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  1. Should a Megaroad-01 project come forth, I anticipate that half of the people here will be happy, while the other half bemoans the trashing of their cherished original characters. Loudly and often. And that's before even considering whether the production would be good or not. So I personally would prefer that Megaroad-01 remains an unsolved mystery. When we last saw the original triangle, they were all relatively young, and much could have happened to them in the meantime (assuming that whatever story is being told is set contemporaneously with the main Macross timeline or even around the "Lady M transmission" period). Any significant differences in the character dynamic would easily be explained that way. It would probably be jarring for some viewers; it worked out for Max and Milia in M7 because they were supporting cast, while the original triangle helped to define SDFM. The writing of the characters would benefit from 35 years of updating; series Hikaru did get hit with the stupid stick really hard after Episode 27, and SDFM's character interactions can feel charmingly antiquated these days. But people hate change. There would be an urge to revisit the love triangle after 50+ years, which I think would turn out to be incredibly trite. Carrying a torch for fifty years is romantic and all, but also really boring. The less-risky plan is to take the M7 route and focus on new characters, moving HMM to the background, but they'd STILL end up drawing all the attention even if the new characters were amazing. But they can't all be killed off, people won't care about the new series then and/or will be incredibly angry. So if there's a new series, Hikaru should already be dead before it starts. It would bypass the tragic death of Arihiro Hase, and would give Misa and Minmay a reason for conflict. Even if they all bonded and mended fences after Flashback 2012, removing one side of the triangle is a very plausible source of conflict. My idea would make a lot of people flip tables and not want to watch, so I'll return to my initial statement and say that Megaroad-01 should never be seen again.
  2. I mostly answered my own question by watching in slow motion, but it did seem for a moment that the Drakens' swords were just strong metal and not metal reinforced by a barrier system. On watching frame-by-frame there is a green glow along the blade edge, but it didn't appear as pronounced as that which we've seen on the barrier knives, where the entire blade would be glowing brightly.
  3. It was mentioned in one of the recent SpeakerPODcasts that the first Frontier movie announcement was actually an accident during a post-series concert, a significant interval after the series run. So... wait and see; just because it wasn't immediately announced doesn't mean that it won't ever be.
  4. This is an interesting side effect of having the arms outboard of the legs, though. (Spoiler tag for size.) I want to see a VF-31 loadout that has three (or even four) large cannons on it, since it should be possible.
  5. Firing missiles after the punch would have made it difficult to rescue Mikumo in a form other than vapor.
  6. This. So much. Alternatively, the terrifying feeling from the realization that one is now old enough that childhood show nostalgia has set in to the point that news of every remake automatically elicits a response of "NO. STOP." Hmm. Commas are useful.
  7. Also, I'd like to be able to harvest everyone's salt. Several of you have already generated enough to supply McDonald's for a year or two.
  8. The most obvious nickname is already the reporting name for the Tu-160, so maybe not that. Then there's the movie about the similarly-numbered EB-66, but that was a giant mess, so maybe not that either... So maybe just the... Batarang?
  9. That's just how East Asians age, glorious for years until boom, Master Yoda.
  10. And in the credits again: https://twitter.com/jefuemon_ver2/status/776689733468434432
  11. I've been wondering this ever since they crashed the shuttle and there's been no mention whatsoever of the crew. If the crew died, they could at least spare us a line of dialogue to clear that up.
  12. That was a great byplay, even if it was built on the back of Mike's suffering. Are you going to do a separate episode about the concert?
  13. Unloading the front pallets before the rear ones will noticeably shift the center of gravity rearward, which will adversely affect stability.
  14. Their flight suits are thin enough that it wouldn't be complicated to fit the hologram generator equipment onto them and have both systems still function normally. It fits into a bra, panties, and shoes, after all.
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