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  1. What is "lego castbyme"? I can't find anything on that via google. I would be very interested in cheap parts that I could order all in one place.
  2. Revoltech needs to stick to what they do well, Mecha. Let the other lines like Figma handle people. Suits of armor are Mecha-ish, so they are fine for Revoltech, but people are just not as well suited for the line. And who the F*** wanted Revoltech T-Rex or Monsters over more deserving anime series characters/Mechs? Seriously, do Anubis from ZOE or Vic Viper from ZOE before those crappy things. Heck, I wouldn't mind seeing a Revoltech Zeorymer and Great Zeorymer. Or dare I say it, a Revoltech Guyver??? That would be freakin sweet! Plus they could use more or less the same mold for 2 repaints.
  3. I know the thread is old, but I just watched the movie and suggest that anyone who liked Gundam 00 stop after Season 2 and pretend the movie never existed. The guy that did the movie should never be allowed to work with a popular series ever again. I understand the ending (well, as much as one could b/c it was a mess), but it was aweful and completely unrelated to Gundam 00 IMO. The entire aliens thing was pure trash and the movie was complete waste. Failblazer FTL...
  4. At one point, I had designed a VF-1, Alpha fighter, Beta fighter, SDF-1, and I think something else too. But I couldn't find the dang pieces from one seller and I wasn't gonna pay like $20 a pop to get the bricks I needed. BTW, all of them transformed and were "chibi" scale.
  5. So what's the word on the Hongli kits? Are they good quality or is it worth the extra $15-20 a kit to get the nice Bandai versions?
  6. I know this is an old thread. But I just got Luffy and Nami and love them. So much fun! On a side note, does anyone else think that the new Sanji figure won't be able to kick? It looks like his legs are restricted by the coat and for goodness sake, his character is all about kicking!
  7. I'm confused, on a Yahoo news story (I know, not the best place for accuracy), a reporter said that imported goods are going to be more expensive b/c the dollar is still falling compared to the Yen. Won't a huge crisis like this one that is crippling their economy cause the Yen to fall in value as their economy suffers???
  8. Wow, that's nuts. I guess his desk will be Revoltechless for awhile if it hadn't left Japan. It was his first overseas order too. But my goodness, this event is just tragic. I earnestly hope that nothing else bad befalls the country and that they can get that reactor under control!
  9. Just a random thought from a friend. He asked me if a figure he ordered from HLJ would likely be gone due to the Tsunami and I honestly didn't know. Anyone here know if the Tsunami took out many large transport ships? I have spoken with several friends in Japan and they are all okay thank goodness! One said his friends got stuck in Tokyo after the quake hit but he was able to ride his bike back home.
  10. Anyone else laugh when they saw the teaser image of the "monster" that hit the web recently? Looks like a freakin wannabe vampire. I honestly hope that was just some garbage the team threw together and isn't the actual monster. If it is, then that's a huge letdown.
  11. Order from HLJ. Same price as AmiAmi but you get a 20% discount on EMS too! Or if you're like me you go with the cheap shipping. ;D I'm kicking myself for not ordering D-Arts Rockman on the first day preorders were open b/c the next day it was already "order stop" status.
  12. So is there an ETA on the Elint and Ostrich?
  13. I'm confused...Is the Figure King Exclusive Revoltech Iron Man Mark IV also going to be released in June to the general public? I've seen websites that say it's an exclusive to the magazine, but others that have a release date of June 2011 for him?
  14. Does anyone know where to get a Revoltech Vash the Stampede w/out paying extortionist prices? Any clue if they ever re-issue figures? Seriously, the Ebay folks are asking $100 for this guy and these are Revoltech toys, not exactly meant to be expensive b/c you know you're gonna pose em and fidget with them.
  15. Actually, I just googled them a minute ago and found tons of online shops selling them. They run about $20-30 now. I bought my Max for $18 + shipping when the armor released.
  16. Oh well, at least that way, if Revoltech doesn't do Anubis, you can just buy the Riobit one (assuming they use the same scaling as the other figures you listed). Those figures look pretty decent too, so hopefully they do a great job with the ZOE figs.
  17. Other than 2012, no... I want to see pics/scale of the Riobit one. Heck, I'd like to see some other stuff Riobit produced so I can figure out if this is gonna be a crappy product or a shining star.
  18. You can get the individually. Or at least you could with the past ones. You just had to use the right online shops or use Ebay. I'm hoping these are more toward Summer or Fall. Too many figs (non-Macross related) are coming out in the next few months.
  19. So what's the estimated release date on the Ostrich and Elintseeker?
  20. So, at what toy show do people expect to see the Riobit Jehuty/Anubis/Vic Viper?
  21. Just found this thread, but I'd LOVE an affordable YF-19. All I have is a resin kit that I doubt I could build w/out buying new tools and finding the joints to fit it since the dang thing didn't come with them...
  22. Since the new PSP2 can basically play PS3 games (it played MGS4 from what I read), I'm hoping they will port it over since I don't own a PS3 and don't plan to get one. Edit: Just realized that I think that magazine scan is old. I know I've heard mention of that before... But OMG!!! Jehuty figures!!! I have waited so long for one of these babies and not one, but two companies are making some! Yay! Maybe we'll get lucky and we'll get ZOE 1 from one company and ZOE 2 Jehuty from the other.
  23. I played the beta and was not impressed enough to drop $60 on it and want to spend $15 a month on it. It was lacking in some areas and got very repetitive way too fast IMO. The combat chains for me were very repetitive too. I may have to try Vindictus.
  24. But the problem might be egos. If they can't work together as a cohesive team, then it's failure. That's the problem you always run into where a bunch of people who SHOULD do an amazing job on something end up with trash because they couldn't yield to someone else's vision or ideas.
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