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  1. http://www.heavens-above.com/ can get you viewing times for just about everything.
  2. YF-19/VF-19A VF-0S VF-31A/J (I don't mind either wing configuration) VF-22 VF-25S Armored Pack VF-1S Super Pack VF-25G (because of the head) SV-262 VF-171 SV-51 No normal VF-1, blasphemy? Consider where the VF-0 is on my list; I prefer the transitional prequel fighter for its longer wingspan and nicer curves. The VF-1 itself might have made it were there fewer options to choose from. I'd also give honorable mentions for the VA-3 Invader and the briefly-seen SV-154; the former for being a conversion of a workhorse bomb truck, the latter for starting out as an F-104.
  3. That's the midsection of "Zentradi Forces" on the Macross The Complete album, or "Great Zentradi Fortress" (ゼントラディアン大要塞) on the SDFM OST 2. In both cases it's around 40 seconds in.
  4. I had to use Amazon Japan because AmiAmi's supply dried up in moments.
  5. Junna and Minori Suzuki are getting their starts from this, but it was mentioned a while back that it might be more difficult to keep the whole group together for the long term, since the other three VAs have existing careers.
  6. That reminds me... between Macross FB7 and the BD omake, there sure are a lot of videotapes turning up in Macross lately.
  7. Just hooking onto your post to marvel at how quickly everyone speculated on Lady M's identity when even the "M" is not a confirmation of anything. The M could be flipped over to make a W, therefore Warera Nantes is Lady M, Half-Life 3 is confirmed, etc.
  8. This first one was from the Delta Volume 1 Blu-ray, but does not have subtitles.
  9. The leg bays are large enough that the VF-31A could carry a substantial internal missile load in addition to or instead of the missiles in the multipurpose pod. On a related note, it would be interesting to see how they fly the multidrones back into the leg bays in the field. What's left of them, anyway.
  10. The omake has been fansubbed. It was already hilarious just from the visuals, but translation helps.
  11. That looks like a VF-31A. It has a shield on its right forearm and the brighter section of folded-up wing looks like the -31A's outer wing panel. The lower leg sections are also solid, without the seam that opens up on the -25's leg when it is in Battroid mode.
  12. There's a reasonable amount of (controversial) real-world historical precedent for what Epsilon is doing. It's just that typically it's much less obvious at the time that it's happening, compared to Berger just strolling up to Xaos right after he was working with Roid. When it gets botched up it leads to things like Oliver North jamming up his shredder.
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