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  1. Yeah, I just ordered Bluestreak at BBTS, he's 'regular BBTS price' there, meaning inflated, but no more so than any other MP car. If HLJ or NY throw him up for preorder at a better price I'll just switch over. For now I've at least got one secured. I don't really care about the OMGRARE! factor, I'm just a sucker for the Nissan cars.
  2. It's mostly the transformation that I hate about them, but as you said everything is 'off'. I know that the new delivery arm for the wing/arm lasers is pretty widely lauded among the TF community as brilliant engineering but to me that was actually a negative addition. I just don't care for how it looks or works.
  3. ^ All of that is what originally drew me to Star Saber over a decade ago. First it was, "who's that? He looks cool." Then I got the Robotmasters toy when it came out and loved it, then I watched as much Victory as I could find on the internet, then I truly fell in love with the show and characters beyond the initial aesthetic appreciation. So...13 years I guess is probably long enough for me to have developed some nostalgia, but I still don't feel like it's a nostalgia buy. And yeah, I don't think I'd even spend $25 on another one of that seeker mold. It sounds a bit petulant of me but I'd like a better seeker mold at this point, especially for the bizzarrely high asking prices.
  4. Nah, there are enough reviews already. I can give some additional thoughts beyond my brainless "f***ing amazing" comment though! It is a toy first and foremost. There are a couple greebly bits that one needs to be cautious around (wing tips, antannae) but otherwise this thing is a rock-solid ages 5 and Up TOY. According to the designer, this was very much the intent. He wanted to make something that was what everyone wished the original was, a durable toy that had more detail and articulation. As such, it does not quite have the 'refinement' that most other Masterpiece toys have. Most of those 'feel' like a collectors item, this 'feels' like a toy. For a toy enthusiast like me that is a very, very good thing. Also for a Victory/Star Saber enthusiast this thing is a wet dream, seriously. Pulling this out of the box was like popping a viagra. That said... This sums up how a lot of people will feel, and I think if you don't like the source material there isn't a huge chance the toy is going to 'do it' for you. If you love Victory and Star Saber you'll probably want to give the toy and the designer a hug. If you just love "japanese robot toys" indescriminantly you'll probably also find a lot to appreciate. If your love of Transformers ends after season 2 or 3 then there isn't much reason for you to have this in your collection. Now, back to hugging my MP Star Saber.
  5. Got my Gundam Space Brick bomb pop robot today. It's f***ing amazing.
  6. Space Brick video review. I actually didn't make it through more than a couple minutes as I felt it was spoiling some of the sense of discovery I enjoy while handling a much-anticipated toy for the first time.
  7. It's varies, but it's usually either the Joke Machine, the Bandai DX VF-17S, the Yamato VF-19P or the Bandai SD Ininity VF-25.
  8. While I enjoy all of Victory, I'd say one could jump in at the half-way point and not miss much. In fact, episode 20 is a 'refresher' episode where they just show the important things that have happened up to that point and give a run-down on the characters and who they are. Start there, then watch episode 19 because that's the first one where Star Saber actually gets his butt handed to him (along with Ginrai/Powermaster Prime) and then finish the series from there. Or start with 19 and then 20 will help you figure out who everyone is and what just happened.
  9. They made MP Star Saber backwards-compatable with G1 Leo so you can form Victory Saber! https://www.facebook.com/daim.choc/posts/622741177825389 So excited to get mine on Monday or Tuesday. Haven't been this excited about a TF toy in a very long time.
  10. Now that I think of it, if Star Saber is SOOOOOO Japanese that he won a Japanese poll for Japanese fans in Japan because he's a favorite Japanese robot from a Japanese cartoon then why doesn't he have kanji all over him? He really needs to take some advice from Peg on what it means to truly look Japanese in today's world.
  11. Peg thinks that if he just paints a little more kanji on himself then someday he will be as cool as his big cousin Star Saber.
  12. My "Gundam Voltron bomb-pop space brick super robot that's just basically Optimus Prime as a jet unless he's from the comics where he's a homicidal religious zealot" just launched from Nippon Yasan.
  13. eriku

    Yamato VF-19P

    The VF-19P is, without a second thought, my favorite Yamato toy. Between the colors and the head sculpt it's just a beautiful, beautiful toy. And then there is the fact that it's a Yamato VF-19 which means it's one of the most rugged and playable Macross toys ever made. One of my favorite parts of the P is the sculpted face inside the visor. You really can't see it without shining a bright light on it which is part of the reason it's so cool. I love those little "we totally didn't have to do that but we totally did." details. Anyway, be sure to let us know what you think when you get yours, Novareign!
  14. This gives a good idea of Space Brick's size/scale. http://bbs.actoys.net/read.php?tid-2063732.html
  15. No. Tom Waits may have a voice that's not for everyone but his image is generally benign. Die Antwoord packages their 'special' music in the revolting and off-putting persona of perverted gangsta thugs. They're the main reason I lost all interest in seeing this film.
  16. eriku

    3P SD VF-1S

    Progress- wings have been shortened. LOTS of metal. http://bbs.actoys.net/read.php?tid-2058229.html
  17. I want to get excited for this Voltron but I've been burned by Toynami too many times over the last 15 years. Out of the dozens of toys I've bought from them I struggle to think of one that is a really great quality piece. I'm not trying to hate on them, just sharing my experience. I used to defend them constantly. I hope something has changed with their practices and this one turns out good. I wont be a test pilot, though.
  18. The ToyArk review had this to say about the plastic: "Plastic quality could have been better" So make of that what you will. Here's the review: http://news.toyark.com/2015/02/04/robotech-30th-anniversary-vf-1j-rick-hunters-veritech-fighter-149358 I would have to actually handle one of these before spending any money on one. And even then it could degrade over time like most other Toynami toys I've owned.
  19. Ahhhh...that's why this Spay-C looks so 'wrong' to me. I've had the Super Gobot toy for so long that I forgot there was a basic one with a different transformation.
  20. Bleh, too dark. But now that I know the 0S/A is coming I'll just wait for those.
  21. Of course I'm more interested in the engineering and overall tactile experience of the toy than color, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to just be fine with any color (what if it looked like the NASCAR tuxedo VF-1J? ). For $300 I want to make sure I'm happy with it. Regardless, I'm not panicking or anything, just really curious as to what it's going to look like so I know whether or not to spend my money elsewhere.
  22. In all my years of Macross collecting I always thought passing on a toy because of color was petty and I never really understood it. But now I'm sitting here with my finger constantly hovering over the CANCEL button because I don't know which shade of blue the 0D will be. It still seems petty, but dangit...I really just have no interest in owning a 0D that looks like a Max VF - especially when it is in the neighborhood of $300. My gut tells me that it'll be a more 'correct' color, but still... This close to the release date it would be nice if Arcadia could just show us what the final production toy looks like.
  23. It looks familar because it has a lot of resemblance to the Legioss that Char crashed into NERV headquarters.
  24. Yep, "Spaniel" was birthed by yours truly on the MP Bumble thread at TFW. I used it as a silly portmanteau to make fun of the debate people were having over whether the undefined head on the Exosuit was Spike or Daniel and people embraced it. I'm more puzzled than proud.
  25. Wow, the 30th Anniversary valk looks amazing when it's completely covered up and you can't see most of it!
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