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  1. I can't wait for this one, it looks awesome! I remember the original and although it was crude by todays standards IMHO it's a great movie, now that it's getting a new face it'll probably be great too, having Dennis Quaid is a good sign that it'll be fun, he did a great job on that movie where he was injected into some nerds body... great news!
  2. Lol I agree. I happen to like the Super Ostrich head. Its seem so bad ass with that small radar head lol. But maybe its just me. I would say the worst has to be the VA-3 Invader. Totally agree with the Invader, that's a really boring looking head, the rest is nice, but without any fast packs. However is not even close to the crappines of the clown force.
  3. There's so many good choices.. next time ask wich one's the worst face... I know of a really crappy and red one that surpasses even Boss bot!
  4. Any of the 3 Clown force turds, they're probably the stupidiest and sissiest designs ever... honorable mention to the Fire turd.. that plane was really messed... awfull paintjob, stupid face (all the head by the way) and a sissy pilot...
  5. certainly not your business cause seems you have no idea what you are talking about Nope, you're wrong sir, I have 2 nephiews and 2 cousings worth of experience with the matter, I don't care if it's Yugioh, pokemon or Magic but I've seen the results, as I said I was only giving the guy some advice, not flaming anything, if I wanted to turned this into some anti card game war my words would have been different, I actually don't care if the guy buys the cards or not but I remember being in the same position with one of my nephiews and I trully regret buying him the f...ing starter set. Get the kid a basketball or a radio control car or something that makes him move, not those cards that only become an addiction in front of a table. My comment is also based in the fact that kids now spend their time either in front of a tv or playing with such games, what happened with the good old outdoor games? I don't know... My two cents...
  6. OK, it's not my business and don't take this on the bad side, I'm actually just gonna give you a sugestion: if you want to give the kid a nice present get something that'll make him play outside and use his imagination...
  7. the only thing Skull Squadron and Dancing Skulls Squadron have in common is the fact that two of the members served time on both teams.... otherwise they have NOTHING to do with one another. You can't imagine how happy I am that what you say is real to me dancing skulls sound just as sissy as the Pink peckers.... horrible.. and really wussy
  8. Dancing Skulls... what a lame and wussy way to finish skull squadron....shameful IMHO... oh well... Macross M3 was done when Kawamori was still with the M7 POS fresh on his head... so no wonder
  9. Well, I don't think it's nessesary to re animate everything, just erase and burn everything made by animesh.it and animate those parts, being carefull that they look like the original, th soundtrack doesn't have to be done again, just paste the old soundtrack into the new animated scenes, I love Macross as is but it'll be nice not to see what animefriend did, what Big west did is very nice.
  10. loooooooooooser! he wants to watch the spongebob movie instead. whaaat??????? spongebob??? no way!!! I'll go and watch The incredibles.. you win! Oh and EXO, I'm not a loooooooser for not liking the movie, a little loooser maybe.... but in any case the movie was way too "Disneysh" to me, that's why I find hard to like it. Later
  11. hahahahahhahaha!!!!!! that was awesome! Nice one Keith!!! hahahahahhaha!
  12. You guys have to be kidding about this film....
  13. Oh and here's something more apropiate
  14. Thats not nearly as bad as the dress he wore in M7. Got pics? I don't think anyone would bother to keep a screenshot of something so lame, it was shamefull. Not exactly a screenshot but something I found around cause I am not right now at home. I have the DVDs so I can take screenshots Really, what an awfull dress is that... Max looks like he belongs to the Love Boat or something...
  15. Looking at the shoulders it looks like the prototype, the crappy production ones from M7 had long and pointy shoulders. I don't think this is an official pic, it has a lot of errors, the cannards look weird for instance, however it's a very cool one. HTH
  16. Sorry guys.... if there's any porno in this it would be Bucket head with Ricky and the one who wins goes with Maxy... I recall that in the sentinels all the characters turned into a bunch of pussies, very Robotesque. By the way, the Janice crap looks indeed like Freza's sister.... or maybe Cooler's daughter... and if that was not enough ripping if you cut that stupid face she looks like Rei Ayanami.... I wonder who's gonna be the next sorry ass character who gets to wear THE Bucket... and if they're gonna include the double turd looking SDF-3...
  17. Hi guys, sorry for my ignorance but I've never seen this game but have heard it mentioned quite a few times, it's the same Jugio right??
  18. As awfull as the Sentinels were, and as lame as the uniforms were, they were a hell of a lot better than the pink football pads that Basara wore in M7. Why the hell is it every time Keith complains about something someone has to reply with a complaint about Macross 7? Do we have to lay bait for M7 fights in ever single thread? Honestly Agent, I expected better of you. Note also white and blue not pink... maybe you just didn't look close enough whilst Listening to his song. I actually ment that the bucket should be forgotten. I take the sent movie as cannon (not that I really care about Robotech that much anyways but...) in the sent movie he says "Dr. Lang desgined me this new face plate to wear to the wedding." So as far as I'm concerned after the wedding it's gone... dialouge requirement fullfilled. Actually Agent 1 is right, the uniforms and most of the clothing in Macross 7 was awfull, Max's uniform gets a honorable mention, that's the sissiest uniform in Macross history, one more thing for me to piss on M7
  19. LOL! and to think that "the Bucket" is not seen yet.... How many times must I say it? Lord_Breetai does not wear a bucket Lord_Breetai does not wear a bucket what is't then?? a potty??
  20. LOL! and to think that "the Bucket" is not seen yet....
  21. Hahahaha!!!! what a POS show this one 's gonna be.. that Louis looks like Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters! maybe he came from HG's a-hole to play a role in this "new" crap show. This surely deserves to be called "robotech"..bleh
  22. Looks like the Turn A gundam...I like it!
  23. Carefull! Boo boo maybe still around! and by the way Solscud007, where did you found this stuff??, I would like to see more of the story.
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