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  1. The custom VE-1 with boosters and gunpod is my favorite as well. Looks mean.
  2. I've ordered from them many times over the last 10 years, but I've had multiple issues with them over the previous year. Same issue as above, but with ModelCollect models instead. Pre-order that was never fulfilled and essentially is now stuck in limbo rather than them canceling it.
  3. Meteor's head looks fine, the entire thing is being blown out of proportion (get it?). I love mine and I have the other 2 on pre-order. I've always preferred Skywarp and Thundercracker, anyway. But seriously, what is wrong with the face? I am the exact opposite and I can't stand the MP-3/11 faces. Are we looking at toy vs cartoon accuracy here?
  4. What about a TV Roy VF-1S?
  5. They still plan on releasing the Tomahawk and Phalanx, right? Haven't they shown prototypes of each at some point?
  6. Is this the "best" Zaku II currently available? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071JND3WB/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A3G3EFRJI0CY8&psc=1 It's the Zaku II C-5 from the Origin series.
  7. Great. I thought it was some kind of auction site but I was mistaken. Thanks for the help.
  8. Is it easy to order stuff from Mandarake as an American? I'm only used to dealing with hlj and the likes.
  9. Something about this shade for Milia really turns me off. It's more of a dark cherry than what is seen on screen - compared to the Hi-Metal R, for example. One could argue that Max/Milia from that line are perhaps too bright/vivid, but it works for me.
  10. Love this. The simplicity of the CF scheme has always made it one of my favs. Is your VF-1S Roy from this page a custom?
  11. Anyone have a good source for the Regult, other than eBay? I'm in the US.
  12. After nearly a decade long hiatus: Hi-Metal R Monster Hi-Metal R Defender Hi-Metal R Spartan Hi-Metal R Glaug Hi-Metal R VF-1A Mass Production Hi-Metal R VF-1J Hikaru Hi-Metal R VF-1J Max Hi-Metal R VF-1J Miria Hi-Metal R VF-1S Roy Arcadia VF-1J Max Premium Format (originally had Miria pre-ordered as well at NY, lost preorder because I was out of town... might re-order) Going a little overboard, yes.
  13. failing that, my favorite image hosting site is imgur.com
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