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  1. Have fun guys! I was hoping to make it this year, but life got in the way. Hopefully next year.
  2. Ooo! Ooo! Mr Kotter! That would be me.
  3. I think this qualifies for absurd. Or at least a lot of chutzpah... http://cgi.ebay.com/1-72-MACROSS-Flash-Back-2012-VF-4-LIGHTNING-III-FIGHTER-/120525835956?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c0fe64eb4
  4. I have one new in the box if you are interested. LMK AZRhino
  5. I'm in for one. Provided the project goes forward, do you have an estimated completion time? I'd like to have a ballpark idea of how long I have to save up.
  6. Hi Xeros, Have you heard any specific areas that were affected? MW member maximilian_jenius is from San Pedro de la Paz. I also hope you and your family and friends are all safe. Mike
  7. Depending on scale, I still wouldn't go beyond semi-gloss. On a 1/72 or smaller Valk, a high gloss finish makes it look toy-like. And as to your original question, even if you are going for a gloss finish, I would suggest painting the model in flat and then top coating with a clear gloss. Flat paints just seem to be more forgiving.
  8. I would like to add redemption to the list. Pretty smooth transaction for his Club-M Q Rau.
  9. Since is says "Miss Macross 2009" on top of the starboard intake and the thing on the tail looks like a crown, I am going to assume it is the Miss Macross Crown. Also, if you look really closely, the text around the crown on the tail says Miss Macross AD 2009.
  10. New guy for the list. rikuharada Fast shipping, a well packed parcel and the figure and box look near mint. Thanks!
  11. Kudos again to snip312. Great transaction on the used laptop.
  12. I second the idea of offering an upgrade set to V1 owners. Regardless of what you do, keep up the great work, Mike.
  13. Well, unfortunately, I came up dry on finding the Macross Design Works book at Kinokuniya, but I did end up spending WAY too much money anyway. So, I am still looking for a reasonably priced copy of the Kawamori Macross Design Works. Oh, and still looking for the 1/72 Club-M Queadluun-Rau. Thanks Mike
  14. Thanks for the information! I'll be in LA this weekend, so I will give the store a try.
  15. I noticed recently that I am lacking the Kawamori Macross Design Works. If you have one REASONABLY priced I would be interested. Also, I am still looking for the 1/72 Club M Queadluun-Rau. Thanks, Mike
  16. Six. And I agree with 007-VF1, DYRL version.
  17. I hope the first two weekends in August are not one of the potential dates. Next year's IPMS Nationals are August 4th through the 7th in Phoenix and I really want to attend MW Con next year (I have to attend the Nationals because I am on the planning committee and part of the host chapter).
  18. The only thing that looks a little odd to me is that in the cockpit shots, Quamzin's knees seem to be where his hips would be located.
  19. Please elaborate! Is this a new kit or a new "action figure"?
  20. Bump... Still looking if anyone is selling.
  21. Well, you have to give those of us in the Pacific (or non-daylight savings Mountain Standard in my case) time zone a little time...
  22. Looking for a Club-M 1/72 Queadluun-Rau, complete, unassembled, non-recast. Box condition is not important. Thanks Mike
  23. No one every accused me of being smart. It will go nicely with all the other unbuilt Moscato resin I already own. I'm in for one.
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