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  1. Wow, that´s cool. I whish I had the skills to mod my valks, I´ve got many ideas for customs schemes and all but I´m always afraid of ruining my $100+ toys. I just realise that the ¨my $100 plus toys¨ part just sounded kinda embarrasing edit: damn grammar
  2. I think all this debate is useless, we´ll never convice each other of what´s best to do. In any case, I think the lesson to be learned here is to simply NOT buy first releases. That´s what I´ve been doing since the first 1/48s. No one is forcing you to buy these toys as soon as they come out ( Specially when you know there´s a probability of them being flawed ) Why not wait for second or third releases? they won´t dissapear from the market, we still see VF-1s al over the place and those have higher demand. Wait for later releases and you won´t have to deal with any QC issues and the whole ¨don´t like,it don´t buy¨ crowd, do yourself a favor and WAIT.
  3. Haven´t you learned the lesson already ? Man, you must be brave. It´s not only predictable that this toy is even more prone to flaws than the YF-19 but it´s actually going to be even more expensive. How do you sleep at night knowing this and plan to buy it as soon as it´s out!? I whish I was that optimistic.
  4. eugimon David Hingtgen I´m sure Graham must be pissed-off by now because of all the complaining and battyin` and he´s probably right in being so, but eugimon & David Hingtgen both make a pretty good point here. This kind of products are BOUND to have all sort of problems, there´s no denying that, and I don´t blame Yamato for having a tough time producing this toys after all this time, but what cannot be tolerated is for Yamato to waste time before they release these toys and not check wheter they´re perfect before shipping. It´s just a matter of looking at how rapidly they´ve been releasing toys for the last 2 years, I´t been a long time since i last remember waiting more than 6-8 months for a new yamato toy to be released. They´ve been spewing toys without taking their time to check whether they had any issues. I don´t think it´s beneficial for them to waste money on defective molds the first time around and worse yet, have marginal profits from first runs beucause people know they´re flawed.
  5. Actually, I agree with everything you´ve said. I think most people forget transformable toys are prone to breakage and such, I think "gentle handling" should be defined as the "the same needed force to wipe a baby´s ass", unfortunatelly not everyone on MW is lucky enough (am I too optimistic here? ) to have babies yet, hopefully the same people having all these problems will not try to transform their babies into fighter mode Having said that, Yamato should know better by know, it´s not only bad for us to deal with flawed first production lines, it´s bad for them cause they make a bad reputation of f#@ing things up the first time around, then they´ll start to loose sales on first releases, making first runs a waste of money and time.
  6. Well, I think the important thing here is that so far BW has made no announcement for a new production celebrating the 25th anniversary. I know it´s early, but I would like to hear something, even rumours ( with more fundaments that this one). There has been no articles in any magazine regarding Macross anniversary yet , and that kinda worries me.
  7. That´s true, BUT, in order to make any of these transforming toys they have to follow a certain methodology that should not be new with every new toy. What BoB is trying to say, I think, is that they should´ve mastered this methodology a long time ago. it´s been more than 6 years since the first Yamato toys, and when you´ve been making these kind of toys for such a long time you should have some degree of experience as to what kind of materials & mechanisms to use on a toy. I think they did a pretty good job DESIGNING the YF-19, but not such a good job on testing it. These toys are meant to be transformed and handled on a regular basis ( not daily but certainly from time to time ), if not, why make them transformable in the first place ? that´s why I think they should make durability their top priority before actually selling these valks. Mind you, this is actually coming from a guy that´s had zero problems with his Yamato toys. I don´t think Yamato is a bad company at all, I´m forever grateful they´re in the market making all these toys no one bothered to make before. I just whish they would spend some more time testing and checking the QC of these toys before releasing them. just my opinion.
  8. A bit harsh but I agree, it´s not the toy itself, it was designed beautifuly, certainly the best YF-19 toy rendition to date, but the thing is...Yamato is just too careless when it comes to releasing the best possible manufactured toy.They just don´t spend enough time inspecting all the possible flaws thoroughly before releasing these toys. It´s as if they wanted to release as much toys as they can in a short period of time, I don´t know if it is because these toys are selling like pancakes (wasn´t macross supposed to be dead anyway? ) or because they want make the most out of their macross license before we all retire
  9. I´m not trying to be a pesimist but i´m REALLY hoping they actually spend these 6 months of development in trying to eliminate ANY and ALL engineering flaws on this toy. Please Yamato, use this time to prevent any QC and design issues so we can get a flawless first production run ( as it was promised with the YF-19)! SERIOUSLY Oh, who am I kidding !? , they´ll probably just release it as is and wait for people ( like me ) to go and buy the flawed first run and release a 2nd flawless run so they can get double profit
  10. Aegis!


    Of what´s been done already ? just a few actually: 1/60 -VF-0S Roy -VF-0A Shin type -SV-51 Ivanov type 1/48: -VF-1S Hikaru -VF-1A Low Vis 1 -GBP Urban Camo VER. / GBP CAMOFLAGE VER. -VF-1A Kakizaki Now, ideally speaking ? just one: VF-5000G
  11. If I were to rate each one from the pic I would go with: .- VF-19 variable fighter for best original design (not toy). .- VF-1 best quality macross toy. .- VF-0 best toy rendition. As for best valk EVER ? Easy, I go with the VF-5000 all the way !
  12. Ditto. It´s almost a fact that Kawamori´s involvement in the direction and plot of any NEW production results into a ¨less-than-satisfying piece of work¨ nowadays. In comparison, any new productions he´s been solely involved in mechanical design has actually been wonderful. Watch Eureka Seven and Aquarion for example. (that´s my own personal opinion, mind you). On the bright side, we should take into account that Kawamori is busy with his other productions, that means he will more than likely limit himself just to mecha design. All this aside, I´ll keep my expectations low for the time being, this could turn to be something great but as of now it could very well be just an anniversary CD.
  13. I would have to give it to Yamato on this one, they´re the closest to the CGI model ( which is not surprising since they probably based their cad model on it ) hands down. I trust the CGI model more than the HFH own lineart when it comes to acuracy and transformation. I actually don´t have any critics towards the toy irself, maybe only the canopy colour ( it should be gold-ish ). The only thing that worries me is Yamato taking the necessary precautions before releasing this possibly ( uber ) fragile toy onto the market.
  14. I really like your ideas, I think something along those lines would nice and all, but if I were to chose I say give VF-X2 a chance. Not only does it have every cool valk out there and some terrorist plot going on, it also has a Focker as protagonist, what more can you ask for !? As for Macross Zero, I think its the best production we could´ve had in recent years, considreing Macross track record (M7 anyone?). The only thing that somehow was out of place was in the very end with Shin´s 0A flying out to space, but considering that the AFOS had already done the same using overtechnology from the protoculture ( and not relying on magic, that´s something that should be clear to anyone I think) and that it was controled by Sara already, that wasn´t that odd when you think about it. The only mistake they made was making the 0A energy field resemble a pair wings, yeah, it looks fantasy-ish, but if it is the AFOS who´s doing the field thing, then wouldn´t that explain the reasons why protoculture could fly and resemble (winged) BIRD-HUMANS also ? I think it was actually the AFOS the one responsible ( as a tool it was ) for making the PC able to fly, that´s why the 0A shows the same pair of wings the PC were supossed to have when they used the AFOS in earth.
  15. Man, I think this is the first time I´ve actually felt impressed beyond my expectations by Yamato before actually seeing the proper toy But along those feelings comes a sense of insecurity, just look at all those hinges, gosh, that thing will be a QC nightmare from tip to bottom. This is THE valk that has all of my attention right now ( well, at least until they release the VF-0D or the VF-5000 of course) but as much as I would love to have one as soon as possible this is going to be be a BIG NO-NO for the first run(s). just look at how much Yamato ensured us that the YF-19 would have critical QC and yet we´ve seen so many problems as of late, looking at this toy I think they´ll need at least 3 runs before they get it right...something doubtful to hapen if nobody bites the bait the first time around. Hopefuly they pay attention to what happened with the VF-0 and YF-19 and take their time to ensure the first release goes smooth. Also: Forget about black, WHITE is the new black I hope if they ever make a custom it´ll be this one
  16. Wow! I don´t know if I´m more impressed by all these awesome fixes or by the sheer number of problems the 19 seems to have I wanted to ask all of the modeling Guru´s here if it would be possible to make a mod so the YF-19 can do the High speed mode pose. I guess that´s a pretty difficult mod to thinck of given the wing structure of this bird but that´s why I come here in search for Enlightenment. Thanks all of you for your patience Aegis!
  17. I don´t rant frequently in regards to yamato but I feel the need to take a stand on this. You know, as much as I love the fact that we are, for once, actually getting an enemy mecha ( and what a menacing beauty i may say), I think this is just getting ridiculous. I mean, they way I see it right now Yamato is just increasing their prices whenever they can and as much as they want. I can understand that this valk is a LOT more complex than any other out there, but shouldn´t it be easier for them to develop these toys now that they´re using CAD ? I´m sure people will argue against this but just look at how fast they´ve been releasing these toys lately, certainly they´re getting faster than in the old days. And it´s not just this valk, ever since the development of the 1/48 they´ve been testing the waters as to how naive we can be to pay endless amounts of money for what are, to my understanding, just toys. If you put it in perspective and actually compare Yamato´s practice with other manufactures you´ll start to doubt the ¨the newer the valk, the more expensive it has to be¨ status quo. Yeah I know, if you don´t like the way it is, don´t buy from them, it´s YOUR choice to buy these toys...Problem is, Yamato is the only one out there making valks and when they choose to play this way with the consumers it is them who are limiting my chances of getting something I would gladly pay for at a reasonable price. As it is now, I think I´m forced to limit myself to just the VF-0A and 0D if it ever comes out (probably they´ll charge another $50 just for the bigger delta wings and the extra edgar figure ) Aegis
  18. Oh, yeah , it´s something to do with my laptop´s keyboard (it lacks the ' character ) and the Quick edit Mode in the forums that translates the ` as a weird diamond/heart like character. Weird, isn´t it ? Anyway back to topic, I can safely guess that we ,at the very least, translate to 25% of Yamato´s market, I don´t know how big Yamato production runs are but it isn´t a big company as Bandai so i´m guessing is not that large a number and given the bulk that some members here have accumulated I think MW should be the VIP in Yamato´s market.
  19. Awesome work! I´ve been wondering about the exact bulk we´ve spent on Yamato toys like for ages I second the idea of giving Graham the results so he can go face-to-face with Yamato´s representatives and show how much we´re worth in their niche market ....did that sound kinda sad somehow ? As said before , great work Kensei, thanks a lot! I´ve already voted, I´m dying to know the results
  20. God, I think I might have to change my pants , this is just too much fun, this Geezer is priceless. back on topic, I would say I only have spent around $300 in yammies. What can I say, I'm not into the VF-1 that much, I've got just THE ONE I like so that reduces most of the spending, I don't like having multiples either, I might get another one if I ever get the courage to do a custom. As you can see I'm very selective, mainly because I really like a limited number of valks , don't get me wrong , all of them have awesome designs but just a few feel special to me, and those are the only ones I'll buy ( still waiting for the VF-5000 Yamato ). I'm planning on getting the 0A and YF-19 for my birthday next year, I might buy the VF-0D if it ever gets produced, breaking my rule of 'no variants/re-colors' , but since the 0D is so different I think it won't be so tragic.
  21. Hope it´s not as lame as the series. it´s funny how I first had very high expectations of Aquarion and in the other hand very low ones for Eureka 7, in the end it was entirely the other way, Aquarion ended up being horribly lame and eureka 7 incredibly awesome. when I see Kawamori credited as director i get chills on my back
  22. Well , the bounto Arc is supposed to be over. They´ll come back to the manga storyline in Ep. 110. God I hated the fillers.
  23. Well, as long as I know, Graham only has inside info from Yamato, not BW or SN, so that was quite expectable. I´m still hoping for something, I cannot bear the thought of not seeing a single Macross related product from BW this 25th anniversary
  24. That´s because Kawamori was behind the Story concept and was also the Director for M0. Same for Aquarion; and both lacked in the plot development department. IMHO, if there ever is another Macross series (no more ova or movies please ) I beg for BW and SN NOT to hire Kawamori as director, let him use his talent where its required: mecha designs. Just look at all the animes he´s NOT worked as a director, most of them rock, eg. SDF Macross, Eureka 7. I´m not satisfied with what´s being done, not when M0 is still not properly tied to the future of the Macross unniverse as it was supposed to be from early staff interviews ( ¨M0 events being disclosed after 40-50 years¨) and specially when the fans were so dissapointed and subsequently divided by M7. There´s still plenty of room for more stories and more mechs. Also, we might have chance given the fact that SK is only doing the mechas and not working fulltime, he might have time for a late 2007 Macross project, but then again we´ve got Aquarion on our way ( )
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