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  1. Rodrigo, is that the Monster I just sent you? It certainly looks a lot different, and you did a nice job on the mods, including creating the missing cockpit piece.
  2. I think the MIM kit is actually a crappy recast of the Retppu vinyl kit.
  3. Dirt cheap way is to use a set of fingernail clippers. Also, most hobby shops, train shops, R/C shops, etc carry sprue cutters that cost around $15.
  4. Hi Cap, Is it safe to assume that since SSM has the Commanchero listed as "In Stock", ours will be shipping shortly?
  5. In the "We're back!" thread, Shawn said he couldn't log back in until he deleted his Macross World cookie. Maybe the maintenance made Ashton's old cookie unrecognizable and allowed a new login. Good to have you back though!
  6. Have you tried a "light bulb oven" to speed up the curing of the putty?
  7. That is the best and cleanest way to remove the attachment points. To get the "shine" back on the plastic, you need to polish the area with succesviely finer grits of sandpaper. One of the best (and cheapest) ways is to get a Nail Buffer from a beauty supply shop that has four grades of abrasive. Use each grade in succession, and you will notice the plastic start to pick up its previous shine.
  8. But at least it will be marginally easier to do Gerwalk mode...
  9. I also thought it was unmanned, but according to Egan's Macross Compendium, it states: EQUIPMENT TYPE: SPACECRAFT GOVERNMENT: UNITED NATIONS GOVERNMENT MANUFACTURER: LOCKHEE TYPE: UNS manned space fighter. CUSTOMERS: UNS Carrier-borne plane deployed on ARMD class space carriers; 78 deployed on ARMD-01. Sorry Valkyrie. We can move this discussion elsewhere if you prefer.
  10. Check your local craft shop for G-S Hypo Cement. In the United States, it can be found at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. You may have to do some serious searching for it. Sometimes it is in with the glues and adhesives, sometimes it is with the jewelry making stuff.
  11. My LHS just got in 24 bottles of each grade, so it looks like it will still be available in the United States.
  12. Between this build and your VF-4 build, I have to say I am really impressed by your ability to rescribe panel lines. Any tricks or tips worth sharing?
  13. As stated earlier, apply some more MicroSol and after the decal has softened up again, CAREFULLY (I can't stress this enough ) use the brush to smooth out the wrinkles. Work from the center of the decal out to the edges to make sure there is no trapped air under the decal. Another trick I have used is to carefully sand down the ridges of the wrinkled decal, and then touch up the white spots that are created with paint. After you seal the decals with a coat of Future and then apply a dull coat, the repair is almost invisible.
  14. Sorry to be late to the party, but I am still interested in the project.
  15. No worries Mike, The buyers will be there when you are ready to sell. My bank account appreciates the break, too. Thanks for the update, and good luck with all your projects.
  16. Hey Mike, Any updates on the Factory project?
  17. He's already on the list, but props to laroy for an easy transaction on a resin kit.
  18. It looks like a WH40K primed Terminator standing in front of a primed Tyranid.
  19. I have to agree with everyone else. I couldn't find any seam lines that you missed and the panel lines are consistent and not over done. That is really an outstanding build.
  20. In an attempt to not clutter up the signup thread, are "customs" classified as toys only, or are completed model kits part of that classification?
  21. We do have an Anti-HG group... It's called Macross World. Obviously the Pro-HG group is called Robotech.com.
  22. Take your time Mike. Between you and Capt. America, that sucking sound you hear is money rapidly leaving my bank account.
  23. Props to to177 for a smooth transaction, fast shipping and a well packed box.
  24. Dude! Please tell me you didn't take a loss on the Monster project. I guess on the plus side, is if you did, it reduces your AGI and therefore your taxes. Sorry, last terms class was Federal Taxation.
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