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  1. Alien 3 is way overrated, it's a good sequel and a good conclusion of the Alien series, very dark and deep, it has some holes but the anbient, the new creature and the overall feel is fine, it goes back to the original Alien in a different way but overall its a good conclusion, nothing else after that and in the case of Alien resurrection I think is the worst most stinky POS ever, there's so much errors, stupidity and crap on that movie that it doesn't deserve the name, for me there's only 3 alien movies and nothing more, Alien 4 is a joke, a really bad joke and an insult to the serious Alien follower, Aliens vs Predator is on the same arena, period, Later folks, feel free to add or comment about my opinion
  2. Worst of the worst??' that's easy!! Alien resurrection is the worst thing that they could do to the inmortal Alien series... what a POS!! even Alien 3 is zillions years better....I'm not gonna get tired of saying it! what a major POS!!! However I never espected much from the writter of Buffy the satire slayer... another major POS
  3. I choose the VF5000, that's a really nicely done valk, the problem is that it appeared on Macross 7 (awfull as an action series and a shame to macross...) but it has lots of potential.... Later
  4. I hope the AFOS is not related by any means to the protodevlin... those are the most ridiculous enemy on the macross universe ... the less Macross 7 crap we have in Zero the better Later
  5. I would love an OVA in wich the macross 7 fleet is completely blown away so we can forget about all the crap that the series came with... yes, yes... I know I'm gonna get a flame war, but I don't want anything that resembles macross 7 in future series!
  6. Is Mao naked on that pic??? I wonder if she's gonna get the same treatment as Sara on ep.2...
  7. Dorvack!! I loved that series!!! I hope somebody release it sometime, it's really awesome!!! Ahh! the memories! Even the music was good!! And about southern Cross I'll pick it on the near future, It looks fine enough and we don't have to deal with any Robocrap sh..t Later
  8. i don't remember the name but it's the same who does the voice of Yamcha of Dragonball and the inmortal Amuro Ray of Gundam, I'll post the name later if I remember HTH
  9. Looks like no body saw the Sega master sistem... it was the NES counterpart... really crappy by the way! Later
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