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  1. Therefore the idea of a total re-start isn't so far fetched. They're still at a very early stage of development, the pilot screening is just a temporary demo of what they have done in the last few weeks not the whole production, so dramatically changing the show at this point is not that terrible. What gives me this impression is the fact that we're still waiting to see something definitive, like a cast of characters or valks or anything, so far everything we've heard is simply speculation (plot-wise). I think Kawamori is aware of the responsibility he and the whole crew have in terms of developing a top-level production for the 25th anniversary, everything has to be there, from the valks, to the music, to the plot, so releasing the series this year with what little material and planning they had would've been a disaster. Delaying the release until 2009 could be just a sign that they decided to start over again and that they're willing to spend all this time in delivering a ¨M+ level series¨.
  2. Has anyone considered the reason they've moved the release to 2009 is that they decided to start from scratch all over again in favor of a more polished product (valks, plot, staff, everything) ? I mean, just compare the newtype scans to the pics taken from the anniversary concert (I know they're only early concepts), they don't match at all, not the characters style nor the valks. This can only mean they still don't have anything ready for production nor is anything set on stone yet. I personally prefer to have the anniversary series released ASAP, but my impressions from what we've seen so far is that everything was being rushed, with no real evidence of a thorough development post-M0 (3 years and all they have is 2 pages of Kawamori's sketches and a unseen video that looks totally different from the article? WTH) . I was just watching M+ today and I was amazed when I started paying attention to everything, from the smallest of details to the whole depth of the universe depicted in the OVAS/movie , I mean, they really put a lot of effort into the constructing a believable setting, you really felt like it was 30 years from SW1, and so far, I'm not getting the same vibes from Macross F. I'm hoping this decision is a sign that they'll eventually gives us a production in the same level of Macross Plus once again, something that makes us proud when we see other people choke in their own drool as they stand in front of a screen featuring valkyries doing some itano circus or just kicking some ass as they usually do. Edit: Forgot to mention, if you're going to makes us wait till '09 then BRING HARUHIKO MIKIMOTO BACK! Kawamori valks + Yoko Kanno music + Haruhiko Mikimoto style + Satelight CG = WIN Anything less is just not worthy to be in the anniversary.
  3. Neat idea! I used to do panoramas with QTVR but never thought doing this kind of stuff with Yamato Valks. I think you should talk to Shawn or Graham to include this stuff as a feature in the Yamato toy gallery, would be very helpfull for people thinking about buying a yammie (this is the next step after regular posing photos).
  4. I don't want to sound like a troll, I don't rant so often but this is just bullocks. I mean, D*mn...I was hoping Macross wouldn't have to fight with Gundam for audience...they´ve just killed any chance of Macross F actually getting any mainstream attention, why didn't BW foresee this ? Now I´m pretty sure Macross will be utterly overshadowed by Bandai's over-publicited 30th anniversary Gundam series If they´re releasing this series in '09, then what have they been doing since Macross Zero ended !? Waiting for Kawamori to do some 5 minute doodles of valkyries for a magazine article ? WTF! Seriously.
  5. 2 YEARS !!! daaaamn (more like 1+1/2, but anyway, you get the point...) I'm all well with them taking their time to produce a real masterpiece for the 25th anniversary, but...well...i was hoping we would actually get something for the true anniversary duh! The good news is that Macross F will not go unnoticed by being aired at the same time that Gundam 00, it will be free to shine and will trully be appreciated by the audience as THE mecha series of the season, pretty much like gurren lagann right now (which I'm sure would have gone unnoticed had there been a gundam series this season).
  6. awesome! I´ve always been a fan of Kawamori AC designs. Now, where can I get these and how much for them !?
  7. Yeah, it's clear by now that we won't see a thing any time soon. I don't care when it's released as long as it's good.
  8. As I said, this might have nothing to do with Macross (or it could actually be heavily influenced by it) but the fact of the matter is that, this movie will only bring success and more POWER to HG, and that will bring evil to this world. Not only will HG not go bankrupt for a few decades, but they´ll spawn a whole new generation of brainwashed robocrap fans u_u. I know this won't change anything for Macross , but fighting a rich and powerful HG does not seem any better than fighting them as they're now.
  9. Don't know if this has been confirmed but are those 25th anniversary text logos tampo'ed or stickers ?
  10. I don´t know why people are so enthusiastic about all this, if anything this is just great news for robotech and HG, not only will their franchise be on the spotlight but they´ll gain public awareness and get REAL support to stop Macross from ever leaving Japan. This can only mean bad things for macross...unless BW & Nue get their act together and reclaim their designs and whatnot. I don´t know what legal issues still stand between HG/Tatsunoko vs BW/Nue but If Warner wants to use the ¨3 mode variable fighter¨ concept and win millions of dollars in the process BW should definitively do something about that.
  11. So, it seems Yamato golden rule still applies: wait for 2nd (QC-fixed) Release at all costs! I seriously wanted to get one of these, but I´m not risking my $200+ if it´s not 100% QCP free.
  12. I was thinking that maybe instead of using regular missiles we could get homing lasers like zentradi/VF-X ships and the AFOS, that would certainly make itano circus a lot cooler (although I still like seeing the smoke trails). As for Fold bubbles/fields used offensively that would be cool, but would probably steal away the fun from dog fights. I´m hoping we see more GERWALK action like in Zero, that was a nice touch. For Frontier to succeed it needs to have some proper dog fights as well as hand-to-hand mecha fights.
  13. Wow, I never expected this level of detail and awesomeness from Yamato (given their recent record), It´s been a long time since I last bought one of their toy but if this first release happens to have zero WC issues then I´m pretty much sold. I´ll wait some time to see the overall quality of this first batch though, I´m no risking my hard earned money like on past releases. The only thing left to do is to wait for the VF-0D (when they eventually announce it) !
  14. Didn't want to start a new thread in case the mods got mad or something so I´ll ask here. So what kind of technology do you guys think the new valks will feature ? based on what the whole evolution of valkyries has been so far. I myself expect the new valks to have some kind in built-in fold device and some new use of pin point technology ( bigger pin point shields maybe)
  15. Good Lord, I know this show is getting quite over-hyped but DAMN ! it´s just too freaking enjoyable, I personally haven´t had this fun since watching E7. If there´s still people out there not watching this stuff then you´re loosing big time, gainax seriously redeemed themselves with this series (knock on wood), GL is probably one of the best executed mecha series in a LONG time
  16. mmmmm...I see.... It would be awesome for some characters to come back as midle-age aces but I doubt we´ll see any of them for two reasons; - Kawamori is as likely to let old characters do a cameo as he is likely to to do a Macross series without some sort of environmental/spiritual/moralistic message. - The art style is a whole lot different from older series so it'll be difficult to portray known characters. Having said that, Macross Zero did feature our beloved Roy Focker. If they get to show old characters I´ll put my money on Sara and Shin and the whole space monster thing being a full blown AFOS (PC or SA controlled) attack on Earth or something along those lines
  17. Ooops! Sorry guys, I think I ruined it Quickly, start plan B! Oh, I see know, that explains a lot of things thanks mate
  18. Man! I told you to get those ninjas to kidnap Graham a long time ago but noooo... too risky they said... Think of the mysteries we could unravel...Atlantis, Area 51, the cure for cancer, The Yeti, why do cats like to knead people´s clothes, do old people actually know Kung-fu ?...the possibilities are endless!
  19. Does anyone else feel this series is kind of being rushed into production ? I mean, when they released M0 we actually saw concept art a long time before its release ( more than a couple of months I'm sure). This is worrying me a little since we've already seen teasers & trailers for Gundam 00 and let´s not forget about promo material (magazine articles, conventions, even toys), I know it´s gundcrap and that Bandai is behind it but C'MON ! this is the freaking 25th anniversary for valk´s sake ! I can understand they are trying to keep everything secret but doesn't BW understand the importance of building up hype now ? The cat is out of the bag, why isn't there an official teaser out there ! sorry, the waiting is killing me /rant over/
  20. Damn, I stopped looking at this place for like 1 day and I missed all the great news. Anyway, my thoughts on what we've seen so far: - Character designs look different from previous magazine scans. Personally I rather prefer the style seen on the scans than the loli-looking characters ( although the girl on the image could look that way because of her age). - The valk on the photos looks very uninspired and not really advanced-looking by 2070 standards, particularly the head unit, and this comes from the biggest VF-5000 fanboy EVER. I wouldn't mind seeing more Armored core-ish head units from now on. - The eye-candy seems to be very good quality. - I really like the title, Macross Frontier sounds really epic. - I´m really hoping the best for this series but, as others have said before, the team working on this is a bit worrying, except for Yoko Kanno ( YAYYYY ). Just by the fact that this is a 25th anniversary series makes me a bit nervous as there´s more chances of it being more merchandise-driven than M7 was. - I´m really happy that this series is set on 2070 as I was waiting for something in the lines of VF-X2. - TENTACLES ! WTF - As many of you know, I REALLY liked Macross Zero and its approach towards Macross´s usual topics (war, love, music, valks) so I´m really hoping to see something along those lines or actually better, If the could achieve something like the original series + Zero + VF-X2 + MPlus I´d be the happiest bastard ever. I don´t know if any of you noticed but the overall plot outline (except for the colony part) sounds a A LOT similar to what we saw in Macross 3D. It´s sad to see that even in the 25th anniversary, Macross doesn't get as much exposition as Gundam (with their new 00 series) though .
  21. Have you seen Kissdum animation, gosh, it´s fugly as hell (with some exception). I certainly hope they produce E7 quality animation tough.
  22. droools.... Wow, this game looks neat. How is the gamplay ? is it easy to pick up and play or not (language and learning-curve related issues) ? I would´ve liked to see the VF-0S and VF-0D in this game, it´s a shame that Gurren Lagann is such a new series (although many consider it a classic by now), otherwise I´m sure we would´ve seen some GL mechas in there.
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