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  1. Check it out! New Design Works
  2. Sara and Mao are not 'human'... that's all I can say. You think normal humans can control AFOS? The blood that flows in Mao's body is partly from AFOS, I suspect their whole family is not 'human'. So I think it is okay if Mao and Sara did something 'magical'... Anyways, just my $0.02. Oh I forgot to say... when Sara was inside AFOS, she keep seeing 'Kadun', which are people who are 'possessed' by anger/rage. At the end Shin gave up his anger and put his life in the hands of Sara, that sort of broke the 'spell' that AFOS had on Sara and she could finally recognize Shin as who he is and not a Kadun. She saw all the valkyries as kadun and that's why she was firing at them...
  3. NOTE: This is a spoiler thread, so lots of spoilers ahead in this message, if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read! I thought all in all Vol. 5 was good... The dogfighting was amazing although I was a little disappointed by the way both Nora and Ivanov died (killed by the bird-human). At the end it wasn't explained what the bird-human was... is it a proto-devlin? Or something to that extent? But it was obvious that AFOS was planted on earth to be revived at some point to figure out whether the earth is a peaceful place yet, it asked Sara a series of questions about the current state of the earth before it sings the 'Song of Death'. At the very end Aries told Focker it is very easy to save the world, it's 'love' - this is total tie in with what Macross stands for, I thought that was quite well put. One thing that was quite puzzling was why did Shin also disappear? Sara told him to take care of the Mayan people, but yet it would appear that Sara came back and took Shin with her... I wished that they had both died when the Monster fired at AFOS, it would've been more fitting some how (now we have to wonder where Sara and Shin went, hmpf!). Although another idea I got was that, well, Mayan's stars were robbed by 'technology' and 'civilizatoin', so Sara and Shin went to space to become the stars that will watch over the Mayan people.. I would look forward to a possible movie edition, that would tie everything in, and possibly offer some answers...
  4. more screenshots Well, just 2 more really... the rest are the same from the official page.
  5. Okay looks like they will be releasing the artbook after all: Macross Zero Artbook October 15, 2200 yen...
  6. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the monster is there! But it's cel-shaded... not CG... :<
  7. Screenshots look pretty good - seems that Shin needs to rescue Sara from the enemy stronghold... there were some good shots of the valkyries too... Can't wait!!! Macross Zero webpage
  8. For a minute I thought it was random characters, but upon a closer look, they are actually words (although I could not understand it much). :-)
  9. The figurines don't look too bad, but I think I'll pass. I wonder if these are pre-painted or whether you can paint it yourself. Still looking for a high-quality version of the classic figurine of Minmay when she is singing DYRL... The figurine looks like it's from Flashback 2010.
  10. Yeah I definitely needed some pictures first before I order anything :-) Anyways, in case no picture 'surface', those who ordered please post pics when you receive them
  11. Hmmm... So what's inside the books? Minmay/Mylene related merchandise? If the Minmay figure looks good, I wouldn't mind getting one
  12. Not sure what this is, but take a look: http://www.mangaoh.co.jp/info/info.php This is the translated text from the page (from excite.co.jp): If the two major heroines of MACROSS competed live exceeding space-time, this "live OBU REJIENDO (all two-volume composition)" was edited on the theme of ... Mr. Miki book Haruhiko draws, a taking-down illustration is used for a package, and it has become the contents which can enjoy her virtually in the figure skating which 3D-ized the illustration, and the book by the pamphlet cut of the live hall distribution! Note that the translator actually recognized Macross as a word! (no kidding coz otherwise the word would probably be translated to ma-ku-ro-su). Looks interesting, but I would like more info about it... 3D images???
  13. What if any un-answered questions will be answered in a Macross Zero... GAME? ;-) I think that is certainly possible with the VF0 models from the Sega Macross game never making to release... :-)
  14. I might have missed the discussion earlier, but I remember reading something about Shoji not working on another Macross series in the next little while... but WHAT IF... there is going to be another series right after Macross Zero... There probably is already info saying this won't happen, but if they could not resolve the ending in 34 mins, and if the fans get mad... haha... :-)
  15. Link Sounds like it is a showdown between Roy and DD (We all know who is going to come out alive, well... maybe DD became Zentraedi, who knows, ha ha) Just mentioned that Shin will be going to rescue Sara... does that mean he has to fight Nora? Or maybe the 'Bird Human'. All in all, without watching the last volume, I gotta say that (at least for me) the hype level wasn't as great as Macross Plus, but then again it is Macross so I am going to finish watching it :-)
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