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  1. Windermere doesn't seem like a place that has quite caught up to the fashion sense of the rest of the galaxy. The guys on the ground might as well be wearing cavalry uniforms from the 1820s.
  2. Is the 13-episodes-per-cour thing hard to break the mold of, since it would mess up the runtimes for series to follow in the same time slot? Delta is airing on a lot of channels, would that mean that it would be even more difficult for them to break the prevailing pattern? (I've seen shows go 12 episodes, but not 14 or 15 unless the extra episodes were OVAs).
  3. The only official statements so far describe a problem during the upper-stage LOX loading.
  4. The Archer/omake comparison was pretty damn good. Edit 1 (Yeah, I'm doing this as I listen to the thing): We've seen the Draken's control input for transformation, during Bogue and Hayate's fight over Voldor. It's a right-angle stick movement similar to how it's done on VFs. However, it's done by moving the right stick down instead of the left.
  5. Here are pages 38 and 39 of the BD Vol. 2 booklet with the "Originally 1 cour and a movie" discussion. And the rest of the interview. WIIIIIIDE
  6. I did buy the BDs. But since my only working BD is connected to the TV, it's hard to do screencaps that don't look like I'm dirt poor.
  7. I don't recall Delta firing anything from the MM pods during Episode 6. Alpha certainly did, for their DYRL homage missile-tracking shot. Of minor note, the official subs from BD Vol. 2 Episode 6 state "Projection units attached", instead of "Protection" as in the fansubs, which makes more sense as they were running something closer in appearance to a Speaker Pod/Super Pack setup instead of Armored Packs.
  8. In one of those glorious moments of coincidence, as I was looking at your reply I was paging through the BD booklet and realized that I was seeing the exact same thing in my hands. Pretty damn official sourcing them.
  9. The Volume 2 omake are just as funny as Volume 1's, even if I had some idea of what to expect this time. I'll just say that they're getting their mileage out of Mirage... and household hygiene products.
  10. The rear fins, body, and nose look like a GBU-15, but after that it looks like someone decided to tack on all of the other control surfaces that they had lying around.
  11. The following image appeared on AnimeSuki and I don't know where it's from... Spoiler tag for size. But the translation is apparently that Delta was originally supposed to be 1 cour and a movie, but it grew into a 2 cour around the 4th episode? Confirmation, actual sourcing, anybody?
  12. It was a punishment which turned out to be relevant later. Girls und Panzer isn't always panzers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3-vqYvTXjc
  13. He just learned this. All this time, Keith has been playing the part of the loyal soldier for the cause, and seems to have trusted Roid longer than a lot of other people (well, two, Hermann and Qasim) have. That wasn't necessarily smart on his part, but it is smart of him not to just terminate Roid then and there. Keith doesn't know if Epsilon/Berger is just going to say "Sorry, I never made the deal with you" and leave, and he doesn't know enough about Heinz's abilities to make good use of them. He does or should know that NUNS, which he hates, would show up shortly afterward to steal their technology and possibly permanently mess up the planet that he just spent some time building an empire for.
  14. Leading to a weird crossover concert. (Pixiv source) Reference for those unfamiliar with Girls und Panzer.
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