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  1. Not to somewhat necro this thread, but does anyone own the Macross Plus Complete Edition? How is it? I am reading mixed reviews and there's a lot of talk about them having re-dubbed part 4 with new voice actors? Can anyone who owns is clarify for me? It's a HELL of a lot of money for something that I can't seem to get a solid review on. Thanks.
  2. You rock. Let us know!
  3. Uhm, sold? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/LEPIN-STAR-WARS-05035-05033-Millennium-Falcon-Death-Spaceship-War-Building-Bricks-Blocks-Set-legoe-Starwars/32725486710.html?spm=2114.40010308.4.38.ol2JTb Really though, I'd honestly be willing to drop $50 to see the quality of some of these sets. They have that new Technic Porsche for $49.99. That's a $300 set. Is anyone familiar with them? Is talking about knock offs like talking about pirating movies around here?
  4. TIL the B-1B wasn't shutdown and when I pitched a fit when I saw it in Transformers I was being a dumbass. =D
  5. I got the UCS Slave I a couple of weekends ago. It's amazing. Still hoping to someday get the Super Star Destroyer for less than a mortgage.
  6. Anovos is giving away 10, 15 and 50% coupons today only for their standard First Order Stormtrooper helmet. Have to sign up for their mailing list. Retails for $250. They're doing 5 emails today, 3 of 5 went out a little earlier.
  7. Aren't you glad with how much safer you are though? Also, the suppressor thing needs to end everywhere.
  8. You're not wrong though. Especially considering the timeline. The X-Wing is the only thing that endures in either direction of the timeline. Otherwise, all these different designs, especially from the Imperials, is asinine. New(old) TIEs? His shuttle? Even in the new canon books and comics, Lambda shuttles are pretty common.
  9. I showed a couple of guys at work the trailer today. Cold. Neither of them had seen it or heard about it. They were both "what game is this? Pretty decent graphics. Xbox?" Then I told them what it really was. They both walked away with their eyes stuck to the back of their heads.
  10. New Black Series Stormtrooper (OT) coming soon. Supposed to be another high end wearable for $100 like Kylo Ren and Iron Man.
  11. This guy. Peter: "oh, I'm just so humble about all my weapons and toys but man, look at what my JUNK makes." SHUTUPIMNOTJEALOUS.
  12. The circumstances one would have to go through to get into my home as an accident, to "hide" or be an unannounced police officer would have to be pretty extensive. Family who has access to my house also know there are loaded firearms present. That said, a verbal warning or the sound of a shotgun racking should be enough for any of the above to state their intentions before getting shot is the prize they win. Personally, judge away, if you break into my home, prosecution is the last thing on my mind.
  13. Neither did the one by my house. We just happened to stop into the one across town and they have a huge clearance section filled with a Star Wars(Black Series TIE Fighter for around $100 ) and some TFs. Almost missed him completely because they were behind some board game on the bottom shelf. The actual TF 'section' was one vertical row of pegs, all but one empty and the shelf below filled with Motormaster. I wish I had space for him and I am still thinking about going back. There were at least 3 there. =\
  14. Local Target has a few Fortress Maximus's's's on clearance for $105. I was tempted but it'd be another thing sitting in it's box on a shelf.
  15. GET SHOT AT WITH EARTH WEAPONS. Me and my buddy were talking about this last night. Almost every "aliens come to earth and we're scared" movie has something like this. We can barely travel to the moon. We can't get people to mars yet. These aliens covered the vast expanse of space, are HOVERING over several places around the earth and the best we can come up with is a military response? It's cliche and it's dumb. Which isn't to say I think this movie will be, because I enjoyed the trailer. Just a nitpick for this type of movie in general.
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