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  1. ok, I edited this ┬┤post since some people got mad out of nothing.. poor people..he...
  2. I applaud Athrun for doing what was truelly needed.. that kid needs to get bitch slapped once and for all... damn arrogant and repressed bastard!
  3. tell us man!!!! advise it spoiler content though
  4. E for sure, if HG and Yune is behind these it's gonna suck big time
  5. Oh man! I had the Takara Soltec, it was really an awesome toy-model, If my mind works well it even had a suspension on the legs, I would love to know where mine is, I had such good moments with that thing, among like 40 transformers that thing was unique on my collection, even the box was great! I have to admit it was the best mecha I had.. not even fortress maximus was close to the quality of that thing, and I could take that to school with no problems! heheheh, now I wonder what happened with the rest of my transformers...
  6. Shinn doesn't deserve a new unit, he deserves to die very soon since he's a fagot and we fans deserve to have some Lunamaria and Lakus fan service! pronto!!!
  7. Basara was not only girly, he was a pussy, and I agree that the Fire turd sucks.. well, everything M7 sucks.. but back to the topic, I wonder if we'll actually see a Hamman Khan in Destiny, that'll be cool, that was a nasty b.itch!!! On the other side I've seen complaints that we don't get to see Shinn very often or that he's not getting any attention, to tell you the truth people, Shinn is quite an empty character, he's always whinning 'bout the loss of his family, I'll say that he's not gonna go anywhere, and if he get's killed I would be happy, as he is now he's nothing close to what Camille Bidan is, we'll see. Later folks
  8. Trust me, it has gone beyond that...
  9. Truly beautiful............ for me to poop on!!!! Really, what a POS, no wonder is HG the one behind that crap.. really disgusting
  10. Well. My theory is that they could rewrite the begining of ZZ and then use the last 20 episodes. Just cut out the first 25 or so. *SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVENT SEEN ZETA OR ZZ** Has there ever been an explanation on what happened to Camille Biden? He goes all gaga and I dont know if Tomino ever said what happened to him. Does he get with Fa and just chill out while Londo Bell and Neo Zeon duke it out? ******************************************************************* Camille is seen with Fa at the end of ZZ, he recovered IMHO, and It'll be great if they fix ZZ, after loving Zeta having ZZ is like vinegar... we'll se what happens... now imagine if a trilogy or something of movies based on SDF-M!!! We know that it's most likely that Macross will never get a facelift (ie: reanimate animefiend's crappy animation!) but doing the same thing they did with 0079 would be awesome!
  11. pussyness, dorkness, lameness, they should eradicate that crap, same thing with digimon, beyblade and all those turd shows.. honorable mention goes that that POS called Yugioh
  12. Dare I ask, where did this come from? No idea, a friend sent me the pic, however he probably got it from 4chan or something, I'll ask later
  13. It's some sort of brain carriaging robot that appeared on one of GITS eps, kinda cheesy, he was holding the brain of the inventor of the rubik's cube I guess!
  14. If you don't mind a little constructive critisism, I think you should put less windows and redesign the weapons, they look toysh, just my humble opinion, keep on the good work buddy!
  15. I agree too, that other tread was nice and I didn't had chance to answer!!
  16. Interesting choice of words to criticise Gundam's plot device on a Macross forum. I'm more a Macross fan than a Gundam one but I'll take the Minovsky particle thing anytime rather than having that Spiritia POS, what shamefull way to crap on SDF:M
  17. what a turd of a mobile suit is that transformable one, hopefully the animation would look nice, but that thing stinks, totally mediocre Okawara design.. have you guys seen how everything made by okawara looks awfull 'till it's animated?? somebody should kick that guy out if the gundam franchise, he's a silly designer.. we need Katoki!!!or Fujita!
  18. Going a little bit farther from movies I'll mention these trully POS turds that made the word "suck" raise to a new heights: Smallville, Birds of prey, Lois and Clark and the incredibly atrocious Incredible Man. On the movies topic I think nobody mentioned Super Girl, Catwoman, the Golan Globus film of Flash Gordon, Teenage Mutant ninja turtles (all of'em are crap) and the ever disgusting Street fighter and Mortal Kombat turds
  19. you just got a feeling?? it'll suck!! F4 was bad to beggin with!
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