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    M+ Valks

    I´m definetively going for the VF-11B , for once we deserve a better built-in no cut-out heatshield !!! Besides , they have the Vf-X2 license , they can also re-use the molds by making the VF-X2 variant and maybe the Full Armoured one as well *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge * Anyway, I think the Ghost deserves more votes, yes it ain´t transformable, but we ALL ( that includes you G hehehehe) know they´ll make the YF-21 and the VF-11 sooner or later, so wy not have the Ghost for a change? C´mon , you can´t have a M+ line with out the villain ! gimme my ghost
  2. I´ve only got one suggestion: Google´s Sketch up. I´ve been using sketchup for about a year now and I can say its really simple and intuitive to use from the start. It may look basic at first glance but believe me, it really is a powerful tool, you can do all sort of things and you can even download plug-ins and componets ( ready to use models) or export models to other rendering programs. The best thing is, you can get it for FREE, no time limitations or anything. There´s also a PRO version which has more complex functions, although it will cost some pennies. Check it out , you wot be dissapointed Click here
  3. WERD. I don't think anyone was expecting this. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the VF-4. 419837[/snapback] I gotta say, this is pretty awesome. so much new stuff coming down the pipe, makes me hopeful that one day I'll see my beloved Vf-5000 419840[/snapback] I second that. Gimme my VF-5000 already
  4. So I got exited with all of these new valks coming out so fast and I realised , there hasn´t been many new customs lately , not as much since the last Yamato drought. I did some photoshop ( a very crappy job at that) and made a blank 1/48 so you can all post your own schemes here with no need of selling your organs for another 1/48 , All you need to do is paint over the original photo ( you can even do this in MS paint). I´ll post my own whenever I get some more spare time here you go:
  5. I would certainly go with the SVC-8 Blue Roses Scheme. I´m dead bored with the VF-1 so the only way I would buy another 1/48 is if they did more non-canon colour schemes.
  6. Just when you thought Yamato couldn´t come up with anymore 1/48s variants they break the rules and release a Kakizaki valk. I haven´t yet bought the camo GBP , the VF-0S let alone the 0A and 1AMax...I only got the pennies for 2 valks...I think I´ll have to skip on these... somehow the Ostrich and the Elint Seeker don´t seem so far fetched now
  7. weren´t Ep 41 & 42 supposed to be realeased together ? I wonder why it took them so long and yet Ep 42 was not seen on this release
  8. Aegis!

    Munny Custom Vf-11b

    Wow , excellent custom , It really depicts the 11B in all of its glory. I really like it , shame it´s out of my reach , no way I would spend that much money. How are these things made anyway ? I know very little about the vinyl figures scene. Would be nice to see some more customs , maybe a 0D
  9. even though it looks better colored up I keep my opinion in regards to the the underbelly on the foward fuselage. just a little adjustment to the curve by 2mm and it would be perfect , just 2mm slimmer.
  10. can´t be bothered to read the replies to the original post , I´ve lived through many M7 threads to waste my time like that so I´ll just say this: flamebait - close this already , we all know it´s an unhealthy topic , period.
  11. They managed to do the rotating cockpit seat on the 0S , they should be able to this stuff on a VF-11
  12. I wonder if Yamato could actually pull off opening missile bays on the lower legs in this toy , I really hope so though , that´d be a nice touch. Right now , the only thing bothering me is that foward fuselage underbelly and I cannot stop thinking about removable landing gear as David said ealier. It just seems the right thing to do. But I have to agree , these are just CAD drawaings , the actuall toy may differ quite a bit , just like the VF-0 did.
  13. I can´t believe how the VF-2SS has taken over the poll , C´mon ! where´re the VF-4 and VF-5000 votes , the SV-51s for $·"|@ sakes
  14. I don´t know , If only the curved dorsal section aka. ¨Belly¨ of the foward fuselage was just slimmer by , say , 2mm, that would make this toy perfect in every sense. Yeah , call me nitpicky but if that´s all it takes to make this a perfect piece valkness then it should be taken into consideration. I´m presuming the chances of reducing the belly section of figther mode is pretty slim since those 2mm must be crucial for the landing gear and the whole transformation process , just 2 mm changes all of the toy mechanisms and proportions , but damn , it´s just 2mm. I guess I can live with it though
  15. I voted VF-5000 , guess I´m the only one at the moment. I know it´s a lot like the Vf-1 and all that , but man do I love the Star mirage. I´ll really be reliased when Yamato makes a 0D and a 5000 , The YF-19 was recently confirmed so that´s out of the way , I don´t care about any other valks except those 3 so if they went ahead and produced them my dream collection would truly be complete ,
  16. Aegis!

    1/48 Gbp

    Damn I wasn´t planning on going for this one but now that they´ve changed the colours I´m SO gonna buy it. I still don´t like the VF-1A colour sceme though , But I could care leess since this one is probably gonna stay in GBP mode forever
  17. I'd have to say not really. The use of CAD/CAM means we now get toys which are superior to the old hand-crafted designs, that fit together better, have less gaps or asymmetrical parts and look more accurate to the anime. However, I don't think it greatly improves the cost of product development and manufature that much. Yamato is still a relitively small company and they can really only afford to concentrate on VFs they think will sell well, i.e. the main VFs in a series. Saying that however, they have thrown us the occasional surprise before like the VB-6, so who knows! Although, thinking about it, I think the VB-6 lost money as it usually needs more than a single production run to break even, let alone make a profit. Graham 411614[/snapback] Well , I meant mostly in terms of how easier/it is to use CAD/CAM instead of sculpting from the gound up. I though maybe this method would allow them to test some draft designs before going into a more serious level of design/production. Certainly CAD manufacturing saves them a lot time in terms of production schedules and all , look how fast they announced the VF-0A and the VF-19. My point is , based on this argument , would you think this factor allows them to partially c onsider venturing into succeful yet secondary valks ? Kinda what happened with the 1/48 , 1 CAD model = X number of variants or CAD model vs phisical sculpt modeling = less production time = more time for new proposals
  18. Graham , don´t know if you can answer this or not , it´s more or less a matter of opinion. Would you say that it´s become easier for Yamato to re-consider so-called ¨unlikely¨ projects now that they have introduced CAD/CAM into their production ? It seems , to me at least , that after the 1/48 the production of new projects has been more fertile than in the past.
  19. Damn , how am i gonna pay for the VF-0S , the YF-19 , the GBP and now this !? It would be really nice if they went with the CF and actually weathered it a bit , since a plain brown-greyish coloured plastic would look dumb and toyish , I can understand the absence of weathering on the 0S since it´s white , but the 0A is all about the weathered look.
  20. It´s funny how , after so many years , we actually get a decent YF-19. I remember getting back into macross just for the introduction of the first Yamato 1/72s back in the day. That was a major reason for me to join MW actually and in the end I never actually bought a YF-19 afterall. My only complaint so far is that nasty bulge underneath the whole forward fuselage , right where the landing gear goes, it makes it look short and fatty in fighter mode. I agree with David that a removable landing gear is preferable to the actual retractable one. other than that , it looks awesome. Hopefully the price of the molds themselves encourage Yamato to produce some other variants , a VF-19S wouldn´t be to hard , no more than the VF-0S to VF-0D remodeling.
  21. Let me say this out loud : OMFG !!!! AT LAST !!! I´m REALLY surprised by this , wasn´t expecting this so soon after the Zero being released. It´s certainly interesting to see Yamato venturing into this kind of projects after so much time spent on the VF-1. All of this is giving me hopes os seeing a VF-5000 someday in the future , that would complete my dreamed trio : -VF-5000 -VF-0 -YF-19
  22. Here , I retouched it a bit more , hope you all like it.
  23. So here´s another one , it still needs more work but I wanted to share it anyways , enjoy
  24. Give me a VF-5000 anyday and I´ll be grateful forever. Seriously , Whenever they actually are done with Macross Zero Yamato should take into consideration the idea of producing a new line of valks from non-animated productions , ie VF-X2.
  25. Here´s another quickie one My two addictions : Macross and Minidisc, in your typical ipod manner ( as a sign of mockery towards its propaganda)
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