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  1. wow , news travel fast, I was about to start a new thread when I saw this one. There are a few things I would like to highlight: - From the looks of things it would seem like this is more action-orientated than Aquarion or some of Kawamori´s latest tree-hugging-anime offerings. - Kawamori is only doing the mecha design like in Eureka SeveN so I think we´re safe with this one. - THIS IS SCHEDULED FOR 2007, WHAT ABOUT MACROSS GADDAMNIT!!?? It seems Kawamori is nowhere near interested in going back to Macross , not even in its 25th annivesary. My hopes of a new Macross show are very slim right now. It´s a shame really since I don´t think this show will make up for a uber-cool macross show, even with the unoffical Valks or even if it totally rocks, it´s still not Macross.
  2. I´ve got to say I wasn´t that much impressed by the first movie but gosh! the trailer looks sweeeet. I was surprissed by how well the SS was done , he´s one of my fav marvel characters, I wonder if they´ll show ¨you know who¨ in the movie. here´s the trailer go watch it now ! http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/fantasti...hesilversurfer/
  3. thanks God I´ve never actually liked the FastPack versions of the YF-19 and 21, still, I´d have liked the idea of having Yung on the backseat, it aint worth it though. I don´t know if Yamato is being too naive or too greedy thinking people will run to the streets in order to buy this FP set, maybe both. I´m willing to restrain myself from buying the 21 and 19 FP sets , but if they ever release a VF-11 w/ FP...damn, that´ll be a hard time for me if they price it the same as these ones u_u
  4. Gosh , that makes it so much clearer, thanks rikiryou. I´m still saving every single penny so I can get the YF-19 and Shin´s 0A together, boy this Christmas will be very expensive thanks to our friends ...cough..sorry , our Masters from Yamato. OT, out of my all-time favourite 5 valks Yamato has already made 2, so i´m still hopeful they´ll release Shin´s VF-0D and the VF-5000 sometime in the future ( you´re asking yourself why I forgot the 5th one, that´s the VF-14, but that one has a very slim chance of being released ever )
  5. Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know about this , don´t know if it´s been posted before but go check this link: http://www.pinktentacle.com/2006/11/model-...hine-interface/ Man, imagine the possibilities, I think being able to turn power switches on and off is enough for certain amount control, at least in a RC jet airplane given a detailed configuration for its controls.
  6. I may sound a bit lazy here but.. Could someone who´s good at Photoshop clean this up : I think this artwork is awesome and deserves to be wallpaper-ised ( I made a new )
  7. I´m really hoping this means something new, at the very least some sort announcement like a ¨we have many suprises for next year¨ thing. I wish they would do a more mature tv series by 2007 , pretty much like Eureka 7 (but with a less corny ending ) where they had Kawamori limited to the mecha design and the (SUPERB) writting was done by some else. Mikimoto as character designer, itano for the action scenes sunts and Yoko Kanno on the music department would be great too, certainly THE team for a PROPER 25th anniversary production. edit: corrected the kawamori reference
  8. Gosh, that´s beautiful!!! I really love the red color and glossy finish ( very F1-like ), excellent pose and the decal work is so well done. I was personally thinking of doing a special WRC colour scheme on a 1/48 VF-1 but I think I´ll wait for a future VF-0 or YF-21 to join my collection do not hesitate to show us more of your work, iy´s very inspiring.
  9. Aegis!

    VF-X2 toys

    sketchley , you beat me to it. I should´ve replied when I first saw the thread. I´m secretly hoping Yamato to include the VF-5000 and Variable Glaug (or was it the neo Glaug?) into the Macross Plus line. If I remember well Graham said in his report from his meeting with Yamato a couple of years ago that Yamato was considering both the VF-4 and VF-5000 for production whenever they finnished the M0 and M+ toys or something like that. edit. forgot the smilies.
  10. Aegis!

    1/60 VF-11

    If they ever release the VF-11 I think it will be one of the best toys ever produced by Yamato, why ? well, mostly because of all three 1/72 toys it was the best sculpted one, and its transformation process is a lot simplier than the other 2 YF valks. The Vf-11 has one of the sexiest designs ever so I´m hoping they´ll use both the M+ and VF-X2 licenses and release the GBP variant as well - best GBP add-on EVER-. here´s hoping they actually build the heatshield within the toy isntead of a lame ¨cut-out and paste it yourselfe¨ plastic thingy.
  11. Thanks Vic, that clarifies my doubt. It´s a shame really as i´m sure there was more than one way to get this done on the toy before release, afterall as Graham says, they´ve been working on this baby for years. Nevermind, it´s something i´ll have to live with for the sake of having this baby. edit: BTW, Graham, the video was great , I lol´ed hard at the "Pull forward. Pull back and hinge down" part after reading Roy´s comment , now we have our own Youtube star at MW and noone else but the ¨i´m not allowed to reveal the details¨-man, our very own Graham ( that´s not sarcasm btw, well , maybe a little bit )
  12. Graham, How far can they they go back ? I think I can live with the crooked gunpod and some of the gaps, but not being able to move the wings into different positions is really a major disappointment
  13. Man, this toy surpasses everything to date. I only have two questions in my mind though: - How far can the wings go in fighter mode ( cruise mode ) ? could you post some pics please - What are the possibilities of seeing Yamato milk this toy with some more colour schemes ( as if we hadn´t noticed theirevil plans already ) ?
  14. Graham , Could you tell us how far back the wings can swept ? Will they be able to swing back to a VF-5000 kinda configuration ( delta wings? ) ? The only major feature I was hoping for were the fully swept wings mode , and although this is a BIG dissapointment I´m still going to buy this toy nontheless...dang Yamato , I´m starting to get addicted to this, I wonder whether Yamato mixes the ABS plastic with some other kind of ¨funny¨ white powder (if ya know what I mean )
  15. In fact, I hate fantasy and I hate M7 for the same reason. but I see a difference bewteen M0 and M7: M0 can be explained using every fact presented within the show and sound logical in the end, M7 in the other had was downright fantasy. In fact, there´s not one reference to special spirit energy in M0, all we ever see or hear is Sara singing and meditating, I don´t see how things may not be affected by sounds or brain activity. Yes, Shin does fly in his winged VF-0 towards space by the end of the OVA , but how is the AFOS energy barrier any different from the blue energy field around the VF-0 ? is it magical just because it had wings ? wasn´t the protoculture refered as bird-people by the natives ? isn´t it a coincidence that the only time winged people/objects are present is when the AFOS is involved ?
  16. Did you happen to notice that Sara was actually unable to levitate normal rocks and instead could only manipulate painted rocks ? I think most criticism towards Macross Zero comes from the fact that those people don´t actually watch the OVA more than twice and don´t bother to pay attention to all the details of the show. It´s explained through the leyend that Mayan islands are the remains of a Protoculture vessel, the totem that Sara manipulated wasn´t just a normal rock , it was inscribed with ancient lettering, for all we know it could have been nanotechnology responding to special frequencies from Sara´s brain. Not just because something is not fully explained it means it´s just what your eyes see. Birds fly too, not because they rely on magic but because of aerodinamics and evolution, you don´t see birds with a sticker on their wings with an explanation of how they fly do you ?. The whole point of Macross Zero plot was to highlight the fact that technology was replacing the natural order in the world, even Mayan´s fairy tales were affected by this new reality and they finally discovered their gods were actually aliens who came from space to manipulate their genes. I see people complain about rocks flying in M0 but they never argue how the AFOS actually levitated and how it made a whole fleet of carriers and submarines float on the air too. How do we now those rocks were really rocks and not the same sort of alien material which the AFOS was made of ? maybe it could respond solely to protoculture´s brain activity. Why should the rocks look like spaceship remains ? I don´t see why would the PC use buttons to use their technology when nowadays humans can work with computers just using their voice. Why would they have to build their spaceship with a visible interface when they can comunicate by thought or sound with it. Sara communicated with the AFOS by thought , I didn´t see any interface in that scene, why should the rocks be any different ? maybe they used to be something else before and they just broke down into ¨rocks¨. I could go on and on. It´s just a matter of thinking beyond what´s obvious and connecting the facts that are presented before us in the show.
  17. I can agree with you in terms of his role as director/writer but Macross will never be Macross without Kawamori´s mecha designs. I kinda wish he would only work in the storyboard and design department, like he did for Eureka 7 : Kawamori as mecha designer = awesome mechas = no treehugger plot = happy fans. I certainly hope not. Every other cult anime series has gotten some sort of treatment by their 25th aniversary , I´m sure Macross deserves that too, specially when it justifies a complete line of toys from Yamato, if there wasn´t a crowd for Macross they just wouldn´t waste their time, so why shouldn´t BW and Bandai spend their time with it?
  18. Hi there, Just to clarify things, this is not another speculative ¨what the next series you hope will be about¨ thread. I was just wondering, we´re just months away from the 25th anniversary and we´ve heard nothing from BigWest or the HFH ( Kawamori-sama ), I mean, during the last 20th anniversary we already had news of the 20th anniversary DVD and plans for an OVA series. I´m starting to think we won´t get anything special this time around. Or maybe japanese people don´t really celebrate 25th anniversaries. Maybe i´m just being paranoid but really, IT´S 1/4 OF A CENTURY !!!. There should be some magazine rumours ( newtype, whatever) or interviews going around by now. IMO this is no time to joke around, BW+Studio Nue+Bandai Visual should really get their asses off their chairs and start working in a BIG Macross project, much like the time they made Macross Plus OVAs + Movie + M7 series combo ( but please no more marketing-driven series this time around). I really think it´s not enough with a TV series or an OVA series alone, it should be both if not another Movie in there too. I really hope Kawamori is in the mood to participate in another Macross Project, hopefully he´s done with the environmental theme and focuses in a more mature, epic and plot-driven story this time around. Actually, Mikimoto and Yoko Kanno should get involved in it too, just for the sake of perfection.
  19. Hi, Guess I found this thread right on time for my own proyect. I´m thinking of doing a model of the YF-19 using Google´s Sketchup (awesome software , very versatile and compatible with other tools). I´m using the 1/60 Yamato CAD scans as reference. I wanted to know how do you start up modeling from lineart. If anyone can give me some hints I´ll be forever grateful.
  20. That´s the alltime sexy VF-5000 for ya ! It was featured in the Macross Plus psONE game , so it should be included within the M+ license. ( got that Yamato ? )
  21. I never got to order any of your stickers but i´m sure your work won´t be equalled in a long time if ever. I deeply hope for your success on your PhD and your marriage too, I´m glad you´re not leaving MW BTW, it would really be sad to deal with a double loss like that.
  22. the only thing I´d like to see the most in this toy is for the wings to swing all the way back for a high-speed configuration pose ( sorry if this has been confirmed or not already). I think this new effort from Yamato demans a full line of M+ toys, and by that I mean X-9 ghost, YF-19 , YF-21 and Renegade Power Armour ( and possibly the VF-5000 if they include the M+ game license)
  23. Oh god! I´ll have to be honnest, I wasn´t expecting Yamato to come up with something this awesome and beautifully manufactured anytime soon, I had ZERO hopes of someday getting a new redesigned M+ toy but Gosh I´m happy I was so wrong. I remember the days when people praised the 1/48 blindfoldedly for its glorious design and engineering, now Yamato has proved they can excell even at 1/60 scale, blowing the 1/48 out of the water effortless. I´m wondering if they would consider realeasing the X-9 Ghost for a change, I know it does´t transform , it´s probably not very profitable but wouldn´t you like to have a fully 1/60 YF-21 vs Ghost diorama in your room ? The one thing I´m REALLY hoping for is that Yamato takes this opportunity to fully milk the VF-X2 license and release some of the obscure valks, like the VF-5000 for example
  24. Hi guys, I wanted to ask if anyone here has got a pic showing the underside of the YF-19, preferably a plan view. I really need it as I´m planning on doing a 3D model of it. If anyone has a clear pic or knows a source for it (magazine scan, model kit instruccions, etc. ) please let me know by PM or post it here. I would really appreciate it, thanks in advance. Aegis!
  25. just 3 things they could get out of the Macross Plus or VF-X2 license : 1/60 VF-5000 1/60 Variable Glaug 1/60 X-9 Ghost with missile bays and all.
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