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  1. nukatsuka Smooth transaction! Good communication and easy to deal with. Thanks buddy!
  2. Looking for a Cat's Eye resin kit by Moscato (Cpt America). Thanks.
  3. Amazing work! I'd love to get my hands on a kit as well.
  4. Well done on the corrosion! That is an amazing job. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Anyone have a extra kit laying around?
  6. Cells are straight. Both mechs have working lights and some dust from being on display in an almost closed glass case.
  7. Sold 1 open Appendix A separately. New lower package price to reflect change.
  8. Love the panel lines! Great workmanship.
  9. Total of 4 books (only one has the white box) Vol.1 Rick Hunter (Opened but excellent) Vol.1 Armor Apendix A(SEALED in original wrap w/ white box) Vol.5 Miriya(Opened but excellent) Vol.5 Armor Apendix C(Open but excellent) Stickers have been applied on the open boxes, not the sealed. No broken or missing parts. I will also include: -Miriya Cell -Rick Cell Looking for $200 shipped for everything in the USA. Decided to split the package. One vol.1 App. A sold separately.
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