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  1. Wow, that's some great paint jobs done on these Glaugs! There's also this "to-be-annouced" Glaug in pre-painted version that looks nice http://www.e2046.com/product/15641 Or its original version here http://www.e2046.com/product/15489 They're SD but, I may give it a try later if nothing comes from Yamadaïnami (or Toyamadai, don't remember)
  2. "No region" means the game will be playable on a US or European PS3 even if it is Japanese (so are normally every PS3 games), though I'm not sure the movie will be readable on any onther system than japanese. And Renato is right, there's been already 2 Macross games based on Frontier on PS3
  3. A member from a french forum received a Yamato newsletter yesterday saying it would be available on the 28th of April. I went through ishop2go as well. It's on its way Edit: release date modified here (at last) http://www.yamato-toys.com/items/detail.php?gid=2006&mmlnk=120420
  4. Yeah, I violently trolled page 5 of this topic (but I was so happy)
  5. Don't understand what you mean by QC but if it refers to the fragile hinges that broke: yes, the problem is solved. Phalanix was refering to the "not locked shoulder" which is quite different and can be seen on every VF-1# Yamato's v2 Valkyrie and on the VF-1S picture he posted above, you can see that the part that holds the arm isn't locked straight on the body
  6. Concerning the shoulder, I see what you mean I also noticed it when I got my first Yamato v2, a VF-1A with Armor Parts, I have a VT-1 and a VE-1 that do the same, I believe the re-release of this VF-1S doesn't change that and simply adds the cover parts and external seat, leaving the Valkyrie untouched. But, as Veef found out, the hinge doesn't break because it is free to move, it breaks because there's a problem with the diameter of the hole where the pin fits. Since Yamato is aware of that explo-shoulder the problem has been corrected and should not be seen on any other Valk than the early and mid v2, the new comers are safe. the fact there's a front hinge panel able to move a bit while in battroid doesn't bother me either
  7. Anyone has an exact release date for the VF-1D "renewal" ( since it's mid-month past 12 seconds and the status hasn't change )? Can't wait to put my greedy hands on this one.
  8. It's not only huge, it's pretty detailled and accurate. Please, continue, post images!!!
  9. Yes, Dye Another Day (But tomorrow because tomorrow never Dyes)! ... Sorry couldn't help. @Veef: I agree with the smoothness of the movements when the hinge is replaced. @ Mechamaniac: Strange I got both from Shapeways, I haven't checked their size but my VT-1 arms aren't loose with those remplacement parts.
  10. Though it's nice to see VFs @ 4900¥, they are mostly the same items each time HLJ has a sale (shelves warmers?). I love the basic VF-1A and I would be tempted if I were to do a custom mod. I've already pre ordered a VF-1D renewal, making my wished collection complete (I'll buy a VF-1S focker scheme + strike parts one day). I'll pass this one. That is still a good sale with quality pieces for those who are starting
  11. I laughed at the crew worshiping Hayase (Nice Meltran help too by the way)
  12. For some gameplayers (including me) that looks like a HD PSP triangle frontier torn into small chapters. Want to play HD graphics Macross F? Go buy the two overpriced hybrid packs, you'll get the movie AND the game(s). Want to play HD graphics classic Macross? Go buy the hybrid DYRL pack , you'll get the movie AND the game. What if you just want to play HD-graphics-PSP-triangle-frontier-like macross game? I guess I'll pass on this one, I need a real game with vasts and detailed areas, not (again) a hybrid pack that'll make money out of fandom. I'm sure the DYRL master is good quality but still, I really miss a true macross game on PS3 (or Vita, that would lead me to buy a vita+macross pack).
  13. Ouch, The anime series years ago were already tasteless compared to the original and very dark comics. But here he wants to rewrite the story? Why use the TMNT then? Is there any way to stop Bay (sell him on E-Bay?)(sorry couldn't resist)? Who's been able to watch any of the transformers without feeling dizzy nor even start snoring? Imagine what he could do with this. ... Worse... Imagine what he won't do with the TMNT -and cry-.
  14. I have always dreamed of a Macross game that would be a mix of Colony Wars (so we could fly next to really giant ships in a vast open space) and Heavy Gear 2 an old but quite realistic mecha game. Adding the ability to leave the Valkyrie to go through the corridors as an infiltrating pilot would make an awesome game. Though it would require a very strict level design, it could really bring something amazing. Imagine yourself wandering in the fully reconstituted Macross SDF1 talking to the inhabitants, then going to the hangar, choosing a random Valk equiping it with the desired armaments for a little drive outerspace (or exploring a Zentradi spaceship). That would be some RPG! Yes, I know, "Harmony crap owns the gold"...
  15. Also works for strafe (Gerwalk/Battroid) double tap left or right and accelerate double tap up appendix: maintaining Triangle 2~3secs as Gerwalk/Battroid will charge power and allow you to dash forward into an enemy causing him damage if touched it shuts down the motors while in fighter mode. To stay on place while in Gerwalk maintain R (protection) ;-)
  16. Big UP for gwfalcon whose packing skills truly helped the VE-1 arriving in his new home in good condition. The box would have been smashed without his knowledge. Received the package this morning right when I was leaving for work, I'll check its content tonight Great vendor, fast and good communication too(precise / efficient).
  17. I see what you mean but believe me, swapping the parts is easy as... well, saying it's easy, it took me 5 minutes to replace both SO v2 shoulder hinges. Therefore, with the existence of Veef's replacement parts you don't necessarily have to stick to the guide, you may even find a low priced one and replace the hinges for almost nothing. Chek the guide, for instance, you'll only have one version of the Super Ostrich (2.1) in it labelled as "Avoid" should you pass your way if you find one with a good rebate?
  18. Ok, I just received my order and got the Zentradi Heavy Missile Carrier Pod (the green one): the general aspect and the details are fine, the item is pretty but when I touched the leg it fell down the glueing was bad I guess so I'll have to do it myself... I also received the VF-1(A/J/S) Strike Valkyrie pack (with super parts) and it's... well I don't know how I should feel about it. I was just interested in buying the VF-1A but it came in a "3 items-pack". They look better than the transforming Kayodo's Revoltech (NR-36 /37 /40), more accurate in the shape with a little look that reminds me of the original series (big shoulders, large arms, head's aspect), they transform quite easily but the precision of the articulations is absent (not like Bandai's or Yamato's), it's full plastic and the overall seems a bit loose. They come complete with super strike parts (wich truly enhance their general aspect) and a display stand that's not very efficient (I put it back in the box since it's useless in gerwalk mode). Though it's not bad overall, it doesn't look like it's quality made. I guess they should have added some lock mechanism for the leg hinges. The whole lot is average quality, I regret the pod's falsly being articulated and that cheap plastic look for the Valks. I now better understand the fans' critics especially when one's got used to Yamato or Bandai standards.
  19. As ultramn_zoffy said "explo-shoulders" belong to the past, thanks to veef who's pretty active on creating spare parts for the goodness of the community (he's currently working on the remplacement of the VF-0's easily breakable arm) Here's a link to his shop on shapeways.com = http://www.shapeways.com/shops/veefshop You can see the replacement here: http://www.collectiondx.com/blog/vf5ss/i_never_liked_it_when_my_toys_broke and mine here: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=36316&view=findpost&p=958744 Since it's now safe to buy VF-1* the guide on anymoon is somehow unecessary (but you still maybe able to find some cheap second-hand v2)
  20. That feeling won't disappear unless you polish the item but I think it is somehow pointless (unless it prevents the parts from working as they should wich shouldn't happen since they've been well designed) and since the hinge is mostly hidden. I too felt the pin hole was too small but the original pin perfectly fits in it. Basically, all you have to do is to remove the old hinge, get the pin, assemble the new hinge with the original pin, install the new hinges (see veef's videos or my photos up the page ). ... And profit.
  21. My VF-1A still brings chocolates, you can't win against that unless you come with a spare parts project. ... Oh wait...
  22. that could be an explanation. Edit: also explaining why the size's irregularity are so regular, I mean I have two sizes for each piece, not 3 or 5. The best combination so far is a 5mm "balled" part and a 4mm complement.
  23. Nope, I only bought 6 of the second item. they came more or less fat as you can see on the other pictures where I put them side by side, by the way I had 7 "fat parts". (what's wrong with Frenchies and Grendizer? The Italians are almost worst than us with that mecha )
  24. Ok guys, here are the photos. I've finally had quite a hard time inserting the original rod in the new hinges parts for the second arm, I believe some of will have to polish them a bit, even use paper clips' bits but hey, it works and it's definitely worth it. Here how the thing happened @ home: those were playing gently together until... And so... U mad? LoL! The offender was arrested and so began the fixing journey... Circled in red, the place where the screws are so you can release the backplate (wings/tail/...) Screw places on the verso, not that it's complex or Veef hasn't said how to do that but it's always better to know what you're doing Arms and hinges: Comparison, you may notice the sandy aspect of the one from shapeways I got the original hinge rod so I could reuse it with the spare parts (well I meant Cyclos did) I was desperate on how I could set the rod in the new parts when Queadluun, probably bought off by Veef came with a brillant idea. And soon the problem was settled (actually I used a quite heavy clamp on its flat side, it was much more efficient) Then Optimus came to give a help with the arm reassembly And soon the right arm was repaired Griffin shocked by the super Ostrich's story decided to give a hand for the left arm that was about to follow the same path as the right one Followed by one the Kamen riders (Raiden or Zero I don't know) Soon both hinges were replaced by solid ones (note: do not draw the screw too tight or you won't be able to move the hinges "freely") And so everything went fine again I can't swear this is exactly how everything happened but I can say the spare parts are solid enough, maybe you'll need to reduce their size or plane them down a bit (had a couple that were too fat and the articulation wasn't working properly) it won't take long to figure out where the problem is and solve it. Overall, it's a good quality product, veef and his friend did a great job here, Shapeways.com did also something good yet perfectible, that maybe the actual limit of 3D printers VS molds. Still, glad I was able to repair my Super Ostrich! Thx Veef (and friends)
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