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  1. Hey Graham, speaking of ''...other mecha from the Macross universe'', are you allowed to tell us what licenses Yamato holds for this line ? Since this is a totally different product line from their transforming toys I would guess they can get different licenses as well, I'm hoping we get some game exclusive valks as well as Zero/M7/Frontier figures as well.
  2. yeah, seriously, this protrusion joke is getting old and boring already. If people want to speculate about something please keep the surgically-enhanced-transsexual theories to yourselves. Unless you're actually waiting for someone in japan to do a doujinshi about Ranka and her protrusion
  3. edit: Ah crap, nevermind... I think Ranka's glowing belly can be attributed to one of two things: either her natural origin i.e. a genetic trait (Protoculture/ Mayan / Vajra) or maybe just implants from when she was on the 117th research fleet. Or maybe it's just that she had much more exposure to the Vajra than anyone when she was little ( they did test on everyone exposed to them so there must be something there).
  4. yeah, I've been thinking the same. Maybe Sterne has received cybernetic implants that allow him to interact with or even control the VF-27, think of it like built-in EX-Gear-control implants. That also would explain how he's able to pull off that kind of maneuvers (the whole zig-zaging sequence) while infiltrating the Vajra battleship without going Guld/Popeye inside the cockpit (which could also feature some sort of technology that allows the pilot to survive that amount of G's). I'm getting a certain deja vu here, as in a ''Project Supernova vs X-9 Ghost'' kind of way. We know the VF-25 is currently in its final tests phase before being rolled into service, so why would they need to develop a VF-27 secretly !? I'm still not clear on something, do we know whether the 25 is a fleet-specific VF / in house (Frontier self sponsored) project or is it really supposed to step in as the main VF for every NUNS colony/fleet out there ? Maybe the VF-27 is Galaxy's self developed VF project too (would explain all the advanced tech inside the valk). Maybe someone (I'm looking at you Mr. Vilra) is trying to pull a X-9 Ghost on us again. Also, I think someone mentioned this a few pages back, but I'm suspecting that the highly anticipated connection to MZero will be explained through this resonance gems/stones, if I remember correctly the only rocks that could fly in the M0 OVAs (including the totem) were all composed of some sort of purple rock material similar to that found on the chest of the APHOS (from where it produced blood), maybe they're related. That would explain how those rocks (and the aphos) reacted (through resonance?) to Sara's emotions. edit: edited out last phrase due to inconsistency, sorry.
  5. OT: Wow, I came here to read about other people's opinion on the episode and I find an almost completely hijacked thread, what a shame. Why are you people posting such incredible nonsense in this thread !? what's with the ''Ranka's protution'' talk, can't you see it's just the dress !? How did we end up speculating whether Sheryl or Ranka were transexuals? I mean, Richard Vilra = Breetai ? Rick F***ing Hunter ? WTF is going on here !? I sound like a total a-hole here, ruining the party and all. Sure, we're free to express ourselves as we like, but it's getting a bit out of hand. I know it's just in the spirit of good comedy (I hope), but it's not just getting stupid, it's also OT. Don't want to argue with anyone, I just wanted express my concern (whine). Back to episode 7: First, I'll have to eat my own words, Brera Sterne IS A GUY. I'm not entirely surprised, with all the other bishonen looking characters in the show... It would've been interesting to have Alto go against a female antagonist tough (maybe an homage to M0). I'll have to say I'm with the Duke on this one. I suspect the VF-27 is a secretly developed NUNS fighter, working on the shadows in an effort to gather data on the Vajra, for what purpose ? that's to anyone's imagination, maybe he's working directly under Vilra/Leon and they want to control the Vajra. Maybe it's actually anti-un or a rough NUNS faction trying another coup d’état, who knows... It was pretty clear that Sterne didn't want to be detected by anyone in the battlefield, maybe that's why he didn't help Luka immediately (It just wasn't his concern to save him, or he actually wanted to see what the Vajra would do to him), however, I'm still curious about the reason for shooting luka's gunpod, maybe he was preventing Alto from triggering something or it was just him being cautious about Alto reacting aggressively towards him. Bottom line is, this episode was great, possibly one of the best episodes so far and a memorable experience. My only complain was the sudden Aquarion deja vu i got from Macross Quarter's transformation sequence and the visual effect of it's canon, I kind of miss the whole ''Zentradi battleship exploding from within + surface bubbles effect''
  6. Thanks mate . I wonder if this kind of thing affects the ratings somehow, well, if it's standard procedure then probably not.
  7. [throws brick at Morpheus] [/brick fails to hit target] damn, should've used the high-maneuverability bricks...just jk I really trying hard not to read all the new spoilers, don't want to ruin the experience for myself. Anyone wonder why they might have released such spoiler up to Ep.10 ?
  8. I really hope this VF-27 is not directly related to the Vajra, that would steal all the fun of finally having a Gunbuster-like archenemy in the show (PC related maybe). It would be fun to have 3-sided conflict though, some sort of Colony/Fleet/Corporation dispute i.e. VF-25 vs VF-27 vs Vajra.
  9. As long as we're kicking Code Gayass butt then I'm cool with it. Just be happy there's no gundam show airing right now.
  10. Well, that clarifies a lot things, at least now we know that the . I'm hoping that
  11. yeah, like I said in the other thread, I personally don't like the look of the wings on Battroid, pretty awkward fold design, not very aesthetically pleasing or practical either.
  12. AHA! FINALLY! I've been trying to see how the VF-25 wings folded on Battroid mode without the FPs on and we finally get some official renderings. I'll have to admit that I love mostly everything about the VF-25 (particularly Mikhail's custom) but, I swear to God, THAT'S THE MOST LAME AND HIDEOUS WING FOLDING MECHANISM ON ANY VALKYRIE I'VE SEEN IN MY WHOLE VALKOHOLIC LIFE! Seriously, why did Kawamori-sama think that kind of wing folding would look good on the VF-25? it's not even aerodynamic, it's actually very unpractical for combat. To me it just looks wrong, let's hope they allow us to fold them all the way to the back (or in some other way) whenever they release a toy of this valk. PS. Messiah its quite a cool name BTW, it gives a lot of character, I'm just not sure it sounds as good on a valkyrie, maybe a Destroid. It's not bad at all though, but it'll take some time to get used to it.
  13. I think/hope that the Vajra and the misterious VF are actually related to the mysterious Mr.Bilrer (that's what everything seems to point out). I'm smelling some sort of conspiracy behind the scenes (VF-X2 anyone ?). How is it possible that they would be making a Shin Kudo movie ? I mean, how could the info regarding the Mayan incident have become part of mainstream culture as to ensure the success of such a production? Why making a movie anyways? really, wtf. If we take into account all the implications a PC/Aphos-Vajra relationship could mean to the franchise I'm hoping they rather incorporate Zero into Frontier in a more serious and relevant manner, not a DYRL-movie-within-a-series kind of way, that would really be lame. edit: my first statement didn't sound clear enough.
  14. I think you guys are over-analyzing too much. If stuff like homages in MF bother you so much as to go point by point nitpicking every single similarity, then you're certainly not enjoying the show, you're just watching it for continuity-sake. Let's not forget this is the 25th anniversary series, it's not some random season gundam show, if there were no homages then there's no point in doing a series right now. Where are all those people that clamored for a SDF remake anyway? why are we getting this complains now that we're getting the best of both worlds? I myself hated the idea of a remake, but you don't see me bitc*ing about the homages. MF is a wonderful opportunity for everyone, it's an awesome new & originalTV series AND it has SDF homages !? It seems you just can't please every fanboy these days. Bottom line. Enjoy MF for what it is, not for what you want it to be 'cause it'll never be that, you'll just ruin the experience for yourself. Don't look at the glass half empty when it's really half full. If all that MF leaves you is the bitter taste of dissatisfaction, then you really should reconsider if watching a TV series (with all its flaws and stars) is a good experience for you or if you just need to read the Compendium. Same goes for Macross Plus, Zero, Seven, DYRL, etc...
  15. I'm impressed by how well this SD figures capture the spirit of each character, Alto is the best one imo, but the ones I really want are the chibi-valks, the VF-25S looks cute while still remaining menacing.
  16. Hahaha, that's awesome. Now I know how Mikimoto's art-style would've looked if animated in F, if only u_u...
  17. Wow, the subs were really helpful this time. Lots of character development and even without any battles that was a really great and enjoyable episode. Can't think of anything that hasn't been said already, just that the hippo-cows are now my official favorite macross creature Anyway, this might be a wild guess here but my theory behind the Vajra attacks is that the Vajra may be acting as some sort of anti-body mechanism (like in Gunbuster/Diebuster) left by the PC, to ensure that any potentially dangerous race or any race that didn't pass the Aphos test (and we barely did) doesn't expand through the galaxy and goes the same way as the PC did. The way they find any potential threat is by detecting any sign of culture ( songs or some kind of signal given by mix of genes between human and Zentradi, like the way the PC ruins detected Mylene in 7 for example. This kinda reminds me of DYRL too). It's a bit far fetched but that would tie-in with Zero, it's certainly within the possibilities imo.
  18. AWESOME!!!!! I want that pair of chibi VF-25s for my desk
  19. Wow, this episode really surpassed my expectations, it was really awesome, lots of plot development too.
  20. The SMS comander is Jeffrey Wilder, so no, It's not Brera Sterne.
  21. I keep reading comments about killing characters off, why ? why do you want people killed so early in the series ? It'll have no dramatic impact whatsoever. Just let them develop the characters first, if we get a pineapple salad or a Kakizaki before Ep.20 it's just gonna be lame. Also, I'm sticking with my version. There's no way the Frontier President is referring to Brera Sterne, perhaps it's just me but I'm 96% certain he is referring to Jeffrey Wilder ( the SMS comander), It's the only thing that fits into contexts because just after the president makes that call you see the SMS commander giving Ozma the order to scramble. It makes sense that he would know the only ones capable of doing anything to the vajra would be the SMS VF-25. Why would he be calling anyone else?
  22. The way of a yamato sith-lord is cruel...for us that is. Anyway, I'm soooooo getting one of these. I just knew Yamato would someday come back to 1/60 and do justice to the VF-1 so it can play along its fellow 1/60 brothers, it was just a matter of waiting a couple of years (yes, that's a manly tear running down my face). now, WHERE IS MY VF-5000 and VF-0D !? ( just kidding, honestly, by the time I finally get to buy all the valks I haven't bought yet I'll be like 70 and my Arthritis wont actually allow me to transform them so I wont even notice the QC problems, so Yamato, if you're seeing this post, take your time )
  23. 21. アイモ〜鳥のひと [Aimo~The Bird Man] (!!!) OMG, That's one big fat spoiler right there ...niiice I think frontier is becoming even more awesome with every second.I'm gonna have to rewatch zero to see if i notice anything new in connection to frontier.
  24. You people can seriously come up with some very wild theories. First off, taking Ep.1 as a starting point you see the President saying''the military can't stop them'' then he calls this Mr. Bilrer/Bilra/etc... is most probably referring to the SMS commander Jeffrey Wilder, Mr. Bilrer (Mr. Habiller, Mr. Viller, Mr. Bilra...whatever) sounds A LOT more like Wilder than Brera Sterne does. You people really need to pay more attention, why in nyan nyans name would he be calling an ace pilot from the galaxy fleet (if that's what Sterne is, which imo looks doubtful) ? It makes more sense that he's actually referring to SMS. As for the upcoming episodes, this is my guess: "Bye Bye Sheryl" = As graham said Sheryl returns to the Galaxy fleet. "First Attack" = Again, I'm with Graham here. The Vajra attack the Galaxy fleet looking for Sheryl or something. "High School Queen" = Ranka gets her 15 mins of fame...or Alto... "Friendly Fire" = Chronocidal, I think it's too soon for a pineapple salad homage, if Ozma ever actually gets the Focker-treatment, it'll be in the later part of the series, if anything just because they'll want Ranka's character to be more developed for a more dramatical effect. I think it might actually be Luka that the title might be referring to IMO.
  25. Edit: oops, david just beat me to it. Well if it's any help, try using media player classic, it recognizes the ass files automatically as long as they're named the same as the video file (raw). Anyway, this is my brief (not VF, brief ) impression after watching the subs: The scenes make a lot more sense now. Not much is revealed really about the Vajra, but that's fine with me, keep it mysterious until we have enough character development for a more complete enjoyment. As I said earlier, the fanservice is ok and it somehow adds to the experience but so much in such a short amount of time is a bit distracting. It's nice to see that alto is given some ( cruel but otherwise necessary) training and that he's not just given a valk that carelessly before actually teaching him to be more humble. Also, Ranka gets cuter with each new episode, at this rate my head might explode. I just feel bad for her not getting the prize but at the same time I think it was a very smart move by SK an co. Man, Mikhail's VF-25G is just awesome, the VF-25G is to Frontier what the VF-0D was to Zero, just the most awesome valk of the show (IMO, of course). At least until we get more of the mysterious valk in the OP.
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