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  1. keeeeerrrrrraaaaaaapppppppppp!!!! Thats a toy? Whats the scale 1/2?
  2. Got it already I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I'm making a custom billet stand for it right now
  3. I'm not sure if this should be in the toy section, the headder says "no". So I figured I would put this here. Fairly off topic I suppose. I want something from Aliens and the Predator and I am thinking about pulling the trigger on a "Chopper" Predator and a "Worrior" Alien. Anyone got a quick review for me? thanks!
  4. Is there a consensus that this is the version to get?
  5. Well I am half way through the SDFM series right now. I watch 2-3 a day. Strangly enough my wife got into them! Which is cool. I have to wait for her to be home to watch and episode now though I am sooooooo impressed with the series over R%$&*$#@!. I'm glad that I only watched the first 6 episodes of the re-issue last month before I got the SDFM series. It's cool that I watched those episodes so the Macross series could be put in perspective. As in, how much better it is. I had not seen a R%&^*%$#@$ episode since I was 15, so I don't remember much of the story line, which is cool because SDFM is all surpises for me. I just saw a clip from Zero ad I had no idea that the anumation was so much more advaced, I can't wait to watch it! I thought of something the other night though that I didn't ask in this thread. I asked for the timeline and the order of Macross, but what I didn't ask for is in what order they were released. I am assuming that SDFM was first ad at some point Zero was a pre-quil. Is that correct? What order were they released in? I curretly have: Zero SDFM Plus vol 1 Plus vol 2 Macross II I am thiking I need to get my hands on DYRL at this point. It's not like I need another DVD yesterday or anything, I am ot watchig them that fast. But I do want to start lookig for more soon so I have them in waiting. thanks again for your help!
  6. I have to get my stuff together than. I have a major love affair with anythig 19, and the "Game Version" even more so. Thanks for the heads up, I eed to keep my eye out it looks like. I tried searching eBay Japan last night but I need some sort of translation program to effectively search. They seem to have a lot of stuff listed on some sort of yahoo auctions also. If anyone has a heads up on any of these please let me know spank you
  7. sqidd


    I have the 19 on the bay right now. I am pretty sure it's the re-issue, not a knock off. MISB $35 BIN Bay Linky
  8. Wow, that Ghost is a lot bigger than I thought......I may need one of those too, damn
  9. Got mine out of the box tonight. I also have the floppy / droopy wing problem. No big deal, I set up up in "Launch Mode" on the stand anyway. Wigs don't droop aymore and I think it looks incredible going balistic! You get a real sense for the shape of it. When I saw the pictures I was a bit sceptical, something didn't look right with the balance between the nose/front section and the back. I am more than pleased with how it looks in real life though. The balance is perfect and maybe I would go as far as to say elegant. It certainly is pretty. The only think I found I wanted to "change" was to put the little missle's on the wingtips and both rocket pods toward the inside. I think it works with the shape of the plane a lot better. For my eye it "flows" better. Give it a shot and check it out, it changes the look quite a bit. Too bad about the droopy wings though. It would not be easy to do a quality fix without doing something dramatic. What I think it needs is a hole all the way from the wingtip to the body and a metal rod or even flat, thin metal "plate" that would be iserted all the way through the wing and into the body a bit. When you traformed it you could just pull the metal renforcements out and there could simply be another slot to put them in somewhere if "using" all of it's parts was a big deal. if not they could be added as tripm peices to the stand. This would be more a re-design than a fix though. If I were hell bent on displaying mine flat I think I would cut two little strips of carbon fiber and screw them to the underside of the wings right under the hinge. Of course this would slow the transformation process down a bit, but thats what multiple units are for All in all, I am very happy with it though. It looks like a million bucks, comes completely "kitted out" and has a very effective stand. For $196 shipped it's a pretty damn good value. If I didn't just spend another $2000 on my hot rod this week I would probably order another to leave in Gerwalk mode.
  10. I have never had one of the Doyusha ones in my hands, but the Chra-Works ones are completely badd a$$! I have the Vol. 1 set and there is just something totaly cool about those little suckers. They have these sweet little stands, etc. I was amazed how nice they were. I am 100% happy with my purchase. I think I spent $60 shipped from Canada
  11. Hey, This is my thread!!! Me first
  12. Got one from a memeber yesterday, but thanks.
  13. Yeah, and that was a entertainig movie. It wasn't the Godzilla I watched when I was a kid...but it didn't matter. They didn't try and copy the old Godzilla though
  14. Nice casting! The problem is that I think you just spent the first 100m
  15. I know I am off topic here, but what is this Wizard World Texas thing? It doesn't say much. Would it be a cool thig to do for a toy fan?
  16. Title says it all. I am loking for all available VF's. I think the 1,19 and 21 are the only ones, but if there are others I am interested. thanks
  17. My wings don't droop at all............................it's still in the box though I need to put up some shelves
  18. Why list them together? I have found that you always get more $$$ selling them seperately. $.02
  19. Do you mean one of these? I'm going to pop it in and check. Thanks to Mr March for his site, thats where I got the pic
  20. Damn, I thought I had something there I am still wonderig what that bad sucker was though. They were blue/black ad wet from the RH side of the screen toward the middle ad then wet balistic right in frot of the Macross. Thats it though, I didn't see anymore of them though. I did spot two VF=1 "stealth" types in episode 6 though. They were parked in the hangar deck.
  21. About 18 minutes into SDFM episode 1 there are some mecha that I didn't recognize. They were only shown for a second when the figters were "launched" for the first time. I searched around a bit for a picture/ description of them but gave up and went back to watching my new DVD's (which are fabulious by the way, and I don't use that word much ). I just came across this picture in the "model" section. Is this unidentafied fighter the VF-0D? Is there any way to get one short of building a model?
  22. So December is the month huh? Can that be considered accurate? I have ever dealt with the “limited run” stuff. I am assuming that I need to be on the ball right away when they get released. I just got the SV-51 off of feeBay instead of waiting for one of the US sellers to fill their pre orders. I want to get a couple of each of the 25ths. Would I be smarter to get a pre order in o these or will there be enough just to feeBay them the day they get released? thanks
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