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  1. Oh well, one toy I won't be getting brand new. Most likely won't ever get it.
  2. Cool new stuff. They will have to go above and beyond though to top Revoltech's ARX8 Leviathan. That was a masterpiece figure IMO. The weapon pack is cool, but not $30 cool.
  3. TY for the info. I am actually seeing if an exchange is possible. The guy bought these direct from Toynami, so I'm asking him to either get them to send me new parts or do an exchange. He said he had 10 total when he started selling them and he has more now. Though honestly, the shipping is a nightmare on these $15 each way, so I don't know if I'm willing to pay $30 for a manufacturer's mistake. It's just a bad situation and he's a reputable seller, but obviously didn't inspect the items b/c it stood out when it was in the box.
  4. Like I said, the pics don't show them well. The ones on the chest would make the shiny plastic dulled if I did that b/c that's what I do on model kits sometimes. The thumbprint is dark too.
  5. Unfortunately, Windex did nothing to remove the thumbprint or the streaks. I am attaching the pics, one version that is clean and one version with the trouble areas outlined. For a toy that costs $100, these screw ups shouldn't be there, especially the thumb print! Edit: The pics don't show the marks super well, but you can see that they are there. Anyone have any new suggestions?
  6. Got a name brand? I still haven't gotten the picture yet, but I will soon if I can't get it off. I e-mail Toynami to see if they would send a replacement part b/c it's the little plastic piece on the upper leg's front, so it should be replaceable.
  7. Got my beta today. Can't wait to get it out and mess with it later! It's 0949 in the production run, so I lucked out and got a very early on one for $95 total! Yay! All that's left is to pose it with the Super Poseable Alpha and my still unbroken Scott Alpha (fighter mode only now since I don't want it to assplode on me)... Well, now I have mixed feelings. My Beta's paint apps are pretty aweful in parts. The chest has black streaks on the white plastic and the right leg has a gigantic black thumbprint on it. Anyone know how I might go about removing those without damaging the plasic/parts? I don't want to paint them either... I will try to photograph it later and post here.
  8. It's that time again. On Wednesday, we get to see Tiger Woods get bashed... I for one can't wait. I expect them to tear him apart.
  9. Well, I officially bought a Blue Beta today! Just gotta wait for it to arrive now. Got it for the same $80 price, but with $15 for shipping on top of that. Either way, a beta for under $100 seems reasonable given the reviews, size, and diecast content. I also plan to make a cover to hide the cockpit in robot mode, anyone interested? Thinking about maybe making some missile clip on parts for the shoulders since Toynami didn't include any. Are there really any other things Toynami excluded or messed up?
  10. What's a fair price on a Toynami Masterpiece Blue Beta anymore? I see that a lot of stores (even money hungry BBTS) have slashed the prices. Since BBTS only wants $99 for one, are there other places that are significantly cheaper b/c BBTS is usually overpriced? I've been wanting to pick up one of these since they came out, but knew the price would drop eventually. Thinking now might be a good time to get one...
  11. The only thing that scared me was the fists b/c the ball joint is so small.
  12. Trigun Figs = Pure Win! Still waiting for a Revoltech Zone of the Enders Jehuty...
  13. I got mine too. I have been in happy awe since getting it. I just put him in a new pose every day. I was on the fence about dropping almost $100 on a fig (thanks to S&H costing a but load on top of the fig being expensive), but I'm glad I did. Definitely a must for any fan of Tekkaman Blade.
  14. Got 7 more available now. I just ordered 1, so that should knock it down to 6. But they could have always had people flood the order page and grab them all before the system adjusted to an accurate count. I hope I get one though b/c with the exchange rate today, it made a $6 difference instead of a $8-9 difference as of last night plus I'd get it faster and safer.
  15. Wow. I wish I could get in on that. That would save me nearly $10, get here faster and safer. I need to watch that site more closely I guess in the future? I sent an e-mail to inquire if they'll be getting more or not. But it does go to show just how much the mark-up is on those figs. The first company to start selling their stuff directly for like 70% of the retail price will make a killing and might start a good new trend in the market.
  16. The helmet thing is supposed to be only the DLC armors. Normal armors should have the option to remove the helmet. It's still stupid though.
  17. Watch the Tekkaman Blade II OVA's. He looks pretty close to what you'd expect him to look like compared to the other Tekkaman bodies. Oh, and where is the absolute cheapest place to get this. I still haven't paid HLJ quite yet b/c the yen rate is crappy. I only got like 3 days to pay now, but I would cancel it if I could get it cheaper somewhere else. Right now, It's 8205 Yen from them, which is like $94 via paypal.
  18. Very nice, but too bad they didn't know that Tekkaman Blade's shoulders open up to fire!
  19. Oddly, I don't get that from Walmart. Or at least they don't mention it. Edit: Not the Dragon Armor, but the Inferno Armor. My bad for not saying it.
  20. Looking good! I can't wait for mine to arrive. Tekkaman is one of only a few animes that truly hold a special place in my heart.
  21. Traditionally, Beta toons are wiped. So chances are that yes, you'll lose them. Some games (like Champions Online) had special stuff you could unlock for the actual game via participating in the beta.
  22. I did the Walmart deal via Bing's money back. So I should end up with the game for about $48 and get a $10 gift card to boot! I don't really care about not getting some of the armor. Chances are, there will be MUCH better armor in the game towards the end. Heck, getting new armor was always one of the fun parts in the first one just to see what it looked like.
  23. Heh, you could be spot on about that. We are talking about high school kids for this one.
  24. The story has been bashed just as much as the linear path you follow. Apparently, there isn't much of story.
  25. New pics of the "power core combiners" toys at TFW2005. It looks pretty cool. The minicon has 4 modes (robot, robot weapon, vehicle weapon, armor). This series could be like micromasters evolved. Pretty neat idea and I think I like the designs (pics kinda suck b/c of glare).
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