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  1. The way I saw things in M0 was that there really was no mystical or magical mumbojumbo, it was all technology and genetics, wich IMO was the real conflict in the series: The old world vs the new one, myths vs technological facts, what was believed to be mysthical was actually Alien technology ( Kadun = machines/AFOS, Bird-people= PC/AFOS/valks). AFAIK, the original series just barely explained some things about the PC, so nothing is set in stone yet. We don´t know what they were capable of physiologically, let alone the extent of their technology (were zentradi and th evil series really their limit ?). For all we know, the floating rocks in Zero could´ve been just remaining PC artifacts (remember the island use to be a vessel). If Kawamori was only going for the magical/mystical thing then he would´t have created the AFOS or had shown Aries analysing Mao´s blood sample to find out that she had a direct link to the PC.
  2. You people need to start thinking positive. AFAWK, the most recent production is the best source to get an idea as to where Macross is going to, and last thing I remember THERE WAS NO SPIRITA IN M0. I think Kawamori is slowly distancing himself from the concept of spirita seen in M7 and going for a more subtle and reasonable solution. This is clearly seen by the fact that the only excuse for Sara´s (and Mao) abilities was that they were directly linked with the protoculture, and it was only those genetic traits (evidenced by Aries´s work) that allowed them to control remaining PC artifacts in the island ( notice the only things they could control, like rocks or totems, was stuff that was ¨signed¨ and shared the same material as the pre-awakened AFOS). So far we don´t even know what the PC were capable of, both in technological and physiological terms. What I´m trying to say is that, IMO, Kawamori is going for a less superficial explanaition for spirita and has clearly made an effort to keep it tied to the protoculture, which was canon from the begining.
  3. I may sound like a troll here but I don´t care that much about the new gundam series, I just hope it won´t take the lights aways from the new Macross. Besides that, I´m not too shure about bringing people with absolutely no background into a established franchise, at least not in the directing position.
  4. The only thing I care about right now is that BW needs to get their act together and promote the new series properly. If anything, I don´t want to see macross go unnoticed, especially this anniversary. We all now Macross is a cult series, but I want to see Macross become a modern and contemporary cult series, not something that´s barely alive for nostalgia´s sake, something which sets an example of nicely written plots and likeable characters with awesome production value, like GITS or something.
  5. You´ve got a point there. I personally think all this ¨reboot theory¨ is just plain paranoia, like the ¨cat on character´s shoulder panic theory¨. To be honest, I´m far more worried about the growing number of fans gratuitously nitpicking the upcoming new series than the potentialy drug-induced story Kawamori might deliver. I have faith in the fact that there are more people behind this new series than just Kawamori. I´ll base my judgement on the last production i.e. Macross Zero, and as far as I know, the mayority of us enjoyed it (and that is a good enough reason to set it apart from M7), the only reason it wasn´t 100% perfect was the fact that they rushed the story, otherwise it would be up there with Plus and DYRL. You people need to remember how much time we´ve been waiting for a new TV series, so please, have some faith, not just in Kawamori, but on all the other guys working on this.
  6. OMG...I´ve just had a visual orgasm! Gainax has just recovered my respect, I could actually say I´ll forgive them for ever creating Shinji. Episode 15 was OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOME ! look for the raw and subs separatelly at tokyotosho...you´re still reading ? GO ! NOW !
  7. Wait , WHAT !? There´s actually less flesh shown now !! WTF joking Well, There isn´t much difference actually. I´m happy that she´s still alive in the next arc
  8. Just came to check what was going on here. Working late and got bored. soo..let´s see...yeah, arguing and battying all over the place, should´ve expected it. I just wanted to say this to Kamjin 639, I hope you realise I say this stuff in a very understading manner ( no more arguments here ) : Your arguments could actually be valid, but even then, a 20 year old cartoon is defenitively not worth the trouble of walking personally to meet someone and pie them in the face. that´s a fact. Am I a ¨harcore¨ fan ? hell yeah. Would I be willing to personally insult someone, by doing something like this, for my beloved show ? hell no. Why ? well, not because I don´t have enough love or commintment to the franchise, but because we´re talking about real people here, not some imaginary characters. The fact is, arguing over the internet about a cartoon is the most legit thing to do, because it´s also the most harmless thing you should be allowed to do. When you go beyond that you start to loose sight of reality: we´re adults, this is a cartoon, we love it but we don´t own it. period.
  9. I never actually comment that much on these kind of threads but I find all of this rather disturbing. After reading this guy´s log on the first link I inmediatly got the impression he had some kind of mental disorder, he just talked too seriously about the whole thing, it wasn´t just normal fanboy bla bla bla, it was scary. having said that, I think people are just being a bit paranoid about this, I mean ¨AIDS infested cream pies¨ ? WTF ? This was just an act of childish behaviour, a POTENTIALLY dangerous one, but just that, it wasn´t a terrorist attack unless you can find proof that Man Faye was featured in this video. This is the kind of sh%t that differentiates RT fans from macross fans, they have no love over there and without love stupid lunatics like this one start to appear. I´m proud to say I could never imagine a MW member doing this kind of stuff to someone from BW or Studio Nue, specially not Kawamori-sama...not unless he fu#ked up the new tv series with more of his tree-hugging stuff anyway just joking
  10. Basically they killed whatever was interesting about this show. It turned from a potentially good militaristic anime into a half baked sci-fi/fantasy show. No Kawamori goodness, i´out of here, thank you.
  11. On the pointy ears issue: We´ve known for years that zentradi have ponty ears, why are you complaining NOW ? Why is people so mad about pointy ears in the newtype scans if Zentradi have had them since DYRL ? If I recall well Guld had pointy ears, Zolan people had pointy ears, what´s so bad about it? I think you´re just looking for things to complain about. I prefer to have mindless especulation rather than hatred and nitpicking, thank you.
  12. First, i´m glad to hear an official release date. Only a few months away lads! Second, although it´s a bit farfetched, I think we might be looking at a post-2050 series, judging from the early sketches of the valks and the presence of zentradi characters, so this COULD actually be 50 years after. Of course that would be a coincidence and everything depicted in the sketched could change until october. I´m staying optimist and waiting for this to be similar to VF-X2, this could be some sort of VF-X2 prequel set in an airbase trainning facility for newly released valks. [wishful thinking]
  13. I´m not saying people should stop arguing with each other about M7, I´m just saying they should do it elsewhere, they should stop highjacking other threads. Back to topic. I think the success of series like E7, gurren lagann, geass and other series is that they introduced new , well thought concepts as well as very neatly developed universes. The producers have thought of all the details, where every comes from and where everything goes to. It´s no news that recent anime series are flawed because they´re unable to firmly stablish their premise or develop new concepts thoroughly ( plot, characters, setting ). These series success is based on the fact that took their time to present everything to the audience and I hope they do the same with this new Macross.
  14. Ditto. It would be very satisfying to see the same production environment as E7, with decent story telling, compelling characters and Kawamori just doing the mechas. [/rant mode ON] And as for the M7 flamewar, seriously, people just need to stop already. Everything regarding this issue has been said already, both sides have lost track of their arguments and are starting to argue for the sake of arguing alone. If you´re already a member then you came here for a reason, to share your passion for macross, and in a time like this we can´t have the fanbase divided in 2 factions. There should be a pinned M7 thread where all this crap can go to and mods should ban anyone who derails other threads (like this one) into a M7 debate. [/end of rant]
  15. BOOOOOMBA! Sorry about that. Back to topic, did anyone notice the new valks have closed cockpits/canopy like the YF-21 ( well, similar ) and the variable glaug ? I´m thinking Kawamori might want to include the YF-21 interface in the new valkyries. Of course, this could change over time since these are all rough ideas, but based on what we have so far, it sounds great. Look at this:
  16. I think all this talk about transforming capital ships, cats and school plot speculation is a waste of time right now. I think we need to worry about other things. Assuming this is a post 2040 series ( by the look of the valks and the addition of civilian zentradi/zolan characters) I have to wonder what kind of conflict they´ll focus on in this new series. Will people still pilot valkyries by the 2050-60s or will they be controlled from a remote distanse? Will they finally introduce the technology of the YF-21 into mass produced valks ? Will we actually see the AFOS again ? Will Kawamori finally explain the misteries of the Protoculture in the 25th anniversay ? Will the Anti-UN reappear ? using Pheyos valkyries and renegade power amours ? Will this new series be set in earth, a colony or on a fleet ? I´ll be more interested in especulating about those than cats and j-pop
  17. Thanks Graham, your help is much appreciated. These new scans have brought hope back to my soul. I´m really liking the character designs, quite worthy of the 25th anniversary, with pointy ears and all ( I´m hoping they intagrate zentradi and zolan characters). They certainly have that Mikimoto appeal to them,although I´d still prefer his work, particularly in this project. The cat issue is just paranoia IMO, it´s still to early and this is just conceptual work. Anyway, I´m VERY glad with the valk designs so far. I really hope Kawamori keeps with the VF-5000-ish look. By the looks of things we´re looking at a post M+ series ( yay!), we have zentradi characters so it´s clearly post SW1, and the valks look more advanced than the VF-11. I´m wondering if this new series will finally reveal the events of M0 as said when M0 was first released.What I think would be interesting is to see some kind of plan by the protoculture, and have humanity and the zentradi play different roles ( maybe not even consciousy ) as everything unfolds, while discovering how the AFOS event triggered everything.
  18. [sarcasm]My theory is that Kawamori has never stopped hating macross since the day he left and Macross II came to be. That´s why he made M+ so damn good, to make us crave for more and then destroy our childhood with M7 and then this school story. [/sarcasm] I think M0 main fault was that it was released as an OVA. If it had been broadcasted as a TV series I´m sure we wouldn´t be complaining about plot development or weak characters ( things I personally disagree with). The thing is, the japanese audience wants a more wacky M7-ish macross, with clown faces and monsters of the week kinda story. We want the more mature , M+ish side of Macross. Macross Zero, although lacking in some aspects, was closer to M+, hence its failure in japan ( and, its an OVA). Unfortunately, the only other tv series we´ve had is M7 and since it did so good, I wouldn´t be surprised if they repeat the formula. With all that in mind, M7 failed, but still within the Macross canon...now, school drama macross ? that, is a whole lot different, and out of canon IMO. Why won´t Kawamori just give us a VF-X2 TV series ? I blame it on drugs.
  19. I don´t mean to be a pessimist but I´m not liking the way things are being done right now. Look at the Macross zero dvd commercial, it wasn´t epic , it was dumb, and badly edited. It didn´t portray the best of the series ( that doesn´t atract new viewers afaik ). Now kissdum is failing bacause the crew can´t get it together. And these people are supposed to guarantee the success of the 25th anniversary ? Gosh...I hope they get serious before it´s too late. I´m starting to think they don´t have the same image of macross in Japan as we do ( action + good music + drama and not for 5 year olds) , certainly not when you look at M7 and this dvd commercial. I REALLY hope Kawamori & Co. go onto rehab and start working hard to make a decent successor to the original TV series, or at least I hope bandai and BW pressure the production team to come up with something good.
  20. I really don´t know if this is funny or sad. No wonder Macross does so badly in Japan nowadays
  21. I´ve always said that they should do an animated version of Macross 7 Trash (it´s a m7 manga with a serious plot and no Basara), with a less sporty theme and more valks. Gosh, I wonder when they´ll actually say something about the 25th anniversary.
  22. I think it´s in the best interest of every macross fan that Kissdum does well. Why ? because it´s the testing ground for the next Macross Series. I´m pretty amazed by the graphics on the show so far, they easily matched those of Macross Zero at some point, I´m just eager to see what they´ll do for the next Macross. Stoywise, it seemed pretty random, but in comparison to other shows of this seasson, it left me with a good impression, that goes for the characters as well. Let´s just say it has A LOT more potential than Aquarion did in its time.
  23. god, the wait is killing me. Can´t they just say something ? at least an official announcement, given the fact that everyone already knows, at least they could confirm.
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