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  1. FINALLY got a payment/shipping confirmation for this guy. So happy.
  2. Shane Black - IM3 - Ben Kingsley - Mandarin - "You'lllll Neverrr See Me Coming" - This Poster -
  3. There wasn't a price listed and the line for a register wasn't worth waiting to check. Sorry. =\
  4. ToR says otherwise about Revan's sex. Also, saw this at Disneyland this weekend.
  5. Yeah. They're expensive but I can totally understand why. Hearing Protection Act GO!
  6. Was it an OSS on that .50? These things are awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCzo1z4EcLg
  7. Wouldn't mind something like these making it to figures from Tamashii Nations. Link to the artists page - http://nikolasdraperivey.tumblr.com/post/137952873425/judgeanon-inspredwood
  8. And going forward that is what Disney hopes to eliminate. If NOTHING else they've already said they want a consistent universe. It's one of the primary reasons they killed the EU. You can't undo what Lucas did, you can only pick up the pieces and try to put it back together into something that isn't a complete joke. I feel FA did exactly this.
  9. The first 5 fit iPhone 6S perfectly and should be ok for any other phone. The last 3 are a little small and need to be zoomed a smidge.
  10. Yeah, it's going to be my conceal carry. I can finally move forward with the paperwork. =) It kicks like a mule and it's a little rough on the skin so I bought some custom cut grips from Talon Grips. I just need to throw a few more rounds down range before April so I can pass my test. It's the factory case. It has a few more removable sections too for more mags too.
  11. Lor San Tekka was living proof that not everyone fell for it. The older generations knew what had transpired and that was what the New Republic needed for history because the Empire purged the databases on Coruscant. History and truth was what the Empire had made it and much of the galaxy had no idea otherwise. Han being as oblivious as he was to "hokey religions" was a shining example of writing issues, not galaxy issues. He was from a prominent core world and the clones and Jedi would have been something he would have HAD to of known about. TCW makes that much clear. The core worlds are heavily protected throughout. Palpatine also made his declaration at the end of 3 which I am assuming was all over the Holonet. After that, I'd assume that the Empire's troops and officers on all planets made mention of Jedi either illegal or extremely uncomfortable. Moving outside of the movies for a second, much, if not all of this confusion can be attributed to George Lucas being a tool and him rewriting Star Wars history as he saw fit each time he made a change or made a new movie.
  12. Note: if this is too political, I can remove it. I am not going to get into the discussion about the subject matter nor am I trying at all to compare these two things directly. I am only making a point about Jedi being myths 18-30 years after they were common. That said: ask the average person about Japanese American internment camps in the United States. This is a real world example of how people were forced to forget, never knew, remember differently, etc. It doesn't take a whole hell of a lot for a government to make its people ignorant of history. Especially if they are actively trying to eradicate the version of history they don't like.
  13. I lied about getting pics of the Shield before I sold it. Sorry. However, here is the XDS I snagged for $400. It's off roster here in CA so the value is actually much higher. He let me take it to the range before I bought it. Put another 200 some odd rounds through it. I am happy. Spoiler'd for size.
  14. I think you're putting too much stock into people questioning Luke's disappearance. It's Star Wars: bad stuff happens and people go into hiding while evil has its way with the galaxy. Doesn't make him any less of a hero to have followed the key points of what makes Star Wars Star Wars. All part and parcel to the whole lone Jedi gig; huge responsibility, too much excess baggage to deal with it properly. It feels like you've just continuously missed something over and over here.
  15. A lot of the the X-Wing and Armada miniatures are boxed extortion. They look really good and aside from the game would be cool to have a ton of but those prices just....nope. (Until they come out with a 4-5 foot long SSD and then they can print their own money from my bank account.)
  16. 10CM? Short of going for excruciating detail, Star Destroyers aren't super complex. One would almost be better off just customizing the Disney Store Die Cast toy.
  17. Guess I'm an idiot. Been spending all the dollars you gave me on the books and other merch too. Sorry about that. Wait, oh damn. It's money I earned with my time and hard work that I've been spending on something I enjoy. Never mind. Carry on.
  18. Someone else I was talking to today said they also read "somewhere" that the new characters were far more popular than anyone anticipated. ....really? What were they going to do? Give us a new set of main characters with each new movie? Zangdu Hilotron. Kinda all right pilot. Hes edgy and cool and has a new droid, BU-MD which is just an arm with a talking hand. He flies almost anything. Next we have Mex'can Raycfiller. He speaks an ancient dialect no one understands. His father was killed on the first Death Star and he's out for vengeance. The last new addition is R'ay. She's the daughter of old Imperial money but she has something they all want: The Force. STAY TUNED.
  19. Biggest drawback for me for the first one was that found footage, handicam crap. I have a really hard time with movies like that. I really liked Chronicle but man, same thing.
  20. Anakin/Vader hated Tatooine. There was no reason for him to go back. His mother was buried there. It was the last place he ever would have gone which is why it was the perfect hiding spot. The Lars were only his "family" by marriage and I am sure he never really gave a single damn about that.
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