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  1. I can wait 9 or more days for you to get and test your work. So far it looks fairly nice -and solid-, I'll buy lots of these to decrease the shipping impact (France) when you're happy with the results (your v1 was already nice). Just wondering, I know it's a bit early, but how will you proceed? You'll leave a link to shapeways so that we'll be able to order the parts directly from them? Or you have something else in mind? Again, nice work from you and your friend, you gave me back hope for that you have my admiration . It's just a pity that Yamato didn't do anything serious concerning that well known problem at first.
  2. Ho que oui, et j'ai des amis qui sont dans la même "galère" que moi, ça va les ravir!
  3. I'm in for (Edit: at least) 5 sets of 2 (10 pieces) whenever the model is ready for production, not that I need that much but that's a prevision for the future, I love those 1/60 Valks and you just resolve their main problem. I also have some friends desperately looking for those hinges. Congrats man (you made my day!)
  4. Damn! Everything is served hot here!! :-) Thanx for the link I missed that. You're right: Fracking lucky me! *jumping in the office, everybody watching me puzzled, I don't care.
  5. Hi all, Sorry I left the thread so long I just red all your answers. HLJ clearly told me to F.O. somewhere else, that they won't do anything to help. Fair enough, it was one option (the best I had so far) but that doesn't mean I clueless as what to do (yet they 're still my favorite vendor). I recently bought Fimo and resin (solid transparent one) so I can mold the parts over my VF-1A and rebuild the canopy (yet tint it in light blue or light green, I don't know). I can also wait for another sale @hlj to get parts. I can also try those online services that prints 3D models, all I have to do is find a way to create the mesh or find an existant one for 1/60 shoulder hinges. My principal problem is time. I lack it. And I don't wan't to sell my little growing collection because its hinges go wild ;-)
  6. Well it's not really a fail, I'd rather call it "experience" ;-) I hope it didn't cost you too much. V1 ain't that bad, it's just the full Gerwalk mod that (strongly) sucks (or I missed something with my VE-1 et VT-1). Actually with time you'll easily recognize V1 and V2 by their general aspect and especially their legs (articulation / rotation on knee for v2, weird rotation 3/4 leg v1), look at their original hands too, V2 are articulated V1s' not. Still, those V1 are perfect for cutomizing, look great as jets, nice as mid Gerwalk (arms in) and good as battroid (though a v2 is superior, they're still worth the buy if in good condition and quite affordable ). If you just see the box, V2 have a flap top that recovers the box. Last but not least, keep an eye on hlj, they frequently have 1/60 Yamato for sale last year I bought a V2 VF-1A (cannon fodder) and armor parts for less than 100€ (94 actually). You'll get a brand new V2 for cheap price ;-)
  7. Awww man, you're sick, can't wait to see the result!! :-)
  8. I don't know much of Toynami but was left baffled with their 1/100 ve-1, vt-1 and Glaug, can't wait to see them on the market and put my (greedy) paws on it :3 I really hope they won't be stuck as "promising projects" and will be released since nothing equivalent seems to be awaited from the Bandai 1/100 Hi-Metal series.
  9. Yay! that's nice! I tried last October, the 27th and got an answer saying the service was suspended. I'll give it one more try this evening (EU time) for the canopy and shoulders of my vt-1 because they clearly told you they were going to contact Yamato. Nice post ;-) Edit: Couldn't wait tonight, I contacted them (again). ". Should go back to work now :-/ Edit 2: Damn, I was too confident, the service is still down if used for an item not bought at hljs'. I should have say it was for my VF1-A Tv in the first place since the parts are common, that will teach me about being honest . At least the answer was fast, still a good point for them
  10. Oh thanks, that was the topic I was looking for but you're right, Graham's spare parts seem to be long gone, as always I'm too late. Unfortunately I'no Japanese resident and don't even know anyone there, I'll still give it a try by e-mail with them (I'll try the "cute cat look"). There's still hope
  11. Hi folks, I'm looking for good spare parts for a super ostrich v2 by Yamato: - left & right shoulder joints - canopy Do you have these around? If so, make an offer. I'm still contacting some yamato retailers. Thanks.
  12. Thank you for those answers, though they confort me in the feeling that I have very little hope to find replacement parts for the broken pieces. I even thought about buying a very low priced (because they're on sale) VF-xx Valk @hlj and dismantle it to repair my VT-1 but I can't resign myself to do that since it would break my heart to destroy a brand new Valkyrie. I still have several options left: - try to get parts from an other official retailer (so that his e-mails won't be ignored by Yamato) - find these parts on the forum (my best option so far ;-) ) - Ask a guy that would know a lot about molding (thinking of that I may know the adequate person) - "vandalize" a brand new mecha (arghhhh!!!) - wait for hlj's service to run back on -??? - et voilà. On a more general thought, I feel a bit disapointed about Yamato, it would have been so easier if they had a customer service with a special section for these Macross toys, I don't mind paying the shipping nor even paying the plastic bits if my good if off waranty. I continue my investigations and I'll let you know how it turns out. Again, thank you for all your answers ;-)
  13. Hi all, First I'd like to apologize if I'm not posting in the right section since it's my very first post on this forum. I've searched for that subject but coudn't find anything releavant to my problem. My question is "Where can I get spare parts for those Magnificient-yet-(often)-crapy-jointed Yamato's Valks V2?" I came here on a friend's recommandation who said that you might be able to help me with the cracking shoulders (left & right) and knaped canopy of a Super Ostrich (YMT00126). It's quite hard to find precise and releavant information on the Internet for that problem. Actually I was really looking forward a nice answer from parts@hlj.com since I have an account there but they informed me that this service was suspended because of the earthquake and they didn't know when they where going to run it back on. I also gave a try at over-drive-inc.com since they have a form specially made for that but I've never receive any answer. Could you guys give me a hint on what to do? Have these spare parts for sale or an address to contact to get them? Am I doomed to keep it this way? Thanks for the useful advices you could give me (and sorry for my english, I haven't pratice for centuries, maybe even more ;-) )
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