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  1. Bluefin just posted that they will be distributing the Hi-Nu so now I'm just waiting on more US retailers to sell it. I'll probably cancel my HLJ pre-order if I can snag one in the US with free shipping and no tax. Also, USAGundamStor just opened their PO for those still looking: https://www.usagundamstore.com/collections/new/products/gundam-metal-build-rx-93-v2-hi-v-gundam
  2. They are the same scale. It’s just that the Gundam Nu is such a large Mobile Suit. It’s supposed to tower over the other 1/60 PG kits.
  3. LOL yeah, me too. It would be smart to purchase from a retailer like BBTS. They have an excellent customer service with a great return policy. I'm not sure how Brandon Wong from Supreme Collectibles would handle this should I need help.
  4. It's a great time to be a Voltron fan. There are many options available so we can debate these releases. I missed out on the first release of the SoC Lion Voltron set which was, and arguably still is, the definitive version of Voltron to date. When after market prices exceeded $500 I had to look elsewhere and settled for a Toynami EX Voltron that was on sale for $300 (it's crap but it did scratch the itch). I'm glad I was able to get a 2nd edition SoC later on and am happy for those who have a 3rd edition still available at MSRP. Now we have a DX sized Voltron as an option at 15inches. It's 5 lbs of diecast, perfect transformation goodness. The price is in the same ball park as current DX releases such as Voltes V DX, Daiku-Maru DX, and even the Metal Structure Nu Gundam. It's completely understandable to not want to go above a certain price range for a hobby. I get it. But there is precedent for the price that Blitzway is asking for. If it were Bandai releasing this DX version instead of Blitzway, I wonder how fans would feel about it. For sure I would go Bandai if they use the combining sound theme and soundtrack from the English version of the cartoon. That would be way too nostalgic to pass up.
  5. I would guess about $60-$80 USD shipped via DHL. They do have other shipping options available though.
  6. Fair points and I can agree with these criticisms. You've expressed your opinions and I'm just expressing mine. There seems to be a lot of negativity around Blitzway's release. @sqiddIt's Fantasy Jewel. Looks nice standing there but is utter crap from a quality/build stand point. I think the version you already have is superior.
  7. @pengbuzzHey, you're entitled to your opinion as am I. No need to defend yourself and I'm sorry I made you feel that way. I did not take any offence in your post and I did read your posts and what you feel bothers you. I'm just not really seeing what your seeing as a negative so each their own. And now that's I'm focused on the pelvis region, I think it's a little weird how the legs on the SoC stick out a little. I hadn't noticed that before nor did I care. I also prefer the lines down the thighs on the SoC version detail whereas the Blitzway is just a solid mass. I like the black around the star in the belt of the Blitzway just because of the added contrast of it. The proportions of the head and body 'feel' better to me on the Blitzway than the SoC version. On top of that the SoC version is squinting for some reason like he's having trouble seeing something or just smoked a blunt whereas the Blitzway looks like he just had a cup of coffee and is ready to kick some ass. The SoC version is still the best RELEASED version of Voltron to date and goes very well with Vehicle Voltron and Evil Voltron. That being said, I think this Blitzway Voltron will be perfect standing next to my Voltes V DX and Combattler V DX.
  8. Found on CollectorFreaks.com Forums. Best comparison image of the Blitzway and SoC Voltrons out that I could find. I don't know what you guys are finding wrong with it. Perhaps the lion legs being covered is subconsciously making it look weird to you since no one has ever done that before? I think it's the best proportioned Voltron to date and the legs didn't look floppy when handled like the SoC version. I think you guys are splitting hairs here.
  9. Did Yamato ever release a 1/2000 SDF kit or is that just a unicorn?
  10. I wish the lighting effects were better integrated with the toy. I know it's a small gimmick but it is a small level of polish I wish more companies would do. CCS Toys Mazinger Zero has a very simple on/off where all you have to do is touch the back and it activates the light.. having to use spudgers or remove panels just to access the on/off switch is a let down.
  11. My wife is pretty accepting of my hobby too. It still doesn't stop me from trying to intercept all of my packages at the door or sooner to prevent her from seeing them as they arrive. Hell, if it stays hidden somewhere for several months I can just 'pull it out' of the closet I can tell her I've had it for some time now. Technically I wouldn't be lying about it either
  12. I agree. The VF-1J GBP combo pack is likely the better purchase. It presents very well in box so you can keep it MISB if you wanted to.
  13. @sqiddThe creator of the first video, Titanium boy, seems to think very highly of it. He's made quite a few comments and you can auto translate using Chrome.
  14. @sqiddIt's as tall as Voltes V DX, Mazinger DX, etc and weight 5 lbs so the presence and weight are there. At the very least it will fit right in with your collection.
  15. Metal Build and GFFMC are very close to 1/100 scale (around 7 inches tall) usually and the only difference I can see/feel between them is metal content. There seems to be a little more metal material used in Metal builds than there are with GFFMC. Besides a few Wing Gundams released under GFFMC, GFFMC is mainly based in the UC Gundam world while Metal Build is covering Seed, UC (Crossbone), 00, and even Super Robots like Mazinger Z, Full Metal Panic, Evangelion, and even Shin Getter coming out eventually. Metal Robot Spirits are more 1/144 scale which is typically around the 4-5 inches in size and covers whatever Bandai decides to make under that product line: Seed, Wing, UC, etc..
  16. I gave up on the landing gear as well. I had filed it like the hachette ‘fix’ said to do and it worked okay enough but I simply didn’t know what to do next to get the assemblies to work within the entire leg housing. It would always catch when opening or closing.
  17. I would upload it to YouTube anyways, set the video to private and share the link with Luna Park. I would think they should be able to help you from there after reviewing the video.
  18. Same.. only question is how. HLJ changed their search so I can't sort by order anymore which is really annoying. I completely missed out on Mazinger Z because it was so hard to find the correct kits.
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