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  1. I didn't snap any pictures since it's nothing people haven't seen a million times before, but my DX 1J showed up yesterday. It was not a cheap piece to re-acquire and to actually ship it just made it worse. That said, when I sat down last night and opened it up, I was immensely more happy with it than I was back on its release. Maybe it's that I'm at the tail end of a SDFM rewatch, maybe it's that I now have a TV Max and know a TV Roy is on the way, or maybe I just have the bug more than I did when the DX line started, whatever the reason, I really love this piece. There's also a special kind of satisfaction in getting something from Mandarake and having it basically be case perfect. Getting to cut the tape on the box for the first time like it hadn't sat on a shelf for a couple years. It made the expense feel even more worth it. My collection, at least when it comes to the original show and DYRL, is really sparse. It consisted basically of a 1/48 Roy and a 1/60 Roy, both from DYRL. Now, to be on my way to having most of the major players in the show represented on a shelf is exciting. Throw in a few Kids Logic character figures and I think I'll have a really nice show setup. Handling these has also really reinforced how much I love this scale. We may never get anything else to match it, but I really like pieces that are this size. I'm not sure Macross collecting has ever felt more satisfying for me than it does right now.
  2. Holding and messing with the DX releases I was, thankfully, never tempted to sell my 1/48 stuff. If anything it just reinforces how good those pieces are. Some proper hands really go a long way on them. It's a shame they Yamato didn't included with every/more release(s) since they existed anyway.
  3. The weathing on that Max is fantastic. *chef's kiss*
  4. I haven't really taken the plunge on the 1/55s, but damn if it doesn't seem like a shame to break up a complete one of these.
  5. I really liked Picard and I'm very excited to see where they take it. Those characters mean a lot to me and it meant a lot to see some of them again. I also like Disco a great deal. About my only complaint with it is that I am really enjoying all the characters and I wish it spread the love out a little more. Season 2 was a bit better in that regard. Even Lower Decks, which I was immensely skeptical about, has been a really fun ride so far. In a format that's half the size of a typical Trek episode, they are giving us some pretty solid stories and giving us time with our cast. But I'm the Trek fan who has been able to find things to enjoy in basically every Trek show and film.
  6. Pretty much how I feel about being a fan of anything these days. It feels even more bile filled than in years passed. I've found my enjoyment of these things is magnified greatly if I don't engage in discourse about it. Which, ultimately, is pretty sad, since I enjoy sharing that enthusiasm with people.
  7. HLJ still has them, if you're looking for the PF that is.
  8. Mannnnn, that came out super great. I'm excited for a set. Since I'm only doing TV DX Valks, my old DYRL Roy has plenty of hand options. It's amazing how much that helps the display of that piece.
  9. 1/48 Hands and side fillers, holy hell. I'd be interested if the 1S doesn't meet Jenius' needs. Actually, eyeballing all the 1/48 stuff.
  10. I'm such a sucker for the TV design of the SDF-1. Which version is this?
  11. I'm starting to be really glad I never threw any money at them for the TV Super Parts.
  12. Until I saw the gears painted, I didn't realize how much of a difference it makes. It's something I never thought I would care about, but I definitely do.
  13. Seeing as how my old 1/48 Roy is in desperate need of some decent hands, this is a great idea! I'll shoot ya a PM when the time comes.
  14. An adapter/replacement part so you can use the DX hands with the old Yammie 1/48?
  15. I tend to prefer canted back, regardless of which model it is. But I think it's doubly true for the S.
  16. Had meant to do this on Monday when it got here, but big thanks to @jeniusornome for the DX VF-1A. It was a super smooth transaction and the package was shipped out really quick.
  17. You and me both. I would love some nice fixed posed hands for a 1/48 yammie.
  18. The posts in the OP reminded me that I'd actually really like the Monster from Macross Zero, complete with the unfolding hands. Maybe not as crazy as some things that could be done, but I thought that thing was super cool.
  19. After having the PF 0D in hand, I think I'd really like to see weathering editions of the 0S and a fixed 0A. They need more than just some tampo no steps to fit in, and the Zero designs lend themselves really well to some weathering. I also hope we see some sort of PF Ivanov and that we get both versions of Nora's 51 released.
  20. The Lazengann being a model is/was some of the saddest toy related news in recent memory. It's by far my favorite design from Gurren Lagann and up until now I think all we've had is the Revoltech. I'm hoping the CCS GL paves the way for a Lazengann companion piece.
  21. HLJ has it again too, I'm glad it's more available than it seemed. Thankfully, this is one I don't feel super compelled to have more than one of, I don't think my wallet could take it lol.
  22. I've never been big on the DYRL Kakizaki design since it's on screen for a hot second. His TV 1A though is an entirely different matter. I think I'm really only interested in the TV releases going forward and even then I probably wouldn't go full on and get M&M 1Js and all that. Roy and the original Vermilion Squadron would be fine.
  23. The VF-0D has at least convinced me that there's an argument to be made for their PF releases. I don't know that I've found any of the prior PF options to be totally worth the extra 100+ dollars. The VF-4 kind of lives in a realm between the 0D and a PF VF-1. It's got a bit more going on because of the panel lining, which is nice. I'm pretty happy with the look of the standard version, so if I miss my shot at the PF, I won't be super heartbroken.
  24. The release order of these has been so bizarre to me. Do we know if they're based on anything...like character popularity or something? Maybe I'm just a fanboy, but the fact that the first 1S we got wasn't a Roy, and we also are getting a Kakizaki before Roy just kind of blows my mind. It's also kind of a funky Mix of TV and DYRL.
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