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  1. I meant gold ¨looking¨ paint. hate to use gundam as example but I was thinking of something similar to this: [attachmentid=41539]
  2. The YF-19 doesn´t look half bad, as long as you keep those stickers away from it. The 1J on the other hand... I´m really curious to know if this is the suppossed special Kawamori paint scheme for the 25th anniversay, if so then the HFH is into much harder drugs than I thought. You know what they should do ? make the 25th anniversary paint scheme a pure gold (paint) and black VF-1S.
  3. So there you have guys: The secret TV series for the 25th anniversary is actually...wait for it...MACROSS SEVEN !!!... BOMBA !!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, back to reality. Wasn´t Satelight and BW going to announce something after TAF ? I haven´t heard a single rumor in the last days. Not even a formal ¨yeah, we´ll start working on Macross as soon as we milk the heck out of Kissdum¨
  4. Indeed, CAD work will be the main work load of the computer, Unfortunately. The Dell does have a tiny screen, I was thinking of getting a cheaper model with bigger screen and configure the specs to match those of the XPS M1210 ( price will be around the same). On the other hand, my toshiba ( as crappy as it can get sometimes ) handles CAD work just fine, and it doesn´t have a fancy graphic card or much RAM either ( 256MB...ok ok , don´t laugh at me ), so maybe the Sony will do fine. Good to know that. HP seems to be out of my plans now. Do you of any issues with Sony Vaio´s ? I´m wondering how good is the user experience as well as their customer support. To all of you thank you very much, I really appreciate your help. It´s good to know of all these things from real life sources.
  5. Same here. Is it possible to download it and convert it to other format so we can all see it properly ? Maybe we can put it on youtube. I lack the the hi-tech know-how, so if anyone is willing to do it i´ll be forever grateful.
  6. Nice transformation sequence, but the booth itself is rather lame. Where´s my Shiny, colourful, laser projected, 10.1 Dolby Digital, ¨you´ve-never-seen-a-sign-so-beautiful-in-your-life¨ 25th Anniversary sign ? Where´s the love? I don´t see any intention on letting people know Macross is coming back BIG TIME by the looks of the booth. If I were to pass by next to that booth I would´ve never known it was such an inportant date.
  7. Hi, I know this is probably a stupid question, but I wanted to know your opinion fellas. Currently I´m looking for a nice, efficient and affordable solution to my computer needs, more specifically I´m thinking of getting a new replacement for my Toshiba satellite. So far I´ve been looking at 3 brands: Sony HP Dell Since my toshiba was my first notbook experience I don´t know how good the other brands are in terms of durability, customer support and whatnot. The models I´ve been looking at are the Vaio C240 ( looks good for a portable, also has nice specs for the price ), the Dell XPS M1210 ( relatively good price, not so good looks) and as for HP ? well, I´m not yet clear on what would best for my needs from their models. I´m mainly going to use the computer for CAD work and image editing, and I´ll have to carry it around to work but it´ll stay mostly at home. I don´t care that much for hard drive space or other stuff, I´ll just need a good amount of RAM and a nice Core 2 Duo procesor, so both models are fairly similar on that respect. Dell has the convenience of letting you configure your portable before buying, but it gets pricey. Sony on the other hand has everything i´ll possibly need for a good price, but then again, it´s Sony, and i´m a bit suspicious of them. And HP seems to be a good brand overall, their portables are a bit big and heavy though. Just wanted to know what you would recommend.
  8. Has anyone wondered why there hasn´t been any news lately ? By the time they´ve announced they were going to make the M0 OVAs ( at that time the name was unknown ) we´ve already seen interviews and spreads in newtype and other mags if I remember well. Not like i´m expecting BW to come out and say what the new series will be about, or see any kind or lineart in magazines, but I think its time they let us have at least some kind of teaser or something aleady.
  9. It wouldn´t be totally unexpected if they actually devoted TAF to Macross, it´s the 25th anniversary after all, it would be actually lame if Macross didn´t have a major role in this TAF. What I am really expectant about is whether or not they´ll tie this new series to the events in Zero. That would be absolutely wonderful.
  10. Well, I would certainly never put Macross in the same category as, for example, Doraemon, and that was a kids show. Macross was inteded for a much older demographic from the begining, just like gundam, it had its fair share of violence and mature themes, I don´t see 12 year olds identifying with those themes, they were there for the valks mostly. While I agree Macross has its fair amount of ¨coming of age¨ stories, most of its cast was already in their young-adulthood or at least they´ve already gone through some hardships in life for them to have a more mature response to the conflicts depicted in each series. For me, Macross fits the gap between adult-themed and teenage themed mecha series. And BTW, having character development is not the same as growing up. In M+ the characters were clearly in their adult years, they didn´t grow up, they confronted their inner conflicts and evolved. Shin had already gone through very crude hardships in life, being thrown into the battlefield from a young age, he was forced to grow up prematurely, what we see in M0 is him trying to recover his humanity and youth ( and Roy plays an important part in that ).
  11. I don´t get the whole idea of animes having main characters in the same age of ¨possible¨ viewers, I wasn´t in my 20s when I watched Macross Plus yet I felt it was perfect as it was, an adult themed production ( as any other Macross series should be IMO ). Besides M7, no other Macross series has been directed towards the young crowd, AFAIK SDF,DYRL, M+ and Zero were all very crude and violent. The reason behind all the ¨supposedly adult orientated¨crappy animes of recent times ( good premise, bad execution ie Aquarion ) is because they direct them towards young viewers, as if it was the only source for toy profits. We can all testify to the fact that Macross doesn´t need to be a kiddy show just to sell toys, Yamato is selling A LOT.
  12. Guys, I suspect this might be a classic case of story repeating itself. I think they´re trying to do the same thing they did with M7 and Plus back in the day but with a better outcome for the fans this time. Think of Kissdum as the M7 of this scenario and Macross ¨Flier¨ as M+. They´ll do the premium uber deluxe show but only after the Macross crew accepts to do the crappy one first just to get some profits. This time around tough, they´ve actually made the crappy show separate from the macross franchise so they don not ruin its sweetness. The fact that they´ll sacrifice Kissdum to the Gundam Seed crowd just to get enough freedom to properly produce a new Macross series is good news IMO.
  13. Please, do not let this series be like SEED, seriously.
  14. OMG, AT LAST !!! Man, I haven´t felt like this since M0 was announced 6 FREAKING YEARS AGO . The feeling of expectation is killing me but I´m really happy Macross is not dead yet. I´m really eager to see what BW and Studio Nue are planning for this ¨big come-back¨, I hope it´ll be something we can all be proud of and enjoy equally for a change ( ala SDF,DYRL & plus). Macross Flyer doesn´t sound as good as previous series but I can live with that, it´s a decent name. As always, I´m hoping Kawamori stays away from the plot and limits himself to mechas and overall supervision. With so many things in his mind I doubt he´ll have any time left to go deep enough into the plot of this new series and partially ruin it.
  15. Boy, that IR remote Control Scopedog makes me want have a RC Valkyrie, a fully transformable one is probably too hard to make but a GBP-1S would make a perfect candidate. Yummy. The SV-51 looks awesome, looking foward to owning a 2nd run. Everytime I see the YF-19 it makes me want to have one, i´m hoping they´ll release a 2nd fixed production run soon. edit: Oh, I forgot; WTF is with that HUGE TOOTHBRUSH? man, that Scary Yamato Booth Guy must be one freaking huge Sumo Wrestler, one with very bad oral hygiene I say. Thanks for all your efforts G´man, I hope you had a great trip ( by the looks of things I´m sure you did)
  16. I´m glad they finally have put some kind of extra value into these toys given their price and included the FP and all, at least the price will be justifiable this time. Still, I´ll be one of the few who´ll wait for a 2nd run, this toy is far too complex to arrive problem-free to our doors. That, and the fact that even if I wanted, I can´t afford to get a new valk right now, still have to get Shin´s 0A.
  17. I would go with Dattebayo, they release their fansubs fast and with a good quality, I dl their Bleach subs weekly so no worries. OT, I´ve never picked up naruto before mainly because of all the DragonBall-ish kinda plot and the HUGE filler arc that makes up for most of the anime, but I´m willing to check on the new series, it´s not like I´ve missed anything by not watching the fillers.
  18. Hi there, I don´t know if this is the right place to ask but I´ll ask nevertheless. I´ve been out of the gaming scene since the old ages of PSone, the thing is, I was just about to get a PS2 since I´ve been loosing on some truly great games ( like the Macross game). Problem is, I´ve been looking at the Wii and it´s really tempting for all the great features we know, what I´m worried about though is its game library, I know, you´ve got VC too, but all I see listed for upcoming wii-only games are kind of childish ( something that´s been keeping me away from Nintendo since the N64). Should I just get a PS2 right away and see how things develop for the wii or just get it now and wait for some decent games ? I really like the idea of having wi-fi on my console and the whole VC thing, but I could just get a DSlite for that. For those who already own a Wii (and probalby a ps2 as well), I woudl really appreciate your thoughts ? thanks in advance, cheers. edit : grammar
  19. All I know is, if this wasn´t a good business for Yamato they wouldn´t be making anymore valks. People make it look as if Yamato is having a hard time making toys for our spoiled arses. Production cost have gonne up, so ? I still se Yamato making NEW toys, exactly, you don´t take the risk unless you know there´ll be people willing to pay for your toys. And the one thing that´s been making the difference is that we keep buying these toys! regardless of quality or prices, even when not knowing any of both (preorder buyers spend way too much than what it really costs). Yamato is having a wonderful time making money off these toys, we should start to smarten up and enjoy this hobby, don´t run and buy these toys so abruptly, wait for 2 runs, that way at least you´ll have a nice quality toy and Yamato will learn that releasing flawed 1st runs as norm is not welcomed.
  20. whoops, I stand corrected. anyway, both designs look awesome, though, I would be surprised if Kawamori intended to use one of these in a next series. Even if it means no having the VF-5000 I truly believe it´s more lilely we´ll get a new valk, as it´s been like that with every new production.From existing valks, the VF-5000 still has the best chances though
  21. Sounds kinda like the SW-XAII Schneeblume (spelling?): hahha, how did you notice man ? I´m as much a valkaholic as any of us here so getting a entirely new valk would be ideal, new valks are always welcome, I just think that if they ever were to use an existing one, the VF-5000 would have very good chances of being such a valk, which in my opinion is just the perfect scenario. No one has considered that we could get the best of both choices: having an existing valk as main VF and a new valk as the newcomer kinda like the VF-11 and the YF valks from M+. Isamu was piloting the VF-11 as the introductory variable fighter in the story but then the YFs are introduced as well.
  22. I was curious as to what people think should be the next main valkyrie in a possible Macross production. Remember, this is EXCLUSIVELY about VFs i.e. NOT STORYLINES ! We´ve had enough ¨I want this to be the next plot for macross threads¨ already. Personally, I think Big West´s idea of using the VF-5000 for Macross 3D ( the never produced macross 3D series) was great, it´s the nearest thing to modern day (story-wise) VF-1, excluding the VF-11. It´s been animated before in Dynamite as well, so the people at BW and Studio Nue seem to like it too. It also had its own game of sorts in the VF-X2 special edition for PSone. I think the VF-5000 would have the best chance if they were to use an existing valk. As a second choice I would go with the VF-4, nuff said. I would settle for a new valk of course but my love for the VF-5000 comes first
  23. OH , FOR THE LOVE OF GAD !!! STOP POSTING PRICES PEOPLE !!! Seriously, don´t be so careless, I know it sounds paranoid but do it for our wallets (mine specially). Don´t you ever learn ? DO NOT POST PRICE SPECULATION ANYMORE!
  24. Gotta agree with Sebastian, If we no longer enjoy these toys, as flawed as they might be, we should look for another hobby. Then again, I´ll keep waiting for 2nd releases hands down.
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