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  1. Even the Hi Metal R Monster lives up to the name. I couldn't imagine buying one in a larger scale; my HMR is already boxed up for lack of space. AmiAmi finally sent the payment request for the Tomahawk, I'm always late since I've usually got a couple other orders boxed with things. Is the PF confirmed at this point?
  2. There was a Japanese DVD release for the 1989 film that had English subtitles and apparently ADV did a domestic release in 2005. I have the Japanese one, the subtitles were fine. Checking prices for the DVDs, the Japanese and American releases seem to run at least $75; there's a bunch of Korean copies on ebay for about 8 bucks, but I have no idea if those are legit or not. There was apparently a 2009 Japanese blu-ray as well, but the prices I saw were absurd. As far as I know, there's no real way to see Gothicmade unless you live in Japan and can make it to one of its occasional limited theatrical runs.
  3. White Glint was my favorite from AC4 for sure. The Aaliyah seems more popular, just based on how many times the basic kit seems to get re-issued? It feels like I see the Aaliyah kit all the time, and rarely see the others being re-issued. WG or the Tellus would have been my go-to designs from AC4/AA; the Aaliyah has such a busy silhouette. But then, I always preferred the designs from AC3/SL/NX myself. AC4/AA definitely seems to be more popular just going off of reprints of the kits. That being said... I do like the Aaliyah still, Macross releases are sparse these days, and the yen is pretty weak. Don't think I can pass this one up. As a random aside, checking prices for the kits while writing this post, the Aaliyah kit is ~$70-80 and the WG is $280+. You'd think they'd re-issue it!
  4. It was strange that they listed N-Y but not AmiAmi, haha. Anyways, I jumped on the bandwagon of people asking for the YF-21, for whatever that will count for, haha. The survey was very heavy on the Tiny Sessions line, so I think we might be focused on different things.
  5. Yeah, IIRC we only got 3, 4, and then that 3rd person 360 one. We missed 1, 2, and 5. Upon double-checking, I guess the DS port of the first one eventually made it over around 2007? I liked 4 more than most people, it seemed; was always bummed we never got 5.
  6. I saw it with some friends on Sunday. I thought it definitely suffered from "first episode" syndrome; the first 15-20 minutes particularly were a slog. Picked up a bit as it went through. Overall, I was mixed; I found Daemon a lot more compelling than Rhaenyra. I thought it was a weird choice to cast people who looked so similar to characters in the main series (Rhaenyra obviously being very close to Daenerys, and Alicent Hightower kind of looking like an off-brand Margaery Tyrell to me). Also suffered from info-dumping a ton of proper nouns and lore while I was already struggling to understand the dialogue through the audio-mixing. It did finally push me to order a new center channel for my surround system, I guess, which I've needed to do for a while. Maybe that will help; I'm gonna see what else I can do on the equalizer front because as someone with auditory processing issues, understanding the first third of the episode was a struggle. Edited to add, it was pretty interesting that it was such a huge premiere in terms of viewers, but the conversation has been pretty non-existent it seems? I dunno if we're all just waiting to form an opinion or what.
  7. I ordered two of the launch arms and I know I'm probably going to regret not ordering more. Who knew that good stands would be so hard to come by? The Great Valk Stand Shortage of 2022.
  8. BBTS switched both of my July pre-orders to August as well (have the WMM VF-25 and a Miku 'cause I'm a weeb). Haven't heard anything but I haven't contacted them yet either - they are certainly slow with Japanese releases from my past experience, so it's been about what I was expecting. I figured I'd contact them in a couple of weeks if I haven't heard anything.
  9. The yen is kind of ridiculously low compared to the dollar right now so I figured I'd give this a shot, haha. What a goofy purchase, we all deserve one.
  10. Sorry for the thread necro but I thought this would be the best place to put this. Arcadia's variable stand is getting a re-release in September, it looks like. A pre-order went up on AmiAmi this morning; it's probably available on other sites as well. Never realized how good I had it with those YetiStands till they were gone. 😔
  11. I know a lot of people don't share this perspective, but I actually like the animated series a lot. The animation is admittedly extremely limited and the pacing can be goofy, but I'm a real sucker for the '70s sci-fi background paintings. It's a fun watch in a way that some later Trek series are not (casting shade directly on Picard here).
  12. Looks like it's still on pre-order, according to the Kids' Logic site?
  13. I tried running it through whatthefont.com and didn't get much luck. "MACROSS" got some closer fonts than "Frontier" did (the site couldn't actually read "Frontier" and read it as "Flonker"). "Frontier" didn't have anything similar and I didn't get many results from cursory googling, sorry. Good luck!
  14. Ahhh, that's lame. I am also in the "hating stickers" camp. Thanks for confirmation though!
  15. Pre-order's up on AmiAmi (and I assume on other sites). 12800¥, looks tampo'd, I'm actually pretty tempted even though I have a Yamato.
  16. I bought a Yamato one back in early 2020 as a stress purchase and I like it. I probably like the Destroids more than most? But it is a little weird as a re-release and I doubt there will be any improvements. Hopefully at least the color scheme is different or we get a PF. The problem with Destoids is you know they'll never actually finish the line-up, so it's hard to get excited. I'd love a Phalanx, but it never seems to get made.
  17. Pre-order is still available at Big In Japan: https://www.biginjap.com/en/completed-models/26838-macross-delta-dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-bogue-con-vaart-use.html Definitely feels like a shelf-warmer.
  18. I like green but man, this green does NOT go with those grays. The big bright red emblem doesn't help and the blue fold crystal... it's all very primary colors. I was fairly disappointed in my Hayate AX so this will be an easy skip. Mirage will probably be my last AX unless they really knock the next one out of the park.
  19. I've seen several other Fathom events (Tokyo Godfathers, Perfect Blue, and a few Studio Ghibli Films) and this definitely stood out as the only one with particularly bad sound mixing. To be fair, I've seen Macross Plus a hundred times more than I've seen Perfect Blue, so naturally sound mix stuff is going to stand out more for me because I really wanted a perfect experience. There isn't really anyone else doing these kind of movie releases for older anime movies, so it's impossible to compare to a competitor. Overall, it was nice to see it in theaters, and I was super happy to support it; I'd just... kind of rather watch the OVA DVDs at home on my home theater setup I guess? Hopefully we get high-quality blu-ray releases of the movie and the OVA in the near future.
  20. Can agree with everyone else that the sound mixing was awful - VOICES was often way too high, I also got the weird Information High glitch on the center channel, etc. I haven't seen the movie version for 20 years (my last copy was on VHS), so I don't remember if it was the movie release in general or unique to this release, but I noticed they layered the song Bad Dog over several other Sharon Apple songs and it was SUPER distracting. Our theater was pretty full but as I mentioned before, I'm in the LA area and we get a bigger crowd for these things.
  21. Our screenings fill out for Fathom events, but it's usually a ton of animation industry people, so we're a special case.
  22. The pre-release product photos for her 31C were also red (because toy manufacturers are terrified if they make something vaguely pink, the male demographic won't buy it). I assume the actual product will be her normal magenta again.
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