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  1. What makes you say it's cheaper? It's the same exact plastic Yamato themselves used in the kit versions (including the pre-assembled ones). I just don't see how a slightly different tint suggests inferior quality.
  2. "Here's your white Valkyrie, would you like it in yellow or pink?"
  3. Yep, got my AmiAmi shipping notice. This is the longest they've ever sat on an order of mine. Typically when I pay for an order on Friday/Saturday I would have it by Wednesday. Maybe they're short staffed due to some national celebration. Is it Japanese Shark Week? I'll just say it's Japanese Shark Week.
  4. Well AmiAmi sure is taking their sweet time sending this out.
  5. I may be the only one among the legion of TF fans the say it, but what really turns me off of the new Devy is the size. I'd prefer it to be much smaller, the same size as the other CW combiners. I'm glad plenty of people are happy with it so far though. I'm sure that, like Metroplex, it will sell swiftly and probably sell for double the price a year later. Got my replacement Slingshot today from Amazon. It's not without it's problems, but loose joints and a couple paint chips are better than the bent tail fin and blackened canopy of my previous one so I'll just be content with it. I'm happy to have Superion finished now, even though I am constantly eyeing the Takara version because I like the colors and paint apps better. Grrr... I also got a Minimus Ambus today from a TFW forum member who didn't want it. Aside from being cool because it's IDW Minimus, the diminuitive size makes me long for some modern Micromasters. It's exactly the same size and transforms in the same way, but with better joints. Anyway, now I can pass on Hasbro's Magnus and get Takara's.
  6. Curious that they all seem to have such strong negative reactions to the original one because it looks older. I didn't really judge cartoons based on age when I was a kid. I loved new stuff but I also had favorites that were much older like Flintstones, Peabody & Sherman, Underdog, etc. I just liked cartoons, and even super old black & white TV shows. I guess I was an oddball. Still am.
  7. Hopefully it'll be soon. I'm thinking BBTS will get more in stock at some point too. Not just you, he's more of a creamy white. I think the Takara version matches the colors better.
  8. You can see it in the photos in the link joppewo posted. Actually, you can see on the very same photo you posted, though it is easy to miss.
  9. Rook is my favorite limb so far (sorry, really not trying to rub it in!). I've had crap luck finding anything in the stores. Wave one, yes, they're everywhere, but that's it. The only deluxe I've found past wave 1 is Breakdown, and that one had been opened and returned (I bought it anyway because it didn't look like anything was wrong with it, and there wasn't.) Rook I preordered on BBTS a while back because there was just something about him that made me want him right away. I wasn't disappointed. He's a nice solid limb, very poseable with ankle tilt, has a really unique head sculpt (although the Autobot logo on his head is something I could do without) and his alt mode is solid and really fun to load out with weapons. The gun fists are kind of funky and I both like and dislike them. They allow you to give him "Hulk hands" with combiner hands, but they prevent him from holding any weapons. While I appreciate the novelty I think given the choice I would prefer regular hands with 5mm holes. Oh, and he can be plugged into combiners' feet and used as Dairugger-style robo-skates (not my photo). My fantasy is to build a combiner with all Rook limbs and Rook skates, meaning I'd need 5 more. I'm not confident I'll ever find 5 more of him.
  10. I've personally only ever had good experiences (fast shipping, reasonable communication) but I try not to use them often because I've heard they offer no help if you get something broken or damaged.
  11. I think it would look better overall if the thighs were black or grey, just not the same yellow as everything else. At the moment he looks like a cheese carving. ::EDIT:: And yes, I know the original had yellow thighs and that's how it's 'supposed' to be.
  12. Got my payment request from AmiAmi.
  13. eriku

    3P SD VF-1S

    Wow, that transformation is...unique. I have to be honest though, at no point during that video did I think, "That looks like fun!" Hmm...
  14. I haven't heard from AmiAmi either, but I'm guessing the email will come late tonight/early tomorrow morning. That seems to be when I get correspondence from Them.
  15. Eh, to me it doesn't look any closer or farther off from the real car than Lambor does. Also, as has been pointed out, it's a digital render so by it's nature it's not going to have an aura of realism since it's not real. Have you bought any unlicensed TFs yet, Gakken? I was under the impression you were sort of opposed to them.
  16. Being a little 'off' is quite different from 'doesn't look like a Porsche 935'. There isn't a Transformer toy in existence, unlicensed or licensed, that isn't a little 'off' in some aspect when compared to its real-world or animated counterpart.
  17. I only had enough points for one so I sent away for and recieved the red Omnibot Overdrive. I was happy to get him when he arrived but I remember thinking it felt different, crappier than my other deluxe size TFs. I'd love to see an updated version.
  18. There was ONE kid in my elementary school that had Jetfire. Nobody believed him because at the time it seemed like an impossible grail (nobody had ever seen one and it was expensive anyway). So one day he brought it to school, in the box, and during recess he slid the styrofoam tray out of the box and let us look at it. Then he put all the armor pieces on and flew it around while we all salivated. At no point was anyone allowed to touch it.
  19. That Jazz looks fantastic. Amazing how close to the cartoon that bot mode is. Here's hoping the quality of the finished product is good.
  20. I remember my first TF toy vividly (G1 Windcharger) because it was my first exposure to even the concept of transforming toys. I grew up in a small town and watched very little television and there weren't many comics around. One day while we were in a larger city my parents took me to a Sears store. In the toy section (remember when Sears had a toy section?) I found this little red car on bubble card and thought it looked kind of cool. It was more or less Hot Wheels sized but wasn't a Hotwheels and there was a drawing of a robot on the front. I turned the card over and saw how the car could actually change into the robot that was on the drawing. It blew my mind. I looked around for others but there weren't any, just this one mysterious, utterly amazing toy. I made my case to mom and dad why I had to have it and they bought it for me. I don't think I actually saw the cartoon until over a year after that.
  21. I'm getting so used to seeing those blue parts from the VF-0D that I'm going to miss them when they're gone!
  22. I haven't been able to make it through an episode yet. Something about the animation really bugs me, and the dialogue/characters just sort of rub me the wrong way. Animated I went into thinking I'd hate it and was hooked by the end of the first episode. Prime...was sort of boring for a while but I gave it a chance and ended up loving the first season, then went back to being bored with the second season and I thought the third was terrible.
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