episodes of R___________ (I won't say it ). So which one is the coolest and why? Blue guy? (this is the one I have seen in action) Low Vis? Camo guy?
  11. sqidd

    Buying a YF-19

    I have purchased almost all of my new Yamoto stuff from this guy in New York. The prices are good, shippings fast, etc, etc, etc. I have at least 10 transactions with this seller and they were all as smooth as silk. YF-19 with booster for $190 on eBay Tell him departmentofsuspension sent you.
  12. “Have you tried staples?” Bill Murray, Scrooged
  13. I just ordered the Yamoto one the other day. Maybe I should get another. It would be too bad if they didn't make a 1/48 version. It is sooooo cooool with that big dish hanging off the top of it I can't stand it. The first time I saw a picture of one I had to have one. Very cool indeed.
  14. I am about to order one of these. What powers the light? Battery? thanks jason
  15. I roadrace motorcycles, so my office is full of old or crashed helmets. I thought it would be cool to have one of these to go with my "collection". Are there other/ better quality options? Whats a fair price? anything that could help me from making a dumb purchase would be appreciated thanks Jason eBay auction
  16. I currently have a not so healthy love affair with the YF-19 right now. I LOVE THEM! I don’t know if there were ever any YF-19’s in Macross with “Stealth” coloring. But I was thinking about it last night and that would look outstanding. There is only one problem for me. I can’t do it. I will end up ruining a perfectly good $150 Yamoto 1/60 scale model/toy if I give it a try. Do any of you out there have the skills to pull this off and make it look “perfect”? If so I would be interested in commissioning one from you if you are inclined. I am no cheapskate, but I can’t spend $500 getting one painted either. If you think there is a deal to be struck please PM me your thoughts. Thanks Jason
  17. Maybe I need to take another shot at rotating the joints. I thought I hit every combo, but it sounds like there is a "secret" setup in there somwhere. thanks
  18. I have it in Gerwalk mode right now, which is probably where it's going to stay. No matter where I rotate the arms it's a floppy mess I may take it apart and re-make the center section of the arm out of Delrin on the mill and create an interference fit. That won't be for a while though. I am too busy in the summer. I need to wait till the dead of winter when I'm not doing anything (my work is seasonal). It just bums me out a bit. It looks so sweet except for the slightly droopy arms. Droopy just doesn't work with the look of that thing. It should have the presence of a brick $h!thouse. A 1/48 of this sucker would be cool. What a great display that would be. My Veritechs could stand under it in bad weather.
  19. I got my Yamoto Konig Monster today and the arms.....um.......suck! I can't get them to do anything short of "flop". I considered taking the screws out and putting somethig in the joints to tighten them up. But I figured I would ask the pro's first. thanks Jason
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