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  1. Wow! DeathHammer made a really good review, I'm impressed since it's not contaminated with the usual "I love or hate M7" sindrome that most of us suffer, most of you know that my opinion of macross 7 is that it is a total POS but I agree that this guy comments really nailed it, lets see how civilised this tread ends, as for me I won't make a lot of comments since most has already been said, I stick with A1 comments on this.
  2. Shammy all the way, followed closely by Vanessa and last by Ishtar
  3. IMHO we should ask wich one was the worst pilot since in every series is most likely that the main character is an awesome pilot, so here's my list of crappy pilots who should be out of the sky 'cause they suck: In no particular order: +Kakizaki +Shinn +Basara +Mylene +Misa (in DYRL she was flying the Rabitt shuttle and tried to fly a Valk, she was bad so don't coplain) +the other stupid clown force member (Ray???) +Most zentradi pilots were bad +99.9% of the Macross 7 pilots were pussies with no flying talent at all +Roy in the armored VF-0 in M0, gotta admit that he was bad!! just kidding! hehehe
  4. I don't know about being a turd, but the guy is certainly past his prime, it's about time the torch got passed on to someone else. I agree with you, he's way past his time, like 20 years past........
  5. Katoki's Turn A is indeed horrible, Mead's designs are fine the way they're, I like the Turn X better than the Turn A but I still think it's a great design on the other hand Katoki is light years ahead to that turd of a designer Kunio Okawara is, I can't understand why they keep calling this guy to design new mecha, he's just a silly and childish designer.
  6. The DYRL ARMD are more realistic and look more purposefull, the ones from the series just look old, please make a DYRL one too!!
  7. Ok, I guess I can't hold myself anymore, I found GSD to be a really well drawn series with not great but good music, nice character design and again good but not great mecha... will this makes it a great series??? nope, it feels like the producers are writing every episode the day before it goes out, it's a complete mess and they keep putting new UC copied Mobile suits again and again to fill the lack of plot, I like that we get battle filled episodes and sexy chicks like lunamaria but the sheer disorder of plots, ideas and the weird way the characters are handled makes this series a show that tends to be anoying quite often, the writters should choose a few of the plot lines that have appeared and continue in an orderly manner with those, killing the pussy that Shinn is would make things even better, he's a character that simply doesn't do anything for the series appart of getting on the nerves of most of the viewers. Seed was IMHO a very good show, better to what I was especting and although GSD started just fine it went in so many ways that it just doesn't feel like a worthy sequel. My two cents
  8. That guy reminds me when Triumph the insult comic dog was at a Star Wars AotC premier.. " You're a huge nerd"
  9. totally agree with you on this. Trash is a great manga, although if they animated it instead of seven I guess we wouldn't have a very different opinion than the one we have with M7... however it sure is better... 'common, Macross was always about the battles and the conflict and the almost imposible chances to survive, not a pussy fest galore of stupid characters, mecha, enemies etc... M7 is closer to that stupid movie "Spice World" than to SDF:M
  10. Macross 2 is not that bad, I enjoyed quite a bit, specially since it was the first macross sequel I saw, I agree that it's not great but it's superior to that POS Macross 7 is, degrading characters from the original series to worthless idiots is not fun at all and creating what could be the worst enemies ever made with stupid mecha and fruity characters is horrible, even worse including the word "Macross" in a series that is so bad and such a fagot fest is an insult, M7 should have been a 6 ep ova and a soap opera in the macross universe. It didn't contribute in anything positive, what a POS . A1 nailed perfectly with his post.
  11. Considering that Macross 7 had the most popular music out of any Macross series, it's not surprising in the least. I agree but you know, I miss some background music and M7 didn't had such...
  12. I think the last few pages of this tread have the answer of why M7 is such a crappy and lame show... we wanted macross, not the Muppets!!
  13. A tribute to Basara??? OMG!!! an execution would be better! please!!!!!!!!!
  14. Nothing could be that bad.. oh wait... it's H.G. and Robosh.t! it can be done!
  15. I know this is just wishful thinking, but wouldn't it be cool if all these characters meet at the center of the galaxy for a real Macross conclusion? SOunds like Robocrap. bleh...
  16. IMHO, Kawamori is not interested in Macross anymore, I wouldn't put my money on a sequel, prequel or whatever....
  17. The ship and the story. I have the Macross 2 movie and it left you with the sense that this could be the end of the story. To me Mac 2 is comparable to Char's Counter Attack or X-Men: The End. Putting Char's Counter Attack and X-Men: The End together...... you love Gundam Wing and Yugioh right? too much Cartoon Network IMHO... get help buddy!
  18. Well, I don't think M2 and M7 have any conection appart of being Macross histories, but IMHO M2 doesn't look 80+ years ahead of SDF, maybe some 10 or 20. In any case I found M2 to be very enjoyable, not great but not bad, the animation is really nice and the story is not bad too. M7... well, you guys know that I hate this series for being all that you know it is, I would love that M7 get the treatment DYRL had, if the later is a movie witting the macross universe why not M7 a soap opera witting the macross universe?? it's lack of seriousness make's it a good candidate and it'll be fine for the M7 haters since it wont affect any future Macross projects with it's sissyness, my two cents.
  19. 1st, we'll see if this is a successful idea hopefully HG will put lots of money on it and when it blows they'll go bankrupt.... but in any case talking 'bout shows with cards and their fans I think that Robotech is well on the same line of Yugioh and Pokecrap, shows only for foolish masses and geek, nerdy kids...
  20. Ok, this is now out of hand, specially if 2 users are complaining, I guess the correct and polite thing to do is extend my sincere apologies to all of those who had a negative reaction to my more or less inapropiate comments, I'm old enough to accept my errors On the other hand JBO if I have typing errors is 'cause english is not my first languae, not everybody in the world speaks english you know? Again I apologise, no pun was intended at all, back to the show
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