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  1. I've got the old Kaiyodo Trigun figures (which are great), but these new ones look a lot more posable, specialy the man himself Vash. I'm not sure what the hubub over Grendizer is, sure I'll pay a few more dollars for him than Mazinkaizer, but he is still a lot cheaper than most other worthwhile versions. Fills the spot nicely for casual Super robot collectors like me who spend enough on Macross stuff.
  2. I'd have to go with Blade Runner on account of atmospehere atmosphere and yet more atmosphere. It also has my most favourite movie soundtrack of all time. Aliens, Terminator 2 and Empire Strikes Back also rate a mention being the best of thier respective franchises. And then I could think of about a dozenalmost great Sci-fi films that are close to greatness, but fail to qualify due to errors, lame plot devices or unecessary action sequences.
  3. Yes Norrington was a great by the book type turned rouge in Pirates 2, and then a pansy fop in number 3 WTF? that was terrible, terrible!!!! Aside from the things areaseven mentioned, the 3rd movie also built up to this huge clash of fleets, Pirates vs East Inida Company, but not a shot was actualy fired between the bulk of the two fleets. And then there was the awesome East india Man o War that doesn't fire a shot. And lastly the movie was waaay to long. Seriously Pirates of the Caribbean triloligy was the Matrix all over again, except Pirates 2 was better than Matrix 2.
  4. I like to ink my Zoids to define the panelling, but it does get quite tiresome sometimes.
  5. ironicly being from a country that's dollar is up against the Yen and the USD, Yamato toys have actualy become more affordable to me (barely), at least compared to this time last year when the big ones were completely off limits. If you think Yamato's prices are bad? try living in a country with a bouncing currency, its makes it even worse. The only question is which to grab before the staus quo resumes, and the bigger Valkyries become unaffordable again.
  6. They could make them like their Queensblade line. Eeep!
  7. I have a rather sizable collection of the 2000 Japanese re-release Zoids ( I have most of the ones that were 80's revivals), they were rather cheap compared to other toys, and my friend who was living in japan at the time could pick up stuff and send it to me. Among my favourtes are Ultrasaurer, Genosaurer and the humble Molga. I stoped collecting when Blox came out, I really only like the military looking classic Zoids and some of the modern variations. Still have a whole bunch I haven't got around to building, Including my only post Blox Zoid aquistions Cannonfort and Rainbow Jerk (I bought that one for the name ). I like the Kotobukiya kits, but they are to exspensive for me, I'm used to picking up Zoids cheap. I'm intriuged by this new Revoltech Blade Liger though surely a Genosuarer will follow. One thing I really like about Zoids are the diorama pictures of the Zoids fighting used on the 2000 re-release Zoids as well as the ones in the Zoids handbooks. I can't read most of the handbooks but I still love em.
  8. I haven't yet got a new 1/60 Macross VF 21 or 22, but one of these may well push me over the edge. The colours are just so vibrant. And I always wanted one of these VF22's to be made.
  9. Wow! Interesting, didn't see that coming! Kaiyodo is just picking up licensees all over the place with Revoltech now, I thought they'd ditched Macross for Gurren lagan etc etc. I have tp say the fighter mode looks pretty terrible, but I'm rather fond of Revoltechs as the ones I have just keep getting better. And in comparison to my other Japanese toys they are indestructible. Although to be honest the other releases look even more interesting, I hope the Zoid one is affordable unlike every other poseable non Tomy Zoid to date.
  10. I'm eager to hear this to, as it could be the decider for me when it comes to buying this toy.
  11. Yeah but you have to remove the legs and reinsert the swively bits by the look of it, while this 1/100 certainly has the advantage on looks it seems like it will be a hassle to cart all those bitz around for transformation.
  12. I still haven't voted in this poll. I got my VF1S a few months back, and it was perfect at first, though now several transformations later I've noticed a terrifying fracture on the shoulder hinge. That said It still hasn't broken so I guess we wait and see. So for now I wont vote either option. While I'd like to get another 1/60 as everything else about the toy is awesome. With the Aussie dollar the way it it I'm hesitant untill we learn more about this shoulder debacle. Does anyone know if Yamoto has taken steps to strengthen it with the new releases?
  13. Well I't looks ok to me, at least for what it is. Still has some significant flaws, but with that damned financial crisis, and the exchange rate gone to hell for us Macross Fans from OZ, this is now one of the few Valkyries still within my price range. So glad I got my SV 51, and VF 0 earlier this year, gone are the days when I could see my self buying them some company. So with luck by the time they come out I can at least aford one VF25 to diversify my Valkyrie collection.
  14. Wow excellant episode, once again Frontier differs from the original Macross, and proves its no 25th aniversary rehash. I wonder to about the macronization of humans, it does seem likely that outside of DYRL it's impossible. While were thinking about that, I wonder why Zentradi infants aren't micronized, it seems they would be a liability to all the non giants around them, (accidental squishing etc). Although I imagine they can't undergo the process till they reach maturity. Seeing the VF 27 take of without a pilot was awesome to, looks like the YF21's system was eventualy perfected, at least for cyborgs.
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