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  1. You think those are cool, check this out. It's the biggest Lego kit ever made (the Death Star was before this) 5195 pieces! I have mie on the way. I have kit number 9! Ad yeah, thy have instrutions. Everythig is grey! I sort them ito bins before I start buildig. If I didn't they would never get done
  2. Added a new toy to the mix today. Everyone settle down......or there will be...Trouble.
  3. Ah ha, that makes sense. I have never trasnformed my FP 21. It's still in fighter mode. I need to pull that gupod out of there and give it to the other guy. He can't be walkin' around unarmed! thanks
  4. That Diorama is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  5. Yeah I am, but thanks for the time you put in posting the links. I screwed around a bit the other night looking for stuff and couldn't come up with much. I did find some 1/72 stuff, but that's not quite going to cut it because I will be using 1/48's and maybe a 1/60. The search continues! thanks
  6. I have two 1/72 Yamato 21's, one with FP's, one without. I got both used. Are they supposed to have guns? All of these pics show them with guns. Did the Yamato's have them? thanks jason
  7. I set some more lights up and moved some stuf around today. Took a while to wire all the lights in the shelving unit and make the aluminum shields, but it turned out pretty good. I think I am going to add a lot more metal to the bookcase and paint it white. It will have that sudo industrial look then. Looks good for now though me thinks. Macross goodies Random Goodies Lego goodies (Ferrari stuff will come later )
  8. I have seen your reply at least 10 times and I still think it's about the funniest thing I have EVER heard! I laugh out loud every time. I would like to say thanks, I like laughing
  9. I agree, the rant is most certainly warranted. It's all part of the process
  10. IMHO they should have gone with the full blown TV colors. I have the "purple" one already, I don't need another one that isn't the right color
  11. Tried my local ones, all they have is RC cars I need something online I can click on I like clicking
  12. This is where you are dead wrong. Aside from collecting toys I have a very fast car and I race motorcycles, specifically Ducati's. You should hang out on those boards! The Ducati's are famous for having production/design issues and we are talking about a bike that can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $65,000! I'm not talking about little things either, stalling problems, rocker arm flaking issues, burnt carbon fiber ($$$$) fairings from the exhaust, etc. The new Mustangs are the same way. Clunking front suspension, rattles in the interior, broken driveshafts, gear whine from the rear end, etc, etc, etc How about Ferrari's? These things are in service constantly. There are even some parts that the buyer knows they will need to fix the day they drive it off the floor. Hell, I just got a new Ducati 1098 last week and my first order of business is to strip it down to the frame and then rebuild it so I know that it's right. I am an extreme case because I use my bikes at the track only, but I wouldn't do this to a Honda and it costs half the money. The above are all examples of items sold at a premium price with known problems they day they are sold. And they sell like hotcakes and the buyers just deal with it. There are products the world over that should be perfect but aren't. It's not just Yamato toys. I think you will find this trend on most low production specialty items. I'm not saying its right; I'm just saying it "is". If you choose not to buy something because it's not perfect it's completely understandable. But if you have the personality that craves things that are "special" or "different" (I do). I'm afraid that you have firmly placed yourself in a market segment that is more likely to have shortcomings than not
  13. I would like to set up a "working display" of some fighters getting worked on. Anyone got a link to a site that has either 1/48 or 1/60 sized military vehicles, figures, construction equipment, etc. The kind of stuff you would see on/in the deck/shop of an aircraft carrier. Little trucks, missiles racks, deck hands, loaders, etc??
  14. Is it just me or doesn't the Ivanoff insignia behind the cockpit not "POP" enough? In Zero that sucker was RED! On the Yamato it's kinds understaed. I would love a decal that was RED as all get out for back there.
  15. I agree, the black missels just wouldn't work with the pink-purple. They need to a light color. I am no painter, but I could plull off making the misseld grey if need be though. Not a big deal. Man , I want one so bad right now! I want a gerwalk display model to go with my fighter Ivanoff and my eBay finger it twitching for another Tvanoff. I hope the Nora comes out soon, I may not last!
  16. I know, I can't wait for the color!
  17. Thanks, I love that thing. I have had a Mustang around most of my life. But the new chassis is such a massive improvement over the old one it's amazing. the car is sooooo nice. And not that expensive either. Everyone thinks they are $35K, but I paid $24,900 on A plan, can't beat that with a stick.
  18. A lot I am glad that most people here can shrug off my ability to spend money. I'm no rich guy, but I have no kids and my wife makes good money as well as me. And the main key is we are not house poor. All of my neighbors have just enough money to pay for their house, man thats rough. I would get a smaller house so I could have more toys! I try and fly under the radar because someoe always ends up getting bent out of shape, but sometimes I can't help showing off my toys!
  19. I have not had any issues with my VF-0A and VF-0S. Maybe I just got lucky? I only transform things once and display them though. And my living has me manipulating incredibly small and complicated (and expensive) suspension components so I have a pretty good touch when it comes to handling things. My buddy who is a surgeon watches me work trackside sometimes and is impressed with the dexterity required to perform some operations. I'm not trying to sound like an arrogant a$$, I have just been doing it a long time. And if it's screwed up I'll just fix it. That kind of thing doesn't bother me much for some strange reason
  20. I do all of my stuff through HoHoToys on eBay and they ship very fast, have reasonable prices and when you order a lot of stuff they start giving better discounts. I seem to get releases much sooner than others on the board get them from HLJ (or whatever those initals are)
  21. I got my SV-51 before I saw Macross Zero. I thought I liked it before, now I love it!!!! They are sooo cool in Zero it’s amazing. So the question is does anyone have a idea when we are going to see the Nora paint job? I want another SV so I can display them in Gerwalk and Fighter mode. I would buy a Nora right now and set it up as Gerwalk if it were available. But I am thinking I may pull the trigger on another black one if the Nora will be a while. Man, I have issues
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