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    custom joke machine

    I never cared that much for Joke Machines, but that sucker is cool!
  2. I am feeling generous too, how about you sell it too me for $150? It has been on display after all
  3. I wasn't in to Macross stuff when these came out (when did they come out). And I can't say I would have purchased one anyway. I don't think that it's actualy that cool, I got it because it's collectible and I don't have much of that stuff. I paid $325 for mine. How much were they when they came out?
  4. Another thanks from me. It looks like I will be getting the M-House one also. Does anyone know when they are due to be released?
  5. Kids come runnin for the great taste of Yamato!
  6. You really, really don't want to know It also has a base which replicated a battle damages city scene with a beat up and decapitated Bonecrusher. It even has a few light up/flickering "fires" and Bonecrusher has LED eyes and one of them is hanging out. Here is a pic.
  7. Yeah, I was figuring it would take a while but I can wait, the boxes look good. I will put them at the back of some shelves to act as a backdrop for a while. As long as I keep them shrink wraped they should "keep" just fine if they don't get any direct light.....I think. At $40 I couldn't pass it up though. I can be certain of one thing, I can always sell them for the $40/ set I have in them. You had to go and make me think about how much I have spent didn't ya! I got my first Macross toy late July. I am sitting at my desk right now looking at my collection and my rough guestimate is that I spent somewhere around $6000. I spent a lot in the beginning and have slowed down lately though. I have just about everything that strikes my fancy now. I am just waiting on my two Nora's, VF-1S 25th, VF-19 25th, Max and Millia and one or two YF-21's. After I have those I think I will be done for a while unless I stumble across some mint old collectors stuff. Once I have everything and I know how much space it will take up I am going to weld up a fancy pants shelving system that does the collection some justice. That should keep me busy for a while I have also started on a model of a YF-19. I am trying to improve my modeling/painting skills. The models are cheap and take a long time to do with my schedule which will reduce the money I spend on Macross stuff considerably.
  8. I think the title says it all PM me if you have some you don't need anymore
  9. I'm dying over here. I can't wait for mine to be delivered!
  10. Outstanding! It's always nice to see Mecha in bright colors. They display a lot better.
  11. I am hoping that the VF-11B comes with: fastpacks 1/60 scale Stand
  12. I am by no means sick of the VF-1, but I am not interested in buying every one that is out there. I have limited my 1/48 VF-1’s to characters/ paint schemes that I like. After I get all of those I will not be getting any more. I understand that Yamato needs to milk the VF-1 molds as long as possible so they can make some money. You can’t blame them for that. I think if they made some limited runs of the VF-1 with special paint schemes derived from the OVA/TV/Movie and maybe even some kits that include special super parts etc, once again derived directly from OVA/TV/Movie Mecha they would sell out. I know I would be excited about some limited paint runs and even more excited if they had some limited “kit” parts. They key for me would be that they would need to be replicas of something seen on the screen. I am not interested in “make believe” paint schemes.
  13. I finally found and picked up a Low Vis version one MISB. It’s not here yet though. I am trying to decide if I take it out of the box and display it??? The only excuse I had for buying at its price it was its potential collect ability. I have never purchased anything with an eye toward the future. So what do you think, should I just get it out of the box, transform it and display with all of my other VF-1’s or should I leave it in the box and simply display the box? Thanks
  14. Yeah, I just ordered 4 sets. Maybe some day they will be worth something..........or maybe not
  15. Just after the Transformers movie came out there was a guy who custom painted a Prime and listed it up on eBay, it went for stupid money. It seemed that every artist that saw it then did one of their own and the next thing ya know there are lots of custom painted Transformers up on eBay. I didn’t have any Transformer toys, but I did want one for my collection. I figured I liked Prime the best and if I was going to have only one for my collection of toys I should get one of the custom jobbies. I found a good looking Prime on eBay and placed a bid. I didn’t know much about the toys they were based off of and didn’t think much about the fact that it was a Voyager Class Prime. Well, I won it. When it arrived I was a bit disappointed that it was only about 8” tall. It did look awesome though. So I contacted the painter and commissioned him to paint me a custom Leader Class Prime to my/our specifications. I just got it today and it turned out like a million bucks! The detail is amazing and the LED’s that he put all over the place make it look especially cool when it’s dark. The ammo belt is also super trick. This bullets are real metal! They are Hot Toys parts. I had him paint them up like real depleted Uranium rounds. Here are a few pics and a link to his site where there are more. Next I am going to have him do a custom YF-19 Yamato in Foker colors. I can’t wait! Link to More Pictures
  16. I went around my house and picked out all of the stuff I didn't use anymore, etc. I listed it all on eBay and as money came in I used it to buy Macross toys. I don't have much left now though so it looks like I will need to start using real money I guess I can get back out in the shop and just bill more hours.
  17. I am all over that Megahouse. Anyone have a heads up on a place to pre-order? thanks!
  18. Couple hours. I may do a Max next. It will be faster and better looking. I learned quite a bit doing the Millia.
  19. sqidd

    Disliked Mecha...

    Take it back, take it back, take it back!!!!
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