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  1. Could someone point me to a transformation faq for the MPC alpha? I'm having a hard time getting the waist to slide back into the upper torso. It looks like two little metal bars attached to the upper torso where the arms join the upper torso are getting hung up on the lower legs, which are attached to the waist. It looks like they are preventing the waist from sliding back into the upper torso. Why couldn't they just make them transform as easily as the model kits? Thanks for any help.
  2. I'd like to put ebay seller jcagney on the Blacklist. He looked really good because he had around 27000 good feedback, but I guess people can change. When I recieved my order (a complete set of unopened I-men) I opened the set with Scott's alpha and discovered the shoulder armor was missing on one side. It wasn't in the package either. I e-mailed him to see if he would do anything about it. He played the game that little kids like to play...the I get to make up rules as we go game. He had no information on the auction regarding returns, so I assumed the 27000 good responses would mean he would be cool about defective merchandise. But he kept giving me excuse after excuse. He even tried to tell me two or three times that it was supposed to be that way. He said it was a battle damaged edition which is total B/S. I had even sent him two different pictures showing the shoulder armor on it including the PICTURE HE USED TO ADVERTISE HIS AUCTION! Finally, I sent him the link to the official Toynami site, asked him to e-mail Toynami to see if either of us could get them to send a replacement. HE REFUSED and said I should (which I had already done) because he'd like to see what Toynami said about the missing piece. Finally after threatening to contact Ebay about the issue (He had pissed me off that much), he finally said he'd offer a refund, but I'd have to pay the shipping to send them all back. So, unless you're willing to take a possibly defective item, don't buy from him or you'll play hell to get any kind of replacement/refund. On a happy side note, the situation is being resolved by Toynami customer service representatives who have contacted me saying that they will ship me a replacement within a week. They even apologized for the wait time, saying that they would have to locate one because they were out of stock and out of production. I'm just happy they are going to replace it at all. The fact that it will take a week is very cool considering I didn't buy the products directly from them. Toynami really does seem to have good customer service.
  3. I forgot to mention that I'm also willing to trade my custom War Within Transformers for Amdriver stuff. Just PM me if interested. Thanks for your time
  4. Hi, I've seen some pictures of Alpha's with blue canopies and others with clear canopies. Does anyone if the cockpit canopy is blue or if it is clear? Is there a relation between the color of the canopy and the authenticity number? Thanks
  5. Hey, Is there anyone out there that wants to sell a Moto Bisar from AMDriver. I'd like the white one, but I'll settle for the Red/Orange version eventhough it has some design flaws. I'm looking for other stuff from that series as well, so if you have a Bisar you want to sell, let me know (PM me or e-mail me). I'm also very interested in getting a Jenus ZEAM version figure. Thanks
  6. I was actually thinking that HLJ was clearancing the Super Max and Milia 1/60 for 7800 Yen at one point.
  7. Does anyone know if Yamato will ever re-issue (maybe for a cheaper price too) any of the 1/60 scale valks? I wouldn't mind picking up a 1/60 Super Max, but I don't want to pay the $90 Ebay prices for one. Thanks
  8. Why do companies turn their backs on fans when they see they can make even more money by just tweaking a current design and adding a few accessories? I mean if people are getting 200+ US dollars the Macross Plus YF-19's, then you would think Yamato would want to start making more so they can get some of that money. But, I guess some companies just don't see things my way. Also, Have the bandai fire valks been made into knockoffs?
  9. Hi, Thanks for the info. I know that Yamato doesn't currently have any new news on a FP YF-19, but does anyone know if they plan on selling the rights to Macross Plus so that a really good FP YF-19 might be made by another company?
  10. I know I have seen and purposely bought other cheap knockoff valks, but I have never seen a YF-19 (or Macross Plus) knockoff. Anyone know if they exist? How much? I have been wanting one of the white YF-19's that Yamato made ever since I got the VF-19a (I just like the white and black color better) and don't want to pay a fortune for a YF-19.
  11. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has ever done a recast of the Tread toy or even done a custom job and sold them? Also, does anyone know if toynami still plans to make masterpiece cylcones and super poseable cyclones or if they plan to make a masterpiece tread/beta to accompany the masterpiece Alpha's? Thanks P.S. -- Robotech Invasion for Xbox is a pretty good (although short) game for Mospeada fans.
  12. V4lkyri3 is a pleasure to work with and ships quickly and securely. I would definitely do business with V4lkyri3 again.
  13. I found a website that is selling the new mospeada I-men for $2.95 per each set of two and wanted to know some things before I buy them. How posable are they and how tall are they? Also, is there really any difference in the molds of them other than the color for each? Thanks P.S. - The site I found them on including some of the robotech I-men is voyagertoys.com and sorry if mospeada stuff is taboo on this forum.
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