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  1. I've been watching the third episode so far and... I don't really like where it's going... Of course we have some fine mechas, good and neat drawing, a real work on landscapes, we even had some fan service with VF-1EX'es but on the other side, everything is so cliché and déjà-vu: - Why does the main character has to jump in an abandonned Valk to take part in a fight in order to save a loli since Macross Zero? - How come all the mechas are so easy to pilot? Of course, we follow the heroes so they are über skilled but they don't know it yet but my feeling is this one "Gimme that Valk, I rode a bicycle once so I can handle it, Imma gonna win the war alone, lol" - Lolies always singing Jpop, I'm quite neutral toward jPop but it's music and music and music all the episodes long and I feel I could get fed-up by this at the end - Why does the main male character has to have blue hair? - Why does the Nemesis have to cross themselves in slow motion on a Battlefield? - How come we can foresee what's coming next (Himmelmann getting shot down, you're not skilled enough little boy / ho jeez, here's some Jpop, he's gonna win at last/ ho no he passed the test but here comes Grumpy, there's no music he's gonna lose/ etc...)? - I can already say without spoiling that the good ones and the bad ones want the same thing but have different views on how achieving their goals... - There are some good dogfights but far from being as good as Plus/ Zero / Frontier, I guess they keep the good parts for the next episodes. - etc etc Maybe it's my age but I'm not as impressed as I've been with Plus/ Zero / Frontier and I tend to think I'm having a problem with the characters seen so many times too many times in so many different animés. I'll keep on watching it because it's Macross and maybe they'll surprise me further but I'm not even a real fan of the new shape battroids, I tink the VF-25S, VF0 (-s), YF-19/21, VF-1A/S/D, were much more classy.
  2. Already have one here. Had to repair hinges (thanks to veef who made this possible), her canopy is also cracked all long but I bought it second hand so I'm not the author of this misadventure and well, I had it for a price almost cheaper than hlj's discount on VF-1A at the time and was glad enough to get that model in my collection. I believe that if Arcadia re-released the VT-1, I would get 3 of them, as long as they keep the old price (and not prices like they do on 1/60 Macross Zero), 2 for me and one for a dear friend fond of Macross.
  3. Whoah! Didn't know that one, I like her look! Could be a good looking piece in my collection
  4. I feel bad for you man, how come your house doesn't sell? Is it the place? Its price? The decorative finishes? I hope it'll sell quickly by now, not that I am eager to see how the valk's going but rather because I know what a pain in the A it can be to remain in stand-by when you feel your life needs a new start. Good luck!
  5. I've been hesitating between S and A. Chose S because of its color scheme and head shape. (if it were a poll for VF-1, I'd chose A without hesitating) F and G are bottom list to me (G's color and F's head). I like RVF 25 in Gerwalk and fighter mode though.
  6. oh god please don't do it that way! Just kidding
  7. Damit! You already had my attention some time ago, I've been lurking on this post since then and let me tell you, sir, that you had my attention twice. I'm not planning on buying any of your stands right now since I'm gonna be moving in 3 monthes but they could become priority after I'm settled Awesome job!
  8. Well actually yes, I have a VF-1S that is a copy (dark grey /blue), bought on the net for a couple of bucks with some other vintage robots. I mean it's no official chunky-monkey VF-1S but it clearly comes from the same mould. Bought with no heatshield / no antennas on the head/ no gunpod this toy was intended to serve as a honeypot for children coming with their parents at my place. Since it was incomplete and "solid", it was the perfect piece to protect my collection (Macross mainly but also old transformers, some Grendizer,Captain Harlock, Evangelion) and having the children not being frustrated, being able to play with a part of this collection (yeaaah robot, yeaah plane! ) without feeling the envy to touch the fragile masterpieces -Yamato 1/60-. So, one week-end, a friend of mine came with his wife and their two children aged 3 and 6 (almost 7), visited our flat, saw the collection in the computer room and started whinning they wanted to play with one. Exactly the situation the toy was bought for, so I smiled, handed the copy to the elder and he started playing with it in the living room (I also have an old an incomplete Megatron that transforms into a tank that I left to the youngest so both of them were happy). "Yeah, cool story bro but what's your point?" The point is that even if I know it's a copy, the toy last until sunday afternoon when it finally decided to snap on a shoulder metal part, the toy is still transformable but we have to be very careful. Of course I wasn't mad, the toy had been bought for that but it was there that I realise that when WE, adults do transform it, it's gonna be ok but at one moment the child will try to transform it himself, will experience some resistance and may force until it snaps not realizing why it doesn't work as expected. My advice is: If you like your chunky-monkey then wait he's at least 8 yo, until then, get him use to transform robots by buying some plastic and simple to transform ones so he may figure out why there is some resistance here, how to pass over the problem, so he gets use to not forcing on the toys and think on the overall when it doesn't work as expected, he'll also get use to moving parts to form another shape. Remember it's like a one piece puzzle for them that has to stay simple at first (avoid too complex Transformers for example, some say age +3 but almost need a college grade to succeed a transformation)(almost no kidding). Don't rush, let him grow old enough at his own pace first
  9. Thanks to all advices. I managed to go C type and became eventually quite accurate at controlling my Valk (just the anti-missile action that I found to be less easy to use when spamming missiles due to position of the fingers). I also discovered (everybody knows but me) the possibility of headshot another mecha, very useful in dungeons where enemies can be waiting for you "en masse", helps reducing the flock before they notice your presence. . Will use the guide for secondary quests anyway. Having spent 7 hours on it already, I can say that i'm disappointed with the ingame musics, they sound like a Japanese RPG so far but they would also be ok for whatever Japanese RPG we could play, I don't really find any "macross touch" in it. I'm sure it's because of the copyrighted material but still, they could have done some better music and sound arrangements for Deck /Hangar /maps /cities (laugh trophy awarded to the shop that you quit with the sound of a squeaky wooden door).
  10. Thanks Claxus for the tip :-) I've made a few quests yesterday, decided to force myself on Type C at the end of my game session and thus spent 10 minutes learning -or at least trying to learn- the controls. Coming from the PSP where I (overplayed) the 3 games, trying to get a "seamless" and swift actions rather caught me burst out of laughing, especially when I saw my Orange VF-0A w/ ghost boosters (Orange Valk! frakk yeaaaaah) constantly changing shape instead of changing direction (I'm such a failure sometimes) I don't mind, I'll overcome that but I'll need to practice "a bit" more before I can go on a dungeon, juste like a real Valk Pilot ;-) . Thanks again. Regarding the English patch, I meant it for the menus but also for the plot since I actually understand most of it (I've been studying Japanese long long long ago - brings me almost 20 years back) but I miss the subtility of the story and can also miss an important element. That being said, it's still a good game I'm having fun with it.
  11. Hi all, Had my copy of the game end of last week. Haven't had the time to play that much so far, I've been mainly messing around the map with fighters who, for no reason, wanted me down, I also had to teach respect to some Pirate SpaceCrafts that prevented me from entering cities (I left some aside because I've heard they could be quest parts) and there comes the very n00b question, the one that'll make you laugh: AutoLocking enemies is great but... How the Vajra do we UNlock the targets??! I mean, I don't mind destroying one or two enemies on the way to collect some items but since the auto lock automatically locks (fancy that) the next target, collecting the elements or just escaping is a real pain in the "somewhere-it-may-hurt". I've tried all buttons, even double tapping the lock button with no success, the only solution I've found so far is to change into fighter and go far away, away your radar range you've been improving, spending precious TP for nothing. Of course when you get back the little colored dots are gone. Any idea on what to do? I haven't tried C control type, I assume I'm playing with A type (PSP like) since I figure B type wasn't that easy to perform accurate dashes (but I prefered the use of the gunpod on B, much more interesting). Too much talk for me: how to unlock enemies without having to turn them down? Thanks a lot Edit: I know there's a translation guide, I threw a quick eye on it today, but is someone planning on making/releasing an English patch that could be used on CFWs' PS3? ... If only I knew how to do... That could be of great help for the community.
  12. So was I... Why don't they release a Macross for VITA? They could do something great. I'm still sticking to the old iterations on PSP (done, done and over done).
  13. VT-1 VF-1A VF-25S If I had three of them to keep, they would be these ones. Liking also goes to VE-1 / VF-11 / YF-19 / YF-21 :-)
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