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  1. OK, next year, tall guys in back doesn't cut it, especially when everyone else in front of us is about the same height. There is someone staning next to me in the back row, and I have no idea who it is.
  2. I listened to "Wonderful People" while I was waiting in the airport. Not bad. I will have to listen to it a few more times to make a firm impression, but I liked it enough to keep listening to it, and I am thinking about getting some of her other CDs. I have say once again that I had a blast! I had no idea what to expect when I showed up, and the event totally surpassed my expectations. It was great meeting so many of the people I chat with on the boards, and I can now place a face to many of the screen names, too. Special thanks to Shawn for providing the forum that brought us together, Nick for acting as host and securing a fabulous facility, and Seiichi for accepting in trade my dirty old American dollars for some really cool Macross books and models. I will post the pictures I took as soon as I dump them onto my computer. Later Mike
  3. So, what is the meet-up plan for Frank & Son on Saturday?
  4. I really don't need to spend more money on models, but after seeing the latest pictures of your buildup, I have to go in for one. Besides, it will look neat next to the 1/1000 Polar Lights Star Trek Ships.
  5. Very nice! I especially like how, in some cases, the paint discoloring with age has added to the grungy, weathered look. These are outstanding. And what did you do with 30+ kits? Were they all 1/72, or did you get various scales?
  6. One point to consider in favor of the Iwata, is that they make their nozzles out of steel (or at least the portion of the nozzle where the needle seats) instead of brass. This makes it more durable, and less prone to splitting under high pressure. As for running fluids like Future through an airbrush, I run Future through my Iwata all the time, and have no problems if I blow some ammonia through it immediately afterwards. You can use straight ammonia or Windex (which smells a lot better).
  7. Too cool! I cannot wait for you to start casting this...My wallet can, but I can't. Gundamhead, truly a magnificent sculpt. I mean, how did you get the little oblong slots in the square detail piece on the end of the arm? This is going to build up into a stunning diorama. So what's next on the drawing board?
  8. And is your day job painting the ceilings of chapels? Gundamhead, that is one beautiful sculpt, and a great idea for an accessory kit for a valkyrie. And I love the idea of hanging it from a wall. It would give the entire diorama a totally different feel than sitting on a table. How does the arm attach to the super pack, i.e. glue, screws,...? I would be in for two whenever they become available.
  9. Well, I turn 40 next week, and I still haven't put away childish things. It's bad enough that I have to grow old, why should I have to grow up?
  10. I have no personal experience with Ace Resin, but I know the owner and have heard good things about it. They carry resin and RTV mold material in fairly small quantities. They can be found at Ace Resin Hope this helps. (edited for being a dumbass)
  11. You could add a tank, but wouldn't you need to add a shut off switch to stop the compressor when the tank reached a certain pressure, and turn back on when the tank dropped below a certain pressure? I am going to assume that a standard compressor doesn't come with a shut off switch. Of course, maybe the compressor just stops when the back pressure from the tank equals the output pressure of the compressor. Now you got me thinking about getting a tank for my compressor.
  12. From the description, it looks like it has everything you need, especially the water trap and adjustable regulator. Plus it comes with a one year warranty, so it appears to be a good deal. If you decide to get it, I would be interested in hearing your review of how it works. Good luck, Mike
  13. The geeky engi-nerd in me is curious about something. How much is the arm going to weigh? I am assuming it is going to be made hollow somehow to reduce weight, but how is the arm going to be supported? I realize this is something you worked out long ago, I'm just curious. If the rest of the project looks as good as the arm, this is going to be one kick-ass model. Keep up the great work, and I am eagerly looking forward to more progress pictures. Thanks
  14. Crows nothin'. I'm going to use mine to scare kids at Halloween! Imagine the potential of making light, smoke and sound generators for it... Now I'm just dreaming.
  15. You also don't have seam lines to remove with a metal barrel. I have a couple of projects on hold because I have a cylinder that has seam lines or even worse, is molded slightly off center, and I am trying to figure out how to clean the part up without making it oval instead of round. Headlasers on a resin VF-1S battroid is one of those projects.
  16. Maybe as with the SDF-1, the interior of the Regult appears larger than the exterior. Would the extra size and weight require extra support in the legs, thus adding more to the cost? I am hesitant to want to shell out an extra $30 per unit, but I trust your judgment on what would look best and be the most economical.
  17. Well John, if you PROMISE to do a scout pod upgrade, you can put me down for another one. Come on guys, three more and John can start on the masters!
  18. Still interested. I'm in for one. Thanks
  19. Thanks John and Rob! I'm in for at least one. Does this mean the Booster Launch Vehicle is on hold for a while, or is that in the mastering stage also? Thanks
  20. I have some small (2-3oz) containers I got at a craft store that I use to mix up custom colors. Then I just use what I need for a session. One other benefit I just discovered about my gravity feed, is if I don't have the cup completely full, I can have the body of the airbrush perpendicular to my desk, and paint straight down onto things. For me, this really improves my control, because I can use my left hand to steady my right.
  21. With the gravity feed the cup is on top. When you need to switch colors, just dump any excess paint into the jar you mixed it in, and then I pour some thinner in the cup, scrub it around with a stiff brush (stippling paint brush?), and then blow the thinner through the brush into a waste cup. I will usually run some clean thinner through after that, and I am on to the next color. I only break down my airbrush about once a week for a thorough cleaning.
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