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  1. Hi folks, I found a couple of pics (see below) about Max and Millia's wedding that I've never seen, where did they come?? was there ever a scene in DYRL that included the wedding????
  2. After the GP-01 piece of sh..t garbage I hope no other PG will appear.... why did they had to mess my favorite suit?? damn them!!!!!!
  3. Sorry but I have to say it. what a dumb question... No offense intended by the way
  4. Let's put Kakizaki on a Vf-1 and the Ghost... the drone would get so tired of his sillyness that probably would short circuit..
  5. Oh man!! I've forgot Ulises 31!! that show was awesome!!! great ships and story! even the animation was great! I've heard Kawamori did some designs for it also! Go figure! Thank's for reminding me that! it was trully awesome!
  6. Speaking about old shows who remembers "Inhumanoids", "Robotiks"(this one aired with Jem) and the vehicle Voltron??? Better than any stupid Pokemon-like show!
  7. lol. speaking of holograms. remember a toy line which had it's own anime. thy had hoegraphic plates on their chests and animals and other creatures came out of them. Thye also had alot of vehichles and other medivel/ modern hybred stuff. That one was called "Visionaries" and it was awesome! i had some of the action figures... quite crappy by the way, but the series was really cool! Jem on the other part was really awful!!! It came when "My little pony" was on air and I think those shows really sent me to play sports!
  8. Animation error... anime fiend. I mean, "friend" is the responsible!!! I hope those guys are still to these days being punished with needles on their finger nails!! GGRR!
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I need Pokemon shows and other bad shows to make fun of! Nahh! you can have enough to make fun of with most of the really crappy and stupid Cartoon Network shows, not to worry about since they suck big time!... Gee! I need a good Jap animation channel here in the states! Sorry for those CN fans but I've still have to see a good non cut show on that channel, it's way to Americanised now
  10. Let's see the good side! maybe with this they'll stop doing POS shows like Pokemon, Digimon and Yugioh!!! None of 'em are worth sh--t!
  11. I remember that one, it was quite crappy, I remember being quite angry 'cause the only weapons they used where their hands.. the shoot something with them.. aaarrrgg! I had a few toys, they were of really good quality but overall the design was not good, the good guys leader was an F-15! hehehe! Later
  12. Can't agree more with you about the American culture, sad but true
  13. So true, the story sucks too... I hate all of that guy Tartakovsky (spell?) works, way too crappy.... Later
  14. I don't care which i am, but I would love to get laid with Mercury or Venus!!
  15. Watch Macross 7 with the idea that it's not a macross sequel and you'll like it, I like the characters and story for the most part but when it comes to military, mecha and the enemies I think it's a complete POS, even Max became a wimp i that case... oh well, here we go with another M7 bashing tread...
  16. The reason for the M7 transformation is quite obvious, it wouldn't be a macross withput transformation, however the real question is why they put hands with fingers on the already crappy looking ship...... beats me, the gun ship is not a bad idea but to put fingers is way too stupid, anyway Macross 7 is not a show directed to mecha, it's more in favor of the characters, I don't care hearing Basara or Mylene, but what they were doing with the Clown force and the stupid sound energy, and all the Protodevilin sh.t is way over the top, as someone said once, we wanted a Macross sequel, not Sailor moon... Later folks...
  17. Hey Dangard Ace, who's the chick in your avatar???
  18. Hi folks, it's been quite a while since the las update in our beloved MW , does anybody has a word from Shawn or Graham?
  19. Thank's for the pic Lestat! also the Megaroad looks similar to one of those cementery ships from Macross 7 Trash... any hints? Later, and by the way, if somebody has more pics of the megaroad please post them! me wants, me wants!!!
  20. Help please!!! Does anybody has a big scan of the Megaroad from this picture?? or at least a clean picture of it! even lineart! TIA!
  21. On the episode that Rolli, Konda, and Warera are selling toys there's a Tamiya (a model company) logo on their stand, also in DYRL there's a picture of the Prometheus and the Daedalus on Global's room and the last one: in Macross 2, D-boy from Tekkaman Blade (Blade in Teknoman for the USA guys) appears on one of the last episodes looking at one of those big monitors. Later folks
  22. I'm sure the death song is Planet Dance... I for sure would kill myself if I hear that crap again!! I hope the AFOS doesn't sing like Basara... that would suck!! however if somebody removed his head and left it on the sea was because the thing sings just like that! ARRRGGHHH!!! my ears!!!
  23. If you actually see them and start to vomit don't even try the Macross 7 Encore Ova....is a complete POS! specially Fleet of the stupid women... I heard great things about it, but when I got to see it I was pissed at the crappyness..sadly Max became a wimp in Macross 7 and Millia is quite stupid also, I'm with Agent one on this, everything Macross 7 is a shame to the macross franchise, however I respect the people who likes it; I think that a future series that portrays the M7 events as a soap opera in the macross universe would be awesome, no more M7-like crap but still cannon. Later
  24. i'll wait for avp to come out before i bad mouth it, i WANT it to be good. but reality is, it probably won't be. the predator movies, much as i liked them, were pretty close to being bad B movies at times. honestly, a cool pred movie would be one about the 1715 musket. seeing some colonial era guys take on a Predator (i'm asuming with some of its weaponry removed) with mussle loaders and hand to hand weapons could be cool. Is just that I hate to see two completely different and unrelated stories bonded, in my opinion the movie will be a complete joke and a rape of the caliver of Alien resurrection to the Alien series
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