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  1. I think it would look better overall if the thighs were black or grey, just not the same yellow as everything else. At the moment he looks like a cheese carving. ::EDIT:: And yes, I know the original had yellow thighs and that's how it's 'supposed' to be.
  2. Got my payment request from AmiAmi.
  3. eriku

    3P SD VF-1S

    Wow, that transformation is...unique. I have to be honest though, at no point during that video did I think, "That looks like fun!" Hmm...
  4. I haven't heard from AmiAmi either, but I'm guessing the email will come late tonight/early tomorrow morning. That seems to be when I get correspondence from Them.
  5. Eh, to me it doesn't look any closer or farther off from the real car than Lambor does. Also, as has been pointed out, it's a digital render so by it's nature it's not going to have an aura of realism since it's not real. Have you bought any unlicensed TFs yet, Gakken? I was under the impression you were sort of opposed to them.
  6. Being a little 'off' is quite different from 'doesn't look like a Porsche 935'. There isn't a Transformer toy in existence, unlicensed or licensed, that isn't a little 'off' in some aspect when compared to its real-world or animated counterpart.
  7. I only had enough points for one so I sent away for and recieved the red Omnibot Overdrive. I was happy to get him when he arrived but I remember thinking it felt different, crappier than my other deluxe size TFs. I'd love to see an updated version.
  8. There was ONE kid in my elementary school that had Jetfire. Nobody believed him because at the time it seemed like an impossible grail (nobody had ever seen one and it was expensive anyway). So one day he brought it to school, in the box, and during recess he slid the styrofoam tray out of the box and let us look at it. Then he put all the armor pieces on and flew it around while we all salivated. At no point was anyone allowed to touch it.
  9. I remember my first TF toy vividly (G1 Windcharger) because it was my first exposure to even the concept of transforming toys. I grew up in a small town and watched very little television and there weren't many comics around. One day while we were in a larger city my parents took me to a Sears store. In the toy section (remember when Sears had a toy section?) I found this little red car on bubble card and thought it looked kind of cool. It was more or less Hot Wheels sized but wasn't a Hotwheels and there was a drawing of a robot on the front. I turned the card over and saw how the car could actually change into the robot that was on the drawing. It blew my mind. I looked around for others but there weren't any, just this one mysterious, utterly amazing toy. I made my case to mom and dad why I had to have it and they bought it for me. I don't think I actually saw the cartoon until over a year after that.
  10. I'm getting so used to seeing those blue parts from the VF-0D that I'm going to miss them when they're gone!
  11. I haven't been able to make it through an episode yet. Something about the animation really bugs me, and the dialogue/characters just sort of rub me the wrong way. Animated I went into thinking I'd hate it and was hooked by the end of the first episode. Prime...was sort of boring for a while but I gave it a chance and ended up loving the first season, then went back to being bored with the second season and I thought the third was terrible.
  12. What was the most recent photo we've see of this? I know it's not a "new" item but it would still be nice if they'd twat a photo since it's so close to release.
  13. Yeah....I just saw Spongebob a few weeks ago (my 3YO daughter's first theater experience) and the writing, pacing, pretty much everything was vastly superior to any of the TF movies. I'd say it was a more intelligent and less jeuvenile film than any of them, too. Anyway, I’ve just learned to live with these movies since they obviously aren’t going away. People just seem to really like them and want more. I’m convinced Bay could take 25% of each film so far, mix them together and release it as Transformers 5 and people would still love it. It would probably be the best selling movie of all time. I have that little faith in the movie-going public these days.
  14. Heh, my Quickslinger drama continues! It arrived today and has black paint all over the canopy, a seriously bent verticle tailfin and a comic that looks like someone carried it around in their ass pocket for a day before slipping it into the package. Luckily Amazon still has them in stock so I can do a quick and easy exchange. I think I just heard my Alpha Bravo utter a Mr. Burns style "Excellent."
  15. Nah, you were clear, I just read your post too fast and misunderstood. I used to think the same about Adventure Time before I actually watched a few episodes all the way through. Once I got a feel for the show and realized it was, at heart, an old-fashioned adventure show with real plots, I fell in love with it. Now that I'm on the 6th season I'm still continually impressed by how solid the writing is and how so many story arcs span multiple seasons. Anyway, Transformers! My Slingshot from Amazon should arrive tomorrow finally. Not sure why it took them a full week to send it, but whatever whatevs.
  16. Agreed on all counts, except Adventure Time (which is currently my favorite cartoon on the air) hasn't been cancelled. It's still going strong and just won a Peabody award. And no, Animated hasn't been continued in comic form but I really, really wish it would be.
  17. They would reply, "Of course! Yes!" And then... ...that will happen. However it comes out, I'll likely be fine with it. I LOVE how it looks right now, but I'll be fine with darker gray too.
  18. It's a free trial of Amazon Prime for parents of newborns, but you can only get it if you've never been a member of Prime before.
  19. Thanks for checking! I didn't care for the exhaust pipe Dead End comes with so i tried a bunch of guns from other TFs and they all fall right out. I guess I'll exchange him for another if/when I see one in the store (Ha!). Amazon Prime is awesome. My wife and I each got a free year via the Amazon Mom thing when our daughter was born, and we staggered it so together we had free Prime for nearly two years.
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