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  1. Wow very fast (not unexpected) but it sounds like a few ppl managed to order one. I noticed that it now says limited to 1 per person. Originally it said something like 20 ... so perhaps one of those was cancelled, hence why some appeared available. In any case, hopefully everyone's order sticks!
  2. Crazy! (though it'll still be better than the inevitable eBay prices!) Everywhere else seems out of pre-orders already, it's odd that they still have "stock" considering most places sold out within 10mins or so it seems. Hopefully those that order late will get one. Haven't they cancelled ppls pre-orders before because they couldn't secure stock when the figure released?
  3. yeah, payment completed at HLJ, now to wait for shipping info
  4. yeh I saw this, this morning too! wondering if any reviews might pop up about it, it's tempting
  5. Nice!, mine arrived on Monday and got around to opening it up last night. It's great to have Max/Milia together
  6. Wow, sold out / Order stop already
  7. edit: just beaten to the punch lol premium orders are up at HLJ: 1/60 VF-1J Valkyrie Milia Fallyna Jenius Type with Super Parts Premium Finish Ver. 1/60 VF-1J Valkyrie Maximilian Jenius Type with Super Parts Premium Finish Ver.
  8. HLJ order is up too: https://hlj.com/product/aca82138
  9. I'm confused @.@ This looks like a "premium" version of Max already with what looks like "no step" on the wings already? Similar to the pics of Miria on HLJ Or is it just that these pics of the regular version have the decals applied
  10. I received my premium Roy today from HLJ as well. Everything was packaged well and no dents. It was shipped via EMS. The black box for Roy was still shrink wrapped, placed into a thick-ish cardboard box (with HLJ branding) surrounded by mini air bags ... didn't take a pic unfortunately, suffice to say that there were no issues ( haven't had any in the past actually ).
  11. Voted neutral only ... found the ending alright, overall didn't enjoy the series as much as I did for Frontier. I think it was mostly that it didn't feel like it resolve most things, maybe that's on purpose and they'll do followup movies
  12. Super thanks to Valk-1S! Fantastic communications. All items received were in excellent condition and were extremely well packaged. Very smooth transaction, I would definitely happy to deal with him again.
  13. Just found this thread! Thanks for gathering all the tips n fixes into one spot for us. I've always wondered about using future/ nail polish. Never really liked the idea of using super glue.
  14. Just completed an excellent transaction with member Benson13. My first transaction here on MWF, he was quite happy to ship international, which can be rare for larger items. Everything was well packaged and item was in great condition. I would definitely deal with him again. Thanks man!
  15. Very nice collection of 3P combiners you have there Saburo
  16. Really nice collection Spanner. looks awesome!
  17. YES!!! awesome news to wake up to! can't wait till more details are released.
  18. Whatever_Guy

    Its Official!

    Welcome to the club! seriously think about budgeting - your wallet will thank you
  19. Eps 26? i must be under the same restrictions as you, maybe there was a fan extra? lol There was a guide posted by Technoblue a few pages back that helped me getting the commie subs to work, uses Media Player Classic rather than VLC, takes a little setting up but it works wonders, plus the guide is quite details (with pics) compared to the instructions provided by some of the links found on the nyaa site, check it out : http://haruhichan.com/wpblog/?p=205
  20. Thanks for linking to this, I was having issues watching the new 10 bit 1080 stuff =)
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