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  1. * * * S O L D * * * Bandai 1/100 VF-1A Hikaru - it's like a mini chunky monkey! Made in Japan. Figure is immaculate. Tight joints, bright white plastic, nothing dirty, cracked, broken, etc. Landing gear are fully functional. I handled this very carefully and transformed it only once. Stickers are still on the backer. Everything is included. Box is in mostly excellent condition but there is a small tear on one flap. I'll be happy to answer any questions. I'm located in the United States and will only ship within the United States (sorry). I only use PayPal, and I will ship USPS Priority. I'm on the SS list here if you want to look me up. PM if you want to give him a good home.
  2. It looks a little dorky, but I dig it. I just think it's cool that adding them onto the tank is an option. I'll probably have a couple little Legends Megatrons riding on top of Megatron because Megatron.
  3. That's pretty cool. As-is I think Megs is already one of the best looking Transformers Hasbro has ever made but it's always fun to add bits. The company that is making this set has been pretty clever and thoughtful in the past with integrating parts into alt mode so I'm sure they'll find some way to do that with these.
  4. I mostly like pictorial and WORDS! reviews (what can I say, I like to read) but I enjoy the occasional video review if its short and concise. If I'm five minutes in and it's still hands gesturing in front of the box, I'm done. THEW's reviews are a favorite of mine, but those are more for entertainment than anything else.
  5. It's Apollyon's transformation that is keeping me from wanting one. I like to handle and transform my transformorobos and when I watched the videos for Apollyon all I could think was, "I'm never, ever going to want to do that." that's not so much a criticism of the toy as it is just me being an old man who doesn't want to spend a half hour turning his little plastic man into a little plastic gun. Now, the new Leader Megatron...I just bought one of those and while it is of course not as refined as a Masterpiece toy it really does go a long way in satisfying my desire for a large G1(ish) Megatron toy that is fun and quick to transform. It's also somewhat of a return to the bygone era of Hasbro Transformers when they were generous with paint. In any case, I'm not trying to pit one against the other. I don't usually follow the either/or mentality and tend to buy all versions of characters that I like. If Apollyon looked fun to transform I'd be getting one. And maybe it's not as bad as the videos looked.
  6. Count me among the lovers of MP-01. It was pretty much the Transformers toy event of a lifetime when he was first released, so the feeling of that original experience is impossible for me to forget or discount. Aside from that initial excitement I actually genuinely love the way he looks (even alt mode doesn't bother me since it's solid and rolls) and the tactile experience of just handling it and transforming it. I still get a good amount of satisfaction from it all of these years later, and even though I LOVE MP-10, I still find MP01 more enjoyable to handle overall. It just feels more robust to me and more like a 'play with me!' toy. Very happy to have both in my collection. I think just the fact they both exist is a good testament to how spoiled us TF fans are.
  7. My shipping quote for Bluestreak at BBTS is $7 for UPS. BBTS also recently implemented some cheaper shipping options. They now offer the FedEx Smartpost thing too, which starts at 4.75. Anyone else remember the days when BBTS started up? They gained popularity because they had a flat rate of $5 for shipping no matter what you ordered or how many. They still had that policy back when Brave Max was released so I got to enjoy spending only $5 to ship that behemoth.
  8. Wow, it's like they tried really hard to pick the most unappealing colors possible. I'm not against them being in colors different from the originals, but when i look at these all I can think is, "why?"
  9. I wonder if there was a mistranslation and the 2000 is just what the TakaraTomyMall website will have available, not counting whatever quantity will be made for other vendors. Whatever the case, I'll just be happy to get one.
  10. I doubt it too, but I wouldn't have guessed BBTS would have it for their regular MP car price either. It's the sort of thing I would expect to see solicited at BBTS as: 'Limited Edition ONLY 2000, BBTS Special Price of $159.99!'
  11. Yeah, I just ordered Bluestreak at BBTS, he's 'regular BBTS price' there, meaning inflated, but no more so than any other MP car. If HLJ or NY throw him up for preorder at a better price I'll just switch over. For now I've at least got one secured. I don't really care about the OMGRARE! factor, I'm just a sucker for the Nissan cars.
  12. It's mostly the transformation that I hate about them, but as you said everything is 'off'. I know that the new delivery arm for the wing/arm lasers is pretty widely lauded among the TF community as brilliant engineering but to me that was actually a negative addition. I just don't care for how it looks or works.
  13. ^ All of that is what originally drew me to Star Saber over a decade ago. First it was, "who's that? He looks cool." Then I got the Robotmasters toy when it came out and loved it, then I watched as much Victory as I could find on the internet, then I truly fell in love with the show and characters beyond the initial aesthetic appreciation. So...13 years I guess is probably long enough for me to have developed some nostalgia, but I still don't feel like it's a nostalgia buy. And yeah, I don't think I'd even spend $25 on another one of that seeker mold. It sounds a bit petulant of me but I'd like a better seeker mold at this point, especially for the bizzarrely high asking prices.
  14. Nah, there are enough reviews already. I can give some additional thoughts beyond my brainless "f***ing amazing" comment though! It is a toy first and foremost. There are a couple greebly bits that one needs to be cautious around (wing tips, antannae) but otherwise this thing is a rock-solid ages 5 and Up TOY. According to the designer, this was very much the intent. He wanted to make something that was what everyone wished the original was, a durable toy that had more detail and articulation. As such, it does not quite have the 'refinement' that most other Masterpiece toys have. Most of those 'feel' like a collectors item, this 'feels' like a toy. For a toy enthusiast like me that is a very, very good thing. Also for a Victory/Star Saber enthusiast this thing is a wet dream, seriously. Pulling this out of the box was like popping a viagra. That said... This sums up how a lot of people will feel, and I think if you don't like the source material there isn't a huge chance the toy is going to 'do it' for you. If you love Victory and Star Saber you'll probably want to give the toy and the designer a hug. If you just love "japanese robot toys" indescriminantly you'll probably also find a lot to appreciate. If your love of Transformers ends after season 2 or 3 then there isn't much reason for you to have this in your collection. Now, back to hugging my MP Star Saber.
  15. Got my Gundam Space Brick bomb pop robot today. It's f***ing amazing.
  16. Space Brick video review. I actually didn't make it through more than a couple minutes as I felt it was spoiling some of the sense of discovery I enjoy while handling a much-anticipated toy for the first time.
  17. It's varies, but it's usually either the Joke Machine, the Bandai DX VF-17S, the Yamato VF-19P or the Bandai SD Ininity VF-25.
  18. While I enjoy all of Victory, I'd say one could jump in at the half-way point and not miss much. In fact, episode 20 is a 'refresher' episode where they just show the important things that have happened up to that point and give a run-down on the characters and who they are. Start there, then watch episode 19 because that's the first one where Star Saber actually gets his butt handed to him (along with Ginrai/Powermaster Prime) and then finish the series from there. Or start with 19 and then 20 will help you figure out who everyone is and what just happened.
  19. They made MP Star Saber backwards-compatable with G1 Leo so you can form Victory Saber! https://www.facebook.com/daim.choc/posts/622741177825389 So excited to get mine on Monday or Tuesday. Haven't been this excited about a TF toy in a very long time.
  20. Now that I think of it, if Star Saber is SOOOOOO Japanese that he won a Japanese poll for Japanese fans in Japan because he's a favorite Japanese robot from a Japanese cartoon then why doesn't he have kanji all over him? He really needs to take some advice from Peg on what it means to truly look Japanese in today's world.
  21. Peg thinks that if he just paints a little more kanji on himself then someday he will be as cool as his big cousin Star Saber.
  22. My "Gundam Voltron bomb-pop space brick super robot that's just basically Optimus Prime as a jet unless he's from the comics where he's a homicidal religious zealot" just launched from Nippon Yasan.
  23. eriku

    Yamato VF-19P

    The VF-19P is, without a second thought, my favorite Yamato toy. Between the colors and the head sculpt it's just a beautiful, beautiful toy. And then there is the fact that it's a Yamato VF-19 which means it's one of the most rugged and playable Macross toys ever made. One of my favorite parts of the P is the sculpted face inside the visor. You really can't see it without shining a bright light on it which is part of the reason it's so cool. I love those little "we totally didn't have to do that but we totally did." details. Anyway, be sure to let us know what you think when you get yours, Novareign!
  24. This gives a good idea of Space Brick's size/scale. http://bbs.actoys.net/read.php?tid-2063732.html
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