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  1. Is there anywhere selling or just freely posting 3D Printable models of Mospeada ride armors/fighters/enemies? I've wanted a small scale Tread forever haha.
  2. Has Sentinel shown any sketches or art for a possible Tread/Beta Fighter?
  3. Bump b/c it's been almost a year. Still missing just Fuke/Rook.
  4. protostar8

    Hi-Metal R

    So any word on Macross Plus getting some Hi-Metal love? I can't believe they haven't made a YF-19 or YF-21 yet???
  5. So are we expecting the armor to get released for other characters too?
  6. Bump. Down to just Bartley (and the shadow version of Bartley if I can find them)! Huge thanks to Ted Ekering for helping so far!
  7. Do any of the recast sites or even board members do recasts of the Experten kits?
  8. From a business standpoint, I cannot fathom why Bandai isn't doing a "make to order" for these things? Do the investors/board understand how much money they lose in sales in order to make the item "limited" in supply? Limiting supply DOES NOT help the manufacturer! It ONLY helps aftermarket sales. I just don't get it (and I have an MBA from one of the top schools in the nation so I'm not just talking out of my a$$).
  9. Has anyone ever ordered from Yodobashi or animate?
  10. I had checked Loopaza before I ever posted and they were sold out. I guess they got a couple more stock then sold out again??? Kurama Shop...I just ordered one but I'm definitely not happy that they are $50-100 more than almost everyone else. Plus I've seen some negative reviews about them being super slow to ship. Any MW members order a few extra and want to part with one now? Haha
  11. Great, I get up at 8am and in 3 FREAKING HOURS it is sold out everywhere. FML...Is there anywhere or anyone who has them for sale still?
  12. Bump. Found 2, still looking for 2 more. Open to the "other" versions not listed as well (I MAY have them lined up, but understandably the board member is not sure if they want to sell).
  13. Anyone else have zero interest in Evolution Toys until they show off a Beta/Tread? I wish Hi-Metal would do a Alpha/Legioss and Tread/Beta. I'd pay out the butt for that haha! If anyone wants enough money to buy the new Riobots, check my WTB out b/c I'm not a cheapskate buyer!
  14. The visor on the prototype was SUBTLE like in the artwork. In fact, I didn't even see them in the original images until this monstrosity of a change surfaced and I looked back. The original prototype was just fine and was true to the artwork (which was also so subtle you could barely tell). Again, I'll hope a 3rd Party company makes a replacement visor for this line. Are the Yellow/Lancer and Bartley/Rook included in that artwork book? Are they substantially different from the anime versions if so?
  15. That visor is pure trash. It completely ruins the look of the figure and instantly grabs your attention but in a bad way. Hopefully they include a smooth visor. Or maybe some 3rd Party Transformers company will make one for under $15 to go with this???
  16. Thanks. The post is old as dirt, but the guy was last on here in Nov 2017, so I figured why not inquire??? I wish I had his email address or something haha.
  17. Any updates on the Seventh Moon Legioss and Tread?
  18. It was quite old so I made this one. I will direct any future comments to that old thread.
  19. https://hlj.com/product/aca82142 They want $150 for an UNPAINTED 5 inch model??? That's Wonfes garage kit pricing (except it's just black plastic). Totally nuts IMO. Thoughts??? Alternatives???
  20. All have been gotten! Huge thanks to jenius and tekering! They are awesome!
  21. protostar8

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm honestly surprised we haven't gotten a Hi-Metal YF-19 yet...
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