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  1. About the Sharon Apple thing, she wasn't trying to kill Isamu, she said that what he wanted was to see the line between life and death and that she will make that posible for him since she loved him, remember that her program was fully based on Myungs brain so as I understand Isamu heard Myung thank's to Sharon... she took him to the spot he wanted then he release him with Myungs song... no Spiritia crap or anything, to my understanding Macross Plus was devoid of any "magic" as also the original series. About Macross Zero ep5 I'll wait 'till I see it to make a post, I actually don't mind the magic thing but only if it's limited, not cheesy and on believable parameters. By the way Keith, I think you're obsessed with Macross 7 man!
  2. Are those hands really to maintain the monster in its feet while it fires?? I wonder why they chose such thing... that hand looks like the tentacles of the aliens from ID4..(stupid looking) the rest is basically the same Monster we all love, but those claws... at least it's a prototype and not the production version 'cause it looks ridiculous, by the way, is it blown in ep 5??
  3. If all that you said is true I'm not touching any more new macross... it's spoiled if it's gonna be like that, gotta check this new episode but if it's so magical I'm not gonna like it... I'm feeling bad now... my favorite franchise turned again into a sissy party.. what a shame
  4. Hey! post more pictures! it'll be a while for me 'till I can watch the episode and I'm very curious.... however judging by the pictures I'm starting to tremble... I'm crossing my fingers that this is not another POS....
  5. Actually I 'm not especting much, the other 4 eps had it's good moments but the series is quite empty and actually didn't deliver anything, I'm happy that it was more militaristic than musical but if we summarize the whole thing nothing happened, not even the characters were developed, I guess it's time for Kawamori to retire of writting or making series and concentrate on his true natural talent, designing awesome mecha, I'm sure there are a lot of writters and directors that can bring back the Macross we all like, a new team helped by Kawamori would be a good touch.
  6. I would say: open your legs baby!
  7. I think a Coordinator's abilities diminish with each generation. Like Athrun (2nd gen) isn't as strong or fast as his dad was at the same age. As for mentioning Newtypes, we're mentioning them because the writer confirmed Mwu and Klueze to be Newtypes. and Newtypes didn't only appear in the UC timeline, Gundam X also had Newtypes. Thank's for the input Druna, I wasn't aware that the writter said that, sadly I've never seen enough of Gundam X On the other side what a lack of creativity to put Newtypes on alternate universes.... at least they could figure something different instead... oh well, I liked seed so I can live with that
  8. Just what the Alien franchise needs.. another turd... why FOx keeps raping such an awesome movie like Alien? for the money I guess.. but they're to me what Harmony Gold is to Macross... although a lot of you guys think that Alien 3 is horrible it brought a good culmination to the series, and with the releasing of the special edition it got a bit more enjoyable, to the contrary Alien resurrection and AvP are just worthless teen movies, exactly what the batman movies after Batman Returns were... turds... I for instance would like to see somebody to just prohibit any more Alien sequels 'till we get a director and a writter that it's worthy of making such a film, not a teeny booper amateur who would be better doing crappy series like Birds of Prey and Smallville, however such thing is not gonna happen, in my opinion the last Alien movie was Alien 3 and if I coud only own one I would chose the first movie, after years of watching it, it still gives me the creeps from time to time and it's a movie that just doesn't get old. The lack of good writters and directors that plague the major studios is evident these days... I hope no more new Alien stuff appears ever.. Alien 4 and AvP are shitty enough. My .02 cents and please make your comments Later folks
  9. Give me Lacus and I'll change that statistic! And by the way, i don't understand why everybody mentions Newtypes in seed, newtypes were found in the UC story, nothing to do with seed, there must be an explanation to the newtype looking effects that Mwu had and Lacreuze had however I don't have it.. I think it wouldn't be very creative from the part of the creators to include newtypes on an alternate universe.. but if they're now including zakus who knows... in any case the only thing I don't want to see again are a stupid sissy character like Azrael or the 3 retard pussies that piloted the calamity and such, to be frank those ones didn't delivered anything to the story and only looked ridiculous, I don't get why Kira and Athrun had such a hard time trying to beat those 3 fags, their gundams even looked ridiculous (tipical with Okawara...).
  10. Not die cast but I have over 200 plastic model airplanes on my closet with 'bout another 100 built, actually I have one Metal model, it's a SE Caravelle, very old and huge.. problably 1/48.. it weighs a ton, thank's to my uncle for that present, it was his for years and when I got my private pilot certificate he gave it to me.
  11. Quake 2 and all it's expansions.... the game is just perfect.. can't wait for Q4 to come!
  12. You get my vote about the lamest answer in all this tread, I have a solution for you: read the tread when she's not around, don't complain in that way 'cause all the posters are having fun and enjoying, just like when you get along with friends or is that a rare thing for you? And by the way I don't consider myself a lonely looser, I have a girlfriend, a nice career and have fun like everybody else, I don't know 'bout the other guys but that's my story, again you have the right to read whatever you want, if she's your girlfriend she should respect whatever you read and viceversa.. gee, you sounded like Nedd Flanders!... Later and no pun intended
  13. Actually the Basara cosplayer did an awesome job, he is the best one I've seen, I think everybody agrees that he did a very good job, however all the bitc..ing come from we Macross 7 haters who think that Basara is the lamest part of the lamest Macross story ever.. so I can't think of a better explanation.....heheheh! PS:Basara really sucks! Oh! and about the Mylene chick..indeed she's hot.. I'm not gonna say what I want to do to her though...
  14. he drinks beer. thats so hard core. pwned. uh? Sarcasm, I'm guessing. That's what I thought... oh well...poor looser...
  15. he drinks beer. thats so hard core. pwned. uh?
  16. I forgot to mention the Jetsons!!! holly crap that show really got my nerves... speacially since the father (Cosmo?) was always being bullyed by his midget boss... what a pussy! The movie is even worse, another try by HB to modernise something.. just like that crap of the new scoobie doo movies.. another on the never ending crap fest of cartoons was LaserTag academy and the trully horrendous and pathetic Duck Tales, Woosles (spell?), Gummie Bears and most of the Disney made series, honorable mention to Kim Posible and Winnie the fag
  17. There's so many but my honors go to Pokecrap, Jugishit, and most of Cartoons Network poo like Samurai Jack and the similar... and how is it that nobody remembers that POS of Mask?? a stupid r2-d2 that serves as a scooter... also Digimon, Beyblade and all that anime that it's about trading cards and poo like that... again most of Cartoon Network poo and some of the Fox stuff, honorable mention goes to Macross 7, everything from Marvel comics, G gundam and almost all of the US made shows suck big time.... specially Ed, Edd and Eddy
  18. Only if it is "Diamond Calling". that's one of the few cool songs from M7 and 'bout issues.. everybody has 'em...
  19. Actually it's Kimagure Orange Road. Kyouske accidentally about to really piss off Madoka. Back to Seed, I also thought Aisha was Andy's girlfriend not his sister. And yes, Lacus is the best one in the show. Kimagure Orange Road... I haven't seen that one, gotta check that out, I like Ranma 1/2 a lot, is this one similar?? and man... Lakus is awesome.. we need some fan service on Destiny!
  20. His sister was hot!!!! I like Lakus better though
  21. Ok, but only if he sings: "Die Basara! you wuss" while cutting the little bastard's head with his light saber and blowing the entire Clown force with his Tie fighter..now that'll be an awesome sequel....
  22. This is for ANUBIS: man from what series is that avatar of yours??? looks from Ranma but I can't remember a scene with that
  23. That it's the worst thing I've ever seen.... not even Jar Jar binks deserve to be in that picture.... shame on you!!!... actually I think he deserves that... but Vader?? no way!!!!!!he's not a pussy!
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