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  1. What? You mean you have a life aside your hobby? We'll wait, I think no one here wants to see the project spoiled.
  2. Brace yourselves, week-end is coming (ok, tomorrow evening ).
  3. Agreed, torso-waist junction and shoulder look strange (maybe the shoulders can be moved back and the shot is just here to show a precise articulation). Though many people will buy it because it's quite tall and impressive, I definitely prefer MarkIV that I find to be "more Iron Man-esque". Edit: was right for the shoulders:
  4. Might be slow, but that's the trick, going too fast would flunk the project. I'm keeping an eye on this one cause it's ambitious and so far I like what I see ;-) Keep up the good work, take your time, make it flawless Make us dream
  5. Went crazy this afternoon, bought a Medicom RAH Captain Harlock (v2 Galaxy Express 999) and the Medicom RAH Eva 01. I remember when a few years ago I was like: "I like Revoltechs they do not use much room" I still like them but then, when my first VF-1xx 1/60 came in I swore to myself I wouldn't buy anything bigger. Yeah... So I swore... Can't wait to see these two on my shelves
  6. I believe I had a mix of fat and thin hinges but I was able to succesfully reuse the original pins (page 5 of this topic). The black looks really nice, I wouldn't have thought so
  7. It depends: Yamatos' 1/60 VF-1D and VT-1 as Gerwalk VE-1 as fighter, I'm gonna need a stand one day to avoid using the landing gears VF-1A(+GBP) and VF-1S(+SSP) as battroids Bandais' VF-25S Ozma Gen 1 Battroid, hardly stays in place while in gerwalk Toynamis' VF-1A + SSP as gerwalk and battroid following my mood VF-1S Focker and Hikaru left in boxes for further modfication "when I have time" Hard to say but I think overall my favorite form is Gerwalk because it reveals the ability to transform between fighter and battroid and because it's so... Macross. As far as I remember, this anime was the first showing transforming robots capable of tactically using a mid-tranformation, that was soooooooooo cool at the time
  8. Try to contact Veef directly, maybe he's open to suggestions and requests ;-)
  9. Maybe you'll find what you are looking for here: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/veefshop One of our community member, Veef, did a great job at replacing parts for VF-1 and VF-0 Good luck
  10. I only left this forum 2 weeks to see... this when coming back! So far, as Mommar stated above, Arcadia is a good name for sci-fi but since we don't have any clues of what 's going to happen, I'd say "gather and keep your collectibles". Looks like a VT-1 renewal is not on its way at the moment.
  11. Preordered on the first batch @ hlj, my two superparts boxes are finally being processed for shipping today. At last! I was almost ready to cancel my order to get them somewhere else.
  12. I should be receiving my email for the ssp soon then since my VE-1 went shipping today. Just a matter of hours.
  13. My VE-1 is on its way, my two SSP's have not been send yet and the Defender Destroid Tomahawk (Olive drab version) is still in backordered status since the 23th of September. Looks like I'll get my orders one after another, can't wait to get my (greedy) hands on the Super Strike Packs .
  14. You think it looked no good... I think you did a great job especially on the soft weathering
  15. Loute

    Macross 30

    At last, I've been waiting for this for ages! Hope we'll have complete information soon, those far-too-short macross' games on PS3 couldn't stay "unfinished". I own a PS3 but I really hope this game will be cross-platform so that Xbox owners can for once, get a Macross title. Doesn't look like it's an Artdink but well, that's good news anyway, it's raining here and I'm off to work with a big smile on my face
  16. Yamato should re-release its 1/60 strike pack for VF-1#, seeing strike packs sold nowadays @ 200$ is depressing. Some bought dozens because they're compulsive, some bought just what they need, some just bought extra boxes to make money out of Macross' real fans. They could also re-release the Heavy Armor in different colors.
  17. I have this 30th anniversary VF-1D too but the flap is here. Maybe you should contact your eBay reseller so he can get in touch with the first seller (might be an online shop such as amiami or hlj or ...). Only this person can do something about the missing part since he was the original buyer. Maybe someone here would also be able to reproduce the piece via recasting from a negative mold or recreate it so it can be printed in 3D. Good luck.
  18. There's worse, look at these three: , and 999$ each... They are from "Macross: Do You Remember Your Wallet?"
  19. You may have mine Don't worry, it works well anyway.
  20. Ho, thanx for the tip, I shall retry later for the cockpit part then, I haven't been trying that much (3 times actually). ;-) The rest is not really a problem actually, was just expecting the articulations to be a bit more loose.
  21. Just received my VF-1S renewal today and my feelings are mixed. Don't worry, I like it, it's still a state-of-the-art toy and I like it, even if the VF-1S has never been my favorite valk (I prefer the standard 1A for all those anonymous who died in battles). I like the normal canopy since it gives more "realism" (though I didn't mind the rainbow one) and I definitely admit I would have been stupid for not buying one on time. I also like the addons (cover parts, seat) and the minor changes they've made like the hook on the backpack BUT I've had a hell of a stress transforming her into battroid, the articulations are more than tight, I was afraid to break it apart anytime I was folding legs/ arms/ chest/... I even gave up opening the cockpit to place Roy in it since I could barely lift it upper than 2/3mm before feeling strong resistance, I didn't want to snap it. Also the gun pod doesn't seem to stant well on the arm. I don't recall having these "problems" with my VF-1A TV vers. However, I've found a decent battroid posture so I don't mind anymore. Did you guys had the same stress time I had?
  22. So has mine 18hours ago. At this rate, I'll have it before my VF-1D
  23. Wow, it's huge!!! It's even taller than my cat who is a Meltran among other cats I understand your urge to have an estimation of its size by roughly assembling it, I can't wait to see it finished, good job!
  24. Loute

    SCOOP thread!

    Looks like Yamato planned a roadmap for all the 1/60 v2 series renewal. I already own a VF-1A, I don't need a second one with otpional parts, though it might be a good thing for those who still don't have one (that's easy money for Yamato, almost a shame take an old Valk, a 3 pieces of plastic, say it's new/ ???/ profit). I'd rather be looking for a VT-1 or VE-1 with optional parts, I'm sure it'll come soon at this rate. I am not interested in buying this now but can these optional parts can be found in a bundle somewhere without the mecha? I was also wondering if there was a possibility to find a recast of a VF-1# 's gunpod (or a gunpod as a spare part)?
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