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  1. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks Charger!
  2. my computer did not like that link. Can you post the image here directly?
  3. Thanks! Yeah l love those revoltechs. Thanks. Ron5864 scratch built the hangar Yeah I like it better than the standard blue strike parts. I was lucky and got these pretty cheap back when they were still plentiful
  4. It has been a long time since I bought anything and I have been selling off a lot but I could not pass up the HLJ sale of the 30th anniversary 1/60 Arcadia VF-1J and so I got it, my first Arcadia and wow(!) it is really nice. Seems more sturdy and easier to transform than my VF-1D and I love the color scheme. I might not even use the decals though I am thinking of just using the SDF-1 Shillouettes and skipping the rest. Overall I am very stoked I got it and they have really engineered a great VF-1. I went back to HLJ thinking I should get a few more to mature in my closet (that sounds wrong) but the sale was already over. I still have not gotten any Bandai macross stuff since the partsforming Osma but I have a preorder on the RVF-171.
  5. That is one sexy bird-bot
  6. want want want want want!!!! I hope I don't miss this one and hope that someone posts where to order it from too.
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