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  1. Oh, I forgot to point out how much the art direction and all the fanservice is annoying me. It's ok for other/newer anime but it's kind of unnecessary for macross, at least this amount of stuff. I mean, we've had some fanservice before, i know (SDF, M+, M0, even the almost lesbic-rape scene of mylene) but as Duke Togo pointed out, having this much (Bishōnen characters, Moe Zentradi, D-cup schoolgirls, transvestite protagonist,etc...) it just feels kinda cheap. edit:misspelling
  2. I think it's because it occurs chronologically right after M7, although that still doesn't mean it forcefully has to follow all the event's from M7 (or else SK would've just named it M7 Vol.II and set the plot on the Macross 7 fleet). As far as I can remember every Macross production has been pretty much isolated from each other and more or less unique in their plot, wouldn't know why that should change now.
  3. I'm sort of surprised by the number of people here trying to force the Spirita/anima spirita concept into Frontier. First of all, it's too early to classify Ranka's effect on the Vajra as spirita related. The only ever time they reacted to her she didn't actually sing, she screamed because Alto was being a pedo, it was a pure emotional reaction, no singing was involved (or else they would react every time she sang, and that hasn't occurred so far), and I also seriously doubt her voice could reach so far away. I would venture to say it's more of a psychic connection between her and the Vajra than a mere reaction to sound (or more like the Vajra are designed to detect her). Much like Sara and the Aphos in Zero, it wasn't much a reaction to her singing, it was rather a direct mental link which they both shared, and the Aphos just reacted to her emotional state ( if she was afraid the Aphos would react violently, if not, he would present no harm) as she was a PC descendant ( i.e. its pilot). This is wacky speculation, but maybe the Vajra are after Ranka because they're being judged by another Aphos and they didn't past the PC test and were attacked so they need someone to stop it, and Ranka/Sheryl could be its pilot. That's the only reason I can imagine why they wouldn't kill them both when they had their chance.
  4. I wish subs could come out sooner. I've been watching the RAWs for every episode until now and I don't know what's worse; seeing the episode as raw and wonder what's going on and then wait for the subs to appear or just not seeing anything and wait even longer until a sub is out...
  5. Am I the only a bit disappointed in Frontier's designs ? I mean, it's not like the VF-25 is dull by any means, but compared to previous generations this valk is not a big step up design-wise (I don't mean technology-wise), IMO it doesn't present any new or revolutionary design features (like the jump from DRYL to Macross M3 to M+ valks) or at least it doesn't have that WOAH! factor to it (like the VF-4 after the VF-1 or the YF-19/21 and SV-51 when we first saw them). I know Kawamori wanted to stay away from modern fighters design trends (passive stealth and whatnot), but he could still have gone with something fresh like the stuff from yukikaze or his own works (like kissdum fighters designs) for that matter. And then we have the characters designs/art style... I can tolerate them so far (perhaps because it's macross), and they're not that horrible (Sheryl's design is by far the most polished imo) but they certainly fall behind previous series (even M0), it's just too Bishōnen-esque for my tastes. It truly is a shame that Mikimoto couldn't make it into the Frontier team IMHO. Don't take it the wrong way guys, I'm not trying to troll anyone here. I'm really loving frontier so far, it's not very often we get a new TV series and this one is just gold, it's like I'm 5 years old all over a gain. I'm specially drooling for the VF-25G, particularly the head unit (very VF-0A-looking and the fact it's a snipper type valk ). And the characters are truly likable ( Nyan Nyan is soo cute, Alto better not make her sad or else he'll get a whole lot of Ozma-punch on his pretty princess face...again ). It's just that being the 25th anniversary series, Frontier sometimes feels like a very rough and rushed job compared to the preparation that went into previous works (ONLY IN TERMS OF DESIGN AND STYLE!!!).
  6. It seem you guys got used to Sheryl's Tuna buns a bit too much and forgot that not every girl is that lucky in the buns department, or you just haven't noticed them ( see Keyra Knightley for reference) Until I see some official data on Brera Sterne's gender (there's no way that can be a guy's name) I'll just go by my own observations. I just don't see any evidence to the contrary.
  7. It's not uncommon for japanese VAs to play a character of different gender ( usually female VAs doing young male voices, but the opposite could still happen ) so this Brera Sterne character could still be a girl, at least that's what I think so far from the OP images.
  8. When they say there's going to be new mechs, does it mean we ain't gonna see any more Kawamori LFOs ? Also, I wannna see TheEND in this movie too
  9. Which is why I question the reasons behind the fansubs delay.
  10. It's not that I don't appreciate the work that fansubbers do for us. It's just that I don't understand why it would mean such a huge amount of work on their part knowing that they've already subbed the Deculture Edition, in other words, they already have most of the work done. Yes I know it doesn't just involve the translation, you also have to re-encode and whatnot, but seeing as other groups are doing that very same amount of work in just a day for Geass...it makes me wonder if people are really motivated to sub this series. I guess we're just unlucky fellas. Before, we just had to worry about Gundam...now, even without any Gundam series airing right now, we still get 2nd place, and the sad thing is that it's against a newcomer such a Code Geass. Me wants some subs
  11. I know we shouldn't feed them, but...C'mon ! it seems trolling has come to an all-time low now. Shouldn't this week subs come a little bit faster? considering the dialogue is almost the same as the Deculture Edition it's as if they already have 90% of the work done. I don't see why they're taking this long to release the subs. Anyway, as much as I'm exited about this new series and the prospect of the storyline I'm still uneasy about the shoujo-looking character designs, I certailny would think it twice before showing this series to my friends, and so far (for the first time in my life) Kawamori mecha designs are not really doing it for me this time around, particularly the VF-25 Full Armor (doesn't compliment the 25's design at all, not even in battroid), after the YF-19/21 from M+ the VF-25 just looks unjustifiably archaic-looking. In the other hand, I'm really liking the whole cast, the space colony setting and specially the new enemies, so I'm really looking forward to Ep.2
  12. Aegis!

    Thunder Hammer

    THIS IS, WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE HOLY GRAIL OF YAMATO CUSTOMS! WOW...JUST...WOW...*drools* You do realize that just now you've put your family at risk of being kidnapped by ninjas hired by a bunch of clinically diagnosed Yamatophiles, right ? OH and BTW, thanks, I think I just had my first multiple orgasm, is this normal or do I need to worry ?
  13. Long time since I last posted something here, been waiting for this day and didn't want to go through all the waiting and speculation. Anyway, I just finished watching the RAW (I'm also seeding for my fellow MW'ers). I've gotta say I didn't actually dislike this edited version of Ep1, but I much prefer the deculture edition, the pacing was just out of sinc, almost seemed like it was rushed into release. So I'm with Duke Togo on this one. Having said that, this episode did have some nice new additions, although im not sure if loosing the other scenes was worth it. Good thing is, we have 2 versions of this Ep to enjoy, so everything is fine. Also, the OP & ED didn't impress at all and it actually wasn't the music, I personally liked both songs, it was the animation sequences that didn't really do it for me.Maybe I was expecting something a bit more epic or engaging, even dynamite had a better OP (that was the last macross series to have one if I remember right). Now I'm eagerly waiting for Ep2, I'm really exited about this new series.
  14. Just when I thought drugs in Japan couldn't get any stronger...must be some kind of diluted yoshinol pills... What amazes me the most is that this actually looks, at times, even better than SDF Macross animation (animefriend, anyone?).
  15. You do realize that every time you say that , a baby Froating Head looses its froatingness, right ?
  16. MMMM, this might sound shocking to you, but, it might have something to do with the fact that we've only seen 1 freaking episode so far (and it was a director's cut edition). This is just my opinion but I think it's rather soon to be judging Frontier, like it or not.
  17. I'm sorry but I'll have to disagree with KingNor on this one. This might sound like blasphemy, but IMO Macross would be nothing without its sequels, as great as SDF was. If everything ended with the original series Macross would be nothing but just a fond memory of our childhood, something buried in the history of anime, as many 80s series have suffered ( Mospeada anyone ? - RT:SC doesn't count BTW). Every Macross series has its faults, the difference being in that the original is forgiven for the fact that it was an introductory series so we never had to compare it to any previous series, hence it was conceptually flawless. It was our first ever encounter with the Macross concept. For me every series has added something to the franchise, even if it's just for media awareness. DYRL elevated Macross to a cult level franchise, something which would've been impossible with just a TV series. M+ rejuvenated the entire Macross universe and added new levels of depth to the Macross concept: Valks, Music and Human struggle (in a post SW1 universe). M7, although not of my entire liking, introduced the whole idea of human exploration in space. If only they'd directed the whole series as they did in Dynamite I think people would've appreciated more this sequel. I regard M0 as one of the best additions to the franchise since M+, even though some people keep bashing it for its lack of development (maybe it's because they exhausted all possible M7 bashing topics, probably they need a new punching bag), Why ? not because I forget about plot or characters in the presence of mind blowing CG visuals or that I actually liked the mumbo jumbo (that's only if you see things through the islanders eyes, it might as well be all genetics and overtechnology). It's because it's the first ever macross production in which BW and SK have had the balls to unveil the mysteries of Protoculture so directly and into such level of detail. Everything before Zero was rather vague. As for Frontier, I like what I see so far, it seems like SK has come to terms with his personal grudge against the franchise. From what I see so far it reminds me of the M7 Trash Manga, maybe the froating head is taking some cues from Mikimoto.
  18. I totally agree, the style looks very amateur, almost 2nd grade quality. I wonder why they didn't try to contact mikimoto like they did with M7 trash.
  19. IMO, comparing Frontier animation to anything outside the realm of anime industry is unfair and utterly pointless. Frontier production quality is far above anything I've seen in this industry the last couple of years. I am also an avid consumer of CG culture, be it on boards or elsewhere, and expecting Frontier to be at the level or even surpass western CG standards is just nuts, we have to realize this is just an anime TV series, not an OVA (although it easily surpasses many out there) nor a Movie. Having said that, I'm still underwhelmed by the art style, particularly the character designs (too shoujo-looking), it's just a shame mikimoto couldn't be part of this series. Something that's been bothering me A LOT recently are the flight suits tough. WTF is with the retro look ? isn't this supposed to be 2059 ? why are they still using DYRL style uniforms instead of VF-X2 flight suits ? maybe it's something to do with the whole SMS & NUNS stuff. Anyway, what's with this whole talk about Sheryl working for the military as an anime spirita, where are you guys getting all this crazy stuff ? I think people here are just reading too much into things. Having special protection from the military is not abnormal (not in macross at least), it's just diplomacy, specially since it's a civilian military service and she's such a big star (wouldn't want to have problems with the Galaxy Fleet if something happens to her). Still, that doesn't mean we should reject the idea of Sheryl having some knowledge about the Aphos (she's possibly Mao's granddaughter) and the Mayan incident, but even then, I don't see her as an ally to the military. I seriously don't expect to see more anima spirita in this series (at least the way it's been represented in past series), mainly because Kawamori doesn't like to go over the same things twice. And finally, why I'm not seeing people talking about Brera Sterne here ? or did I miss something in the last pages ? I'm strongly suspecting that these bugs are just piloted mechas, because A) they have weaponry like mechas and B) Brera Sterne doesn't look like she belongs to the fleet/military, she could be an enemy/Supervision Army pilot (Millia type character), perhaps ? These are just my thoughts here.
  20. I'm now convinced there's a god in this world, an he's a Macross fan too To all doubters out there: Don't worry! this project really feels like a macross series. I have to admit, I was a bit cautious about frontier myself, all the new ideas (training exo-armor+bio mechanical enemies+character designs+SMS+not revolutionary valk desings) didn't really convinced me, but the way everything was pulled off just blows my brains. Animation: I can't believe the level of animation achieved (particularly for a TV series), if you thought Zero was awesome then this will give you visual orgasms. The way they blended 3D and 2D animation was flawless, everything was so fluid and it suited very well the mechanical movements of the valks. Characters: I'm gonna say i'm still not fond of the art style, but it's not bad at all ( a bit too feminine at times though). The characters are all likable thankfully. Plot: I didn't understand a single F*ing word but the action and drama had me glued to the screen, everything just went smoothly and seems like a well thought series. I'm hoping they actually exploit the potential of the bio-mechanical enemies. I'm still not 100% convinced about the whole ''SMS+Pilot academy thing'' but as long as they make some progress in the overall plot of the franchise (humans+protoculture+colonies+aphos+zents) it'll be ok. Music: Really enjoyable, although I'm still waiting for that epic Yokko Kano feeling. I cannot wait until next year Edited: oops, some mistakes here and there, sorry.
  21. It`s kind of sad though, knowing almost no one from the original team is involved in the 25th anniversary series.
  22. First of all, I'd like to give thanks to Mr March for re-posting the scans. What a way to celebrate my 1000th post , FINALLY I CAN POST MY THOUGHTS ON MACROSS F ! Anyway, here are my observations from what we've seen so far: Mecha: As the Nº1 fan of the VF-5000 I absolutely approve the design of the VF-25. It's as if SK took every little detail that made previous valks great and then combined them into one valk. From the SV-51 forward fuselage, to the VF-0 wings, to the YF-19 frame and finally the overall VF-5000 silhouette. It's great to see they're honoring the old color schemes ( I see Yamato smiling already) too. Having said all that, I still feel kinda disappointed that we're getting nothing really innovative from SK this time. Although the VF-25 shares many things with previous valks and improves upon them, I would've expected something different after a 25-30 year gap. It's also strange that we get to see just 2 valks, Kawamori usually likes to indulge us with plenty of models, hopefully we'll get more valks as the series progresses. And what's with the lack of Destroids anyway ? Character designs: I'm really glad they kept the overall feel from the early sketches, this kind of style really comes close to what I would've expected from mikimoto if he was still in charge, not the best we could've have but pretty damn close. It really has a mature and serious look to it that lacked in previous series. Still, it feels a bit too shoujo at times IMO, I guess I'll get used to it once we get to see it. Plot: Although we don't know much yet, I get the feeling they're trying to go back to the original series in some aspects (likely to introduce a new generation to the whole Macross universe), for instance: we seem to have a Rookie-Senpai relationship going on here between the protagonist and the Grey-haired pilot guy. This is a guess, but for some reason I'm thinking the plot is going to be closer to what is seen M7 ( don't panic yet) Trash MANGA (see? it's wasn't the evil anime counterpart), with the whole colony ships+idol+rookie training stuff. Animation: OMG, I can't believe this is not an OVA! I seriously hope they can keep this level of animation, although the first few sequences were a bit lacking in the detail department. What actually bothers me the most is the whole after-taste, I don't know why, but somehow it doesn't look/feel Macross-y to me, at least some parts. I reserve further judgement until I see the real thing. Now, the REAL long waiting starts...
  23. I'd love to posts some comments and join you guys, but I can't see any pics whatsoever u_u I'm dying to see some images so...could someone post a link or something, please...
  24. I hope I'm still young enough to celebrate the 50th anniversary cause this 25th sure makes me feel old, hopefully we´ll get a VF-X2 series by then
  25. Just finished watching. Although I personally find the ending appropriate and overall quite enjoyable, I found it was kind of contradictory to the whole ¨kick reason to the curb¨ philosophy of Gurren Lagann, given the ultimate fates of the protagonists (specially Simon and Yoko). Certainly a bitter-sweet ending. I'm still wondering why they decided to change/skip so many things from what is seen in the 1st episode, the whole humanoid Boota and the GARlock costume etc... I'm thinking/hoping we'll eventually see some kind of OVA or Movie related to that or maybe focused on Kamina's father and the previous Spiral Knights. Thank you Gainax, you finally made a series worth crying (manly tears) for.
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