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  1. agreed as well with the Zeta girl I guess you have yet to see the PG Strike Gundam Indeed I haven't seen it.... however remember that the idea of removing the Zeta girl armor was mine from the beggining...!! as Jay(from Jay and Silent Bob) said in Dogma: "I don't like sloppy seconds!"
  2. you have my vote for the worst joke ever.... specially 'cause I was thinking that Bandai was doing a PG Nu gundam... oh well.. after that POS bastard of the PG GP01 I guess I would not have any reactions for a new PG... now don't ever make a joke like this again or you would be condemned for an eternity watching only Macross 7 PS: I would love to remove the armor of that Gundam chick!
  3. You mean the Macross class??? just wait, when it transforms it has HANDS!!!! it sucks!! You heard him, Winter, he has a different opinion, so yours must be wrong. This is exactly the sort of "argument" I meant by my last post. Blah blah..... it wasn't an argument, it's an opinion buddy
  4. You mean the Macross class??? just wait, when it transforms it has HANDS!!!! it sucks!!
  5. jesting or not, that's the most ridiculous excuse i've read here to date. When it comes to Macross 7 threads, it's pretty much a given somebody will use that. Other posts typical of these topics, in no particular order... - you're not smart enough to understand M7 - you hated M7 'cuz you're an evil warmonger - Gundam has newtypes, therefore spiritia is ok - J-pop is awesome, and you're stupid if you hate it - Basara is the best character in the history of fiction! You hit the nail buddy! It's always the same thing in every M7 tread, now be carefull 'cause there's "some guys" I don't want to mention who use those same excuses everytime.....blah blah.... Oh and by the way, there's worse things than Eva fans, Gundam Wing fans.. especially the ones who saw that crap on Cartoon Network think that's the best thing ever and think that Gundam Wing is the best gundam show... There's also the geeks who defend Yugishit and Pokecrap... that's for very young kids and to make matters worse are the americanised Dragonball fans... (americanised = Dragonball cut and edited from Cartoon Network), also don't forget the Robocrap fans who swear that it's the best thing.. anoying?? hell yeah!
  6. that's a great example of what M7 is!! congrats! however I enjoyed Spaceballs, M7 to the contrary made me sick... I agree with the "good story but really badly presented" theory the way it is M7 sucks big time. An now for those who like Star Trek here's a great pic I found.
  7. I would agree with you only if the other Macross show is Macross 7, but although plus is great most of the other shows are quite good on their own, M+ is the most atractive though, but it's not the best, I would love though that every new Macross show follows what Plus did, but fresh ideas are welcome (M7 is the exception, fresh ideas.. not sissy and ridiculous ones). In any case a sequel to Macross plus is something we're hardly gonna get, but the show's energy can be emulated, for the moment we have Macross 0 and although it's hardly the quality of M+ it's not that bad, let's see what happens on the last ep. (it must be reaaaaally good otherwise a lot of guys are gonna be angry... me included)
  8. I agree to give M7 a second try, just don't espect much out of it, I gave it a try 2 and a half times and ended hating it but you may like it in some way and if not just give't to your little kid sister, she'll love it, for me it's as Agent One says, the worse insult to the Macross franchise, be open minded though, you're in for some really ....... things. Later
  9. Oh crap! this page is filled with 70% Macplus poetry! go figure! by the way: cheers to everybody! gotta get me another Corona from the fridge so later! and have fun
  10. hehehe! Not me, the last time I wore a costume was back in my teen years, don't get me wrong I actually admire a lot of the costumes I've seen around, they're the result of hard work so it's something to take my hat out, however as in everything some of 'em are just wrong, IMHO, nevertheless since constructive critisism is not an option in here since none of the guys that wore them are present let's have some fun with 'em! By the way, I admit that I'm not the biggest Macross 7 fan, so anything from that show is not very pleasant for me (Mylene not included! specially the cosplayer from the beggining.. although the second one has strong points! ) So my comments were directed to the costume itself, not the people who wears them... Later guys!
  11. I just said my last word about this stupid conflict between JELEINEN and I, no worries, actually I was having fun, and about splitting my lip that's not good for your health just joking!
  12. Low tolerance for morons?? I guess you want to get rid of yourself every now and then, if that's true, I feel sorry for you pal, now what species is that?? Oh and 'bout bigots, I haven't heard that word, maybe you're familiar with that one 'cause you get it all the time, specially with that sissy avatar, now stop crying and start thinking that everyone here is having fun and hardly everybody, including myself is looking to start stupid discussions like the one we're having and to end this if you felt insulted or anything by my comment then I apologise, I have the guts to say an apology when it's needed, however I don't think this is the case but that's my opinion, if you want to remain quiet after these or keep going with you bulls..t I couldn't care less, you don't appear to be very smart, speacially for bitc.ing about jokes and saying that somebody you don't even know is a moron or an idiot, now go and play with your toys, dolls or wathever.
  13. Presto! Queer eye for the straight guy! Hey, stupid. You've used that joke already in this thread. So? feeling offended or what? and by the way, if I'm stupid, imagine what you are with that wussy avatar of yours.... no wonder you felt offended...
  14. Presto! Queer eye for the straight guy!
  15. That's not wrong, thats pathetic! me eyesss! By the way, the Mylene cosplayer is cuuute! , the Millia one is nowhere near Millias standards... she's better doing Wretai (spell?) no comments about the hikaru (no good ones at least ) but the worse is basara... I bet that guy has a pink corvette
  16. I remember Aeon Flux, the story was really weird, however the show was the best of that period from MTV, the character design was horrendous though.... similar to that crap of reign the conqueror, however a live action movie would be nice
  17. Oh crap..... Elton John... or is it the new "Queer eye for the straight guy"??
  18. I saw it when I was a kid, and never to be seen again 'cause it's very rare, however the show was very cool, a lot of military stuff, it's abut some weird aliens that invade earth and the earth military fighting against them, great music too, I would love to have the soundtrack but haven't been able to find nothing. I'm off to work but will post more later. See ya!
  19. Very nice but the paint scheme kinda sucks, also why the mono eye is pink?? the SV-51 is no Saku!
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