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  1. Red Comet

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    That means you have seen other pink Valkyries??? there have been a few hello kitty valks, hasegawa i think, maybe. arguably they were better quality than this repaint. but that could also be disputed in factoring scale. who knows. pink is pink and pink is very manly Yes...pink is MANLY...
  2. ROFLMAO!!!! Oh wait. You were making a joke, right? Yeah...
  3. Red Comet

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    Graham... Will do if i can get hold of a digital camera... Meanwhile can this make do?
  4. Red Comet

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    Hello Graham, i am honored to have my pinky valk be posted in the gallery. However, i do not have a digital camera, this is taken by my T610 cellphone. Will post bigger pictures when i have got the digital camera... Meanwhile, can these make do?
  5. The 14 year old girl that Char supposedly in love with... Isn't she cute?
  6. Hey, that's a very cool picture of me at my younger days...
  7. Red Comet

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    From what you say I think they are same person. Come on which guy likes pink only if he`s a ... you know what I mean. I bet in that indeed RC is a girl ! Guess...guess...guess....
  8. There is no Breetai or Exedore options...
  9. Red Comet

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    Hentai O-Ji-san Desu!
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