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  1. My 0A has already cleared US customs! Go Shin, go!
  2. Actually Bumper wasn't a yellow Cliffjumper, he was an entirely different car mold along with the different head. Where Cliffjumper was a SD Porsche and Bumblebee was a SD Volkswagen Beetle, Bumper was a SD Mazda Familia. The package said Cliffjumper on it though.
  3. I haven't bothered taking any photos since I know they wont look good with the dim light. Turning it upside down has the reverse effect, the top few inches is lit but everything below is obscured by shadow. It makes a perfect nightlight, which is what mine is currently being used for in my daughter's room. Last night she chose a Totoro, a stuffed duck and a rubber dinosaur to spend the night in her nightlight box.
  4. So, right now I have it on with no other lights on besides my PC monitor. It's still what I would consider to be too dim. The light just doesn't travel very far and whatever you have in the box is obscured by shadow beyond a few inches from the base. My 3 year old daughter is loving it though and having fun putting various things inside and turning the light on and off, so it's not a total waste of money. For anyone else I'd say avoid these entirely - especially at $35. :EDIT; To put this into perspective, the thing is HALF THE PRICE OF A DETOLF shelf.
  5. I was at IKEA today and picked up one of these. The photos are a bit misleading with the light and it's far dimmer than I was expecting. It might be enough light for a simple display box when all the other lights are off or turned low, but for the most part I regret buying it as I don't really have a use for it. It was probably stupid of me in the first place but I was kind of hoping I could use it as a light box to take photos with. It's definitely not going to work for that.
  6. The light on my MP-01 actually still shines brightly after 11 years. How long does a button cell battery usually last?
  7. What damage? I've had two MP-1 toys since it first came out (Takara and Hasbro) and that's the first I've read a comment like this. Generally people talk about how solid it is. After all of the high end TF toys that have come out since 2003 I still think MP-10 is the most rugged and solidly built of them all. Mine has seen a lot of play over the years, by myself and by guests who want to handle it. I've never had anything break, crack, chip or even get loose. The thing is a tank and an honest to goodness TOY. That said, I prefer MP-10 overall because it's more user-friendly being smaller and lighter, but I quite enjoy having both MP01 and MP10. ::EDIT:: Also I'd say it's worth far more than $20 or $30. You'll never find one at those prices anyway - much less MIB - unless it's broken.
  8. It is being reported that Galvatron's feet are not finalized in the photos we've been seeing. Apparently that space at the bottom will be filled with diecast metal, so they wont have the 'claw' look they currently do.
  9. Hey congrats on your daughter! I didn't notice your signature until now. I know what you mean about money. My girl will be 4 in November which means I've been buying a LOT less stuff over the last four years. Pre-kiddo I pretty much just bought whatever I wanted but now I have to think more about what I really want and prioritize. Which is good for me because less impulse buying means less regret. The larger DX-9 toys are on the expensive side. Their Astrotrain is $155, the upcoming Rodimus and Galvatron are each $165.
  10. Yeah, and DX-9 has some truly fantastic toys in terms of quality of materials and construction. If you really like what you see in photos you're almost guaranteed to like one of their toys in hand.
  11. This one is by DX-9, which is the name Unique Toys uses for their "MPish" toys. There are way too many company names swinging around in the unlicensed TF circus. Sometimes I wonder if it's all just the same three guys using a hundred different names.
  12. *is secretly really happy Arcadia is sticking with the blue accents*
  13. Wait...why are we talking about the "end of Arcadia"? Did I miss something?
  14. I'm pretty sure it's not that. I have tried registering with my regular email, my 'professional' email (one I only use for resumes and business correspondence), my ebay email and my work email. All different addresses from different email hosting clients. Nothing has worked. With each one it looks like it accepts everything, but then when I go to log in I just says, "Please check your userID and password" and I get no further. I've just given up at this point. ::EDIT:: OK, my last idea was to just start a new gmail account and try that. That worked.
  15. No - sorry for not editing the original post to reflect that.
  16. Work email doesn't work for registering at Mandarake either. Not sure what to try now, and they don't respond to emails.
  17. MP Ironhide has a Diaclone/G1 face homage that wants to devour your soul. *Pic stolen from TFW
  18. I'm using gmail as well, and I tried registering twice, nothing in spam. Maybe I'll try with my work email.
  19. I registered on Mandarake tonight to order an item, but after registering the site doesn't recognize or accept the login/password I chose. Is there a delay where they have to approve my new account request and then they'll send an email or something before I'm able to log in and order?
  20. Thank you Tochiro for taking the time to talk to them and share it with us. I can definitely understand their caution with this toy. I'm still surprised anyone is trying anything Macross II since it's always kind of been the red-headed stepchild of the Macross universe. I wish them lots of luck and success and I look forward to getting that "preorder processing" email.
  21. I've cancelled with them intentionally a couple of times, and one time they cancelled on me because I was on vacation and unable to make a payment when the notice came in. I've never had any problems. I keep my communication with them concise, honest and polite and they have never made any threats. The bigger risk with AmiAmi is their return/exchange policy. Basically if you get something with a problem you are pretty much stuck with it. As for the SAP- I don't personally need or even want one but we have some very creative folks here at MW so maybe a set will be custom made for those who want one.
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